Nicky Price Interview On MLM Diamond Training And MLSP


Nicky Price on Diamond Training, MLSP, and Brexit

Nicky Price is a rising star in blogging, network marketing, and coaching. Here is our exclusive Nicky Price interview on Diamond Training, MLSP, and Brexit.

How old is your blog, how many posts do you have, and are you still blogging today?

I first started my blog back in 2010 when I came across Attraction Marketing through Mike Dillard and Tim Erway, so it is very old now in 2023.  

I currently have over 350 posts, but I did lose a good few posts after I had a malware attack a couple of years ago.  I  still blog occasionally, but not so much as I used to.  I am about to totally rebrand, so watch this space.

How is the traffic to your blog and do you get leads consistently from your blog?

I do still get leads consistently from my blog as I have a good few blog posts ranking in the search engines, plus I get consistent traffic from Twitter through syndicating my current (or evergreen) blog posts and videos.  

My traffic is not as good as it used to be when I was blogging daily, but still a steady stream of traffic and leads.

Are you promoting just MLM with your blog, or do you also promote an educational platform, such as My Lead System Pro, Elite Marketing Pro, or another Affiliate offer?

My blog was designed to give value to my target prospects and is therefore promoting “ME” rather than any specific business opportunity, however if you look closely at some of my articles you would be able to determine which opportunities I’m involved with.  

And yes….I am involved with MLSP plus a good few affiliate products, mainly tools that I use myself in my business which therefore makes sense to promote also.

I notice you have some awesome training resources and offer one on one coaching on the latest lead generation. What seems to be working best these days for Lead Generation?

Thank you for the complement on my training resources. As you know there are many different ways to generate traffic, but in my experience I have found videos where I share tips and strategies combined with  social media to be very powerful.

I also love paid marketing especially PPC where it is possible to literally get in front of your target prospect at the exact moment they are searching for what you have to offer.  There is no other marketing quite as powerful as that in my opinion.

Facebook live, YouTube and Instagram are probably the ‘hottest’ strategies right now but so long as you are sharing value, content and problem solving tips, in the places where your prospects are hanging out – and doing it consistently – then you will get leads, no question.

My personal 3 favourite (FREE) strategies are blogging, video and Facebook connecting.

All of these work best when you have a marketing funnel to direct people to AFTER providing a value based post or video.

What is one of the biggest problems your clients have when they apply for your coaching?

Without a shadow of a doubt – how to get more leads for their business, closely followed by complete overwhelm and confusion with what they should actually be doing to leverage the power of the internet to help them build their business.  

My step by step coaching is designed to give my clients ‘bite sized’ chunks of information each week for them to understand and implement, but at the same time I explain WHY we are doing what we are doing so that they understand the psychology of what makes people want to click a link or buy something.

One of your coaching packages is called “30 days to 25 Leads a day.” This sounds remarkable. Could you give us a rough outline of what you take your clients through?

Yes – happy to.

I take my clients through a process of setting up a simple “Attraction Marketing” funnel.  

This consists of a few key elements such as a value based piece of content (in the form of a PDF or a video) that “fixes” one of their target market’s biggest problems.  We call this a “lead magnet”.  

We then set up a simple capture page, an autoresponder to follow up with our prospects and an offer of some kind relating to their business, further training or a marketing training system.

Now of course not everyone will “buy” the final offer, but the ones who do….enable us to “fund” the prospecting process.  This is called a ‘funded proposal’ or a ‘self liquidating’ marketing funnel.

Once we have built the simple funnel, we then have something of value to share when prospecting.

Our prospecting can then be a combination of free strategies such as connecting with 10-20 people a day on Facebook who may have the problem that our lead magnet fixes, or through paid marketing on Facebook where we can target the exact prospect who we know has the problem that our lead magnet fixes.

Essentially our “self liquidating” marketing funnel is a ‘recruitment funnel’ that we build from scratch in step by step tasks over a 4 – 5 week period and my clients are amazed at what they have achieved when they complete their funnel.

If someone is new to MLM and wants to do everything through blogging, what would you tell them?

I would say that blogging is great – Content is KING – but a good method of syndication is vital, otherwise traction on a new blog to generate organic traffic can be slow.  

SEO can work well…..but it’s definitely not a favourite of mine when you are reliant on the big old dinosaur that is Google who changes their algorithms regularly to keep all marketers on their toes!!

I love my blog and when I know that I have a really good blog post that has a GREAT offer (call to action) at the end, then I will actually drive some paid traffic to it through Bing.

Your blog is like an island in the sea with no links to the mainland or other islands.  These bridges or links have to be built and probably one of the best ways to build the links back is through social media.  

Once again – create some great content – then ask people to share it through their social networks and comment.

One piece of advice I would definitely like to share – and that is to brand YOU and NOT your business opportunity.

One final comment on this and that is that I don’t think it’s wise to just use ONE method of marketing and nothing else.  

If your blog were to go down, get hacked or be offline for any reason and you were solely reliant on it for leads, then this would be catastrophic to your business.

Did Brexit have any effect on you and what do you think about it?

That’s an interesting one and we could be here a long time if I gave my full views on it.

So I will comment only, that it is disappointing that we are no longer part of the European Union……

HOWEVER….the vote to leave (I believe) was down to one thing and one thing only – the uncontrolled rise of non-essential immigrants to the UK which was an issue that had been raised time and time again and one that the government failed to address.  

This one social problem coloured many people’s feelings and votes with no real idea on the impact to being out of Europe.

So far it has had very little effect on me personally, other than because I get paid in dollars from many of my online activities, my revenue has increased – but on the downside when I have to pay for anything in the US it is now costing me more.  Can’t have it both ways 🙂


Do you still have your chocolate lab, Archie?

Haha – Yes we do!  He is 4 now and his claim to fame this year is that in the Summer he learned to swim only because I think he thought I was drowning as I slipped over in the sea and went under and my furry hero came flying in to rescue me!! He surprised himself I think!

nicky price with family

What are your goals for 2023?

Well that is a very interesting one too as I am thinking about them now.  

I am making some HUGE changes to my business right now and all will become clear soon. Watch this space, I am excited about what I am doing next.

Wow! This has been an incredible interview, Nicky! You have covered a lot of great points here. I am sure the readers will be checking your blog out right about now.