Nicolette Moore Interview On MLM Secrets, Success, And Service


Nicolette Moore on MLM Secrets, Serving Country, and Interviewing Entrepreneurs

Nicolette Moore knew there was more to life than doing what is expected, i.e. college, career and then retirement. Here is our exclusive interview below.

Wow Nicolette! You are such a great presence on social media and provide such value to the network marketing industry. I am excited to learn from you, so let’s get started!

You served our country for almost 10 years in the U.S. Army. What kind of personal development and leadership skills did the Army teach you that carried over into your Entrepreneurial path?

The military is an interesting place, and taught me a great deal about leadership, and ultimately, who I really am.

I realized early on if I wanted to be respected, I would have to step up, take ownership of my tasks, and be willing to lead… even as a young enlisted soldier.

I was a natural. Though I had no idea I was a leader going into the military, I fell into leadership roles easily in each duty station. After gaining my own leadership’s trust, was placed into positions that were typically only entrusted to those of higher ranks.

So as for personal development and leadership skills, I quickly came to realize that to be a leader, I would need to understand how to lead, how to take charge, and how to provide solutions to people’s problems.

Ironically, it really isn’t much different than being an online authority. I learned that leadership isn’t about me, but about what I can do for my people.


What was it like going through bootcamp and what was a scary moment for you at that time?

Bootcamp sucked! The moment I got off the bus that transported me from the airport, my Sergeant collected me and told me to start running. She told me that was the only way we were allowed to move on the property… by running. I feel like I have been running ever since.

Not surprisingly, bootcamp was physically difficult for me. I had never been an athletic girl, and the amount of physical activity you have to do each day, sometimes 20 hours each day, takes its toll.

I quickly developed joint issues in my knee with extreme swelling with crepitus that kept me from being able to bend my right knee by the end of the training.

It was extremely painful to push through and force my body to perform to complete the training without having to be held back.

I think that was the scariest thing for me…. Being considered a failure, giving up because my body was giving out.

But I didn’t give up, I didn’t fail. I put my body through straight hell, but I made it through, and completed my training in the allotted 6 weeks. That was an absolute miracle!


What kind of career were you looking at doing when you got out of the Army?

I was a medic in the Army, and my natural thought process was to become either a Paramedic or an Emergency Room nurse.

However, once I was married and became pregnant with my first child, I realized that neither was a career field I would want to pursue with children in tow.

I took advantage of the schooling eligibility provided by the government, and went through undergraduate in Multimedia Design & Development with a focus on management. Surprisingly, even way back when, I knew I wanted to make a name for myself online.


How did you discover Real Estate and what was the downside of it that led you to network marketing?

My husband and I attended a Robert Kiyosaki workshop one fateful weekend on real estate investing. We fell in love with the idea of owning properties and being independent entrepreneurs.

The trainers made a statement that blew my mind, and we have vowed to make this a mission to achieve in our life… Most “successful” entrepreneurs, most “big names” have MULTIPLE STREAMS OF INCOME, and to be specific, they made claims that if you can acquire 7 streams of INCOME…CASH FLOW…PROFIT, then you would easily become a millionaire.

This has stuck with me through the years, and my husband and I always consider what opportunities await us that can provide a profitable stream. Real estate was one of them.

I knew that in order to get real estate, we would need agents to assist us in finding properties and brokering contracts.

Being the independent lady that I am, I decided to take those responsibilities upon myself, so I could also keep those commissions.

I’m technically still an agent, and have happily used my license to purchase multiple rental properties that just provide us one of those streams of income.

The only downside to being a realtor, per say, is that to take on clients, you have to be out of your home. For the same reason being a nurse or a paramedic wasn’t appealing, neither was being a full time realtor.

I love to be home with my family, and I want to be the one to raise my children. I honestly did not get involved with real estate to be a realtor for hire. It was purely selfish to get the license!

Real estate investing is still a big part of our lives. We are landlords, and plan on continue to invest in real estate. The beautiful side of being a landlord, with today’s technology, is we do very little work.

Tenants pay each month online, and we literally do very little while they are in the properties. The most work is done in between tenants, which happens every few years.

We choose quality tenants, and they tend to say in our properties during their time in the city. So we are still quite enthusiastically involved in real estate, and plan to be for the rest of our lives.


You also own a photo booth business. What’s it like owning and running a photo booth business?

