What To Know About A Node JS Developer

node js developer

The advice is practical: if your goal is to be a good programmer and therefore attractive to companies, you should use Node JS.

Node.js is the multiplatform environment that dominates the development of complex applications and companies are looking for programmers to handle it because it facilitates their online operations. The characteristics of Node.js make it an indispensable tool particularly for companies that base their services on computing.

But before answering the related question about the importance of companies having a Node JS developer, we will tell you what this environment is. Node.js is a JavaScript runtime environment (therefore ending in .js refers to the JavaScript language). This real-time execution environment has everything that is required to execute a program written in JavaScript.

Node.js was created by the original JavaScript developers. They transformed it from something that could only be run in the browser to something that could be run on computers as if they were standalone applications. Thanks to Node.js you can take a further step in JavaScript programming not only by creating interactive websites, but also having the ability to do things that other scripting languages ​​like Python can create.

Both JavaScript and Node.js run on the JavaScript V8 runtime, which is the name of the JavaScript engine that powers Google Chrome. This engine takes JavaScript code and converts it to machine code faster.

Now the answer to this question: Why is it important to have the Node JS?

In addition to reducing work times, the environment runs on multiple servers including Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. It supports the exchange of simultaneous data without losing the quality of the product in the process, which implies the use of the same language for clients and servers by the programmer.

Traditionally, it had to use one language for clients and another for the server, a problem that Node.js solves because it works as an interpreter for JavaScript, the programming language for generating dynamic websites.

The similarities that it presents with respect to JavaScript facilitate a quick learning of this environment, especially if you already handle a programming language. Various platforms such as PayPal, Netflix, New York Times, LinkedIn, eBay or Walmart were created using Node.js, for which the most prominent companies in the technological area request their use.

Returning to its speed feature, it is possible thanks to its asynchronous design that allows simultaneous operations to be executed avoiding waiting when the database is processing. This feature means that it is three times faster than Python 3 and up to ten times faster than PHP.

Another reason why a programmer with knowledge of Node.js is sought in companies is that the multiplatform environment manages high-traffic web applications. Most of the existing servers support up to 4,000 simultaneous users, but Node.js manages to increase the number by eliminating the problem of slowdowns and crashes that occur when the number of people connected exceeds the expected limit.