Running the photo booth business has been a totally unique experience. It is a lot of work, and definitely a labor of love. It is extremely expensive to start up, but once those expenses are paid off, it’s literally 99% profit, which is lovely.

The upside is the events that we book can be easily fit into our schedules, and hiring out the work is an additional plus. It’s just one more stream of income, that brings joy to people’s events, and money in our pockets.

But I have to say, going into business for yourself is HARD. That’s one of the many reasons why I love network marketing. The cost is so little to opt in, you have everything in place to run with it, and all your payoff is a direct reflection of your efforts.

What was it like in the beginning of network marketing for you, and what kept you going?

Getting started was a bit rough; I did not have warm market support. My extended family scoffed at me, and there was not much support from my friends.

I believed in what the industry can do for my family so passionately, that I knew I would just have to find a way to make it work, and prove to my family that this could be a successful path for anyone.

Honestly, the lack of support pushed me to find solutions. I refused to be another statistic that would just give up and walk away with my tail between my legs.

Which is where I found the online community, MLSP, and honestly, THAT became my home and gave me the encouragement and fuel to stick with it.

Learning that I can make an impact online, that I can reach a massive amount of people, and that I can become that online authority like so many others that I look up to PUMPED ME UP!

So this has been my solution, my passion, my obsession, to be someone that people can rely on, and a key master for a door that someone doesn’t even know exists yet. That keeps me going.


I love your blog. How old is it, how many posts are on it, and do you get Leads consistently with it?

This will crack you up… I have only had it up for about 3 months, and have only been steadily working on it for about 2 months.

I have roughly 40 posts currently, with many, many more in the works, and YES, I get leads every single day.

It is truly amazing, I am blown away every day as these leads are coming through, signing up for different offers, and reaching out to me.

What would you tell a new network marketer if they wanted to start a blog to generate Leads?

Honestly, I would show them MLSP. The system includes a blog for you, with step-by-step instructions on how to set it up, along with valuable training and campaigns that they can offer to visitors, that will allow them to easily capture leads without needing to have the “experience” right out the gate.

There is no way my blog would look so great, or have so much value, if I didn’t have the guidance that they provide.

The complexity of setting up a legit WordPress site, alone, can be a bit overwhelming and complicated to someone that is not used to it.

So yes, definitely love that MLSP provided me with the foundation to get started, and the resources I needed to make it happen.

If they didn’t want to go that route, I’d encourage them to just get started. Find a platform they feel comfortable with, even a drag and drop site like Wix can get you up and running pretty quickly.

But a key consideration is to get support and training to ensure your blog isn’t a hobby for you, but can be a tool that allows people to find you, and helps you to build your business.

And if they don’t use a resource like MLSP, they will have to take some time to diligently research topics and niche specific issues to create some form of training, eBook, product, etc. that they can offer in exchange for the visitors info, giving them those leads.

That route is a much longer process, you have to figure out a great deal on your own, but it is totally doable.


You give away a free 3 Ninja tricks for MLM Success Online. What is the main trick to MLM, briefly?

Building relationships, trust, and authority with your audience… My training centers around the concept of how to build rapport, and how to behave online, so that the reader can come away better armed with a proven strategy to reach people and create success for themselves.


What was the biggest lesson you learned from network marketing?

Your results are completely in your control, in your power, and by your efforts. You have greatness in you, you have strength and gifts beyond your wildest dreams, and there is limitless potential that this industry gives you.

So the biggest lesson I have learned through this is that you can truly make the life for yourself that you want, and it’s totally possible as long as you believe it.


What has network marketing given you?

Purpose and hope.

Purpose, because I feel so empowered in my ability to introduce true change to someone else’s life. The fact that I can be a key master to someone’s new path is the highest privilege I could ask for.

Hope, because I know my family is no longer bound to the 9-5 enslavement that my husband has known for so long.

Hope, because we can be together, create a legacy for my children, and live a life that others only could have only ever dreamed of living.

Hope, because I know that as my life transforms, those that partner with me will transform their lives as well…and the domino effect will continue.


What is your favorite social media platform right now and why?

Right now I have to say it’s Facebook. The level of interaction that is possible is excellent. The ability to reach masses of new people each day is every marketer’s dream. The potential for growth and exposure is phenomenal, and will be a great asset for me as I expand my audience.

I see you are very active on Instagram. In short, what sets an effective marketer on Instagram a part from those who are ineffective?

Instagram is interesting.

For the uninformed, it is just a spot to put up photo’s and share selfies.

But for the business savvy, it’s an amazing place to connect with potential clients and just one more spot to create connections.

I have only really been truly active on IG for a few weeks, and yet I have had hundreds of connections made, great relationships being established, and have not only been getting leads, but have new connections asking to work with me.

All from IG! And all in just a short amount of time.

This just goes to show that with proper education on how to connect with people, and properly connecting with your target audience, you can have genuine success quickly.

I didn’t say overnight riches…to be clear… just the ability to make authentic connections and have people excited to work with you is, in my opinion, priceless, and provides you with an ever expanding potential for long term business.


You also interview fellow network marketers on your blog. What made you want to interview others and what does it achieve for both parties?

Ah, my interviews. My pride and joy, and pure pleasure!

I never aspired to be an interviewer, but it was a spark that just came to me at an event I recently attended.

Initially, my only goal was to play a positive role in the cultural transition to seeing this industry as it should, a beautiful alternative to the traditional career.

I just wanted to play my part, and bring awareness to people that are more critical and negative toward network marketing, because I know they don’t understand it.

I felt it would be an amazing project to capture fellow network marketer’s stories and share them. It’s only been a short while, and it keeps evolving.

Honestly, I have had the honor of interviewing some amazing leaders, and I have several more in the works. I plan on having this be a very long term project for years to come.

It’s absolutely thrilling to hear someone’s story, hear the adversity they have come through to be able to transition into this industry, and become successful.

Out of the interviews come amazing content for my blog, and I am able to promote the interviewee through a variety of different channels, which becomes great exposure for all parties involved.

I am more of an abundantly minded lady. I believe the pie is big enough for all of us, and I am thrilled that I can play a role in celebrating another network marketer, and bring them some much-deserved exposure.


What is your favorite business book right now?

Wow, that’s a tough one to answer. There are so many that I am digesting currently.

I would have to say Good Leaders Ask Great Questions by John C. Maxwell is at the top right now, along with The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy.

Both are vital to my evolving understanding of how to be an effective leader, and a more well-rounded human being.


What are your goals for 2023?

My aspirations for my future are huge, and compelling.

I fully intend on speaking on some of the biggest stages, like TED, alongside industry giants like Tony Robbins, Brendon Burchard, Tanya Aliza, Ray Higdon, Diane Hochman.

I plan on being a published author.

I fully intend on becoming a coach to provide amazing support and one-on-one guidance to clients.

Ultimately, all of that will lead to my highest calling of all. My husband and I plan on creating abundant Aquaponic facilities around the world for impoverished regions that create sustainable food for the poor, and playing my part to make sure babies start life healthy and momma’s are there for them.

So to get see this vision become my reality, I have to take some very important steps.

It all starts where I am today: An online network marketer, a change agent.

In 2023 I plan on mastering the art of social media prospecting. I plan on becoming a queen of the art of building strong, compelling relationships quickly that bring outrageous value to my new connection.

I plan on hitting the highest leadership levels both in my primary and in MLSP.

I plan on being a household name in my niche’s circles by the end of next year, and being someone that creates inspiration and change for thousands of people.

I plan on continuing to improve the development of my blog so that it becomes an authoritative spot for network marketers to find the solutions to their problems.


What is your favorite quote and why?

As with a favorite book selection, this is a tough one.

I have quotes plastered all over my house to continue to give me encouragement, a positive perspective, and courage to keep fighting the good fight.

I think a quote that ties everything together in a beautifully simplistic way, but is complex and deeply meaningful when you take the time to absorb the message, is this:

“Who you were, got you here…

Who you need to BECOME, will get you where you want to go.”


Today, you are the sum of what you have been through, what you have thought you are, what you have understood about life, and what stories you have told yourself.

But today, it is a new day. And each day you have the chance to change your future. You have the choice to grow, to experience more, to contribute, to put your past behind you and become better, greater, and make an impact in the world.

I truly believe that is the potential for all of us. To get to where I want to go, I need to change, I need to grow, I need to push mind like I pushed my body back in bootcamp. And push on I will!

Thank you so much for this interview, Nicolette! This has been full of value.