Numerous Benefits To Selling Your Home In The Winter

benefits selling home in winter

People have various feelings about selling their homes in the winter. There are more things to consider when selling a home during the colder months. We will explore the specific nuances to consider before you put your home on the market during the winter.

Getting Prospective Home Buyers into Your Home in the Winter:

Selling your home during the winter has numerous challenges, especially in areas that can get very cold and have snow and sleet. Most like to show off beautiful landscaping and lush grass with trees full of leaves, but unless you live in Arizona or California, you won’t have the benefit of these visually appealing options.

For this reason, you may have to work extra hard to make your home look its best in the winter. According to, here are some mistakes to avoid when selling your home in the winter.

Avoid These Winter Home Selling Mistakes:

Of course, you will make your home look as cozy as possible, but there are numerous mistakes made when selling a home during the winter. Make sure to avoid the mistakes below:

  • Shovel snow: Make sure you have removed all the snow from the driveway and the pathway to the house. This is not only a safety issue, but it makes the home look inviting, just waiting for visitors.
  • Add a pop of color: During the cold months, many get the winter “blahs.” Even if you feel this way, don’t make your house look this way. Adding fresh flowers, topiaries, wreaths, and live plants to the entryway can make your house look alive and not in hibernation. Make sure that your home looks lively outside as well. A beautiful silk floral display in outside pots can brighten up the homes’ exterior.
  • Clean the windows inside and out. During the summer months, trees can hide some of the dirt or fingerprints collected on glass screen doors and windows. Clean all the windows regularly, so they will look pristine with no fingerprints. This also shows potential buyers that the home is well-maintained all year round.
  • Check the photos you are displaying. Some Realtors suggest not displaying personal photos, as they want the prospect to imagine themselves in the home. If you put up photos, be sure they are current to the season. If you showcase only photos of spring gardens, it may seem like the house has been on the market since the spring and is an old listing.
  • Make sure the home is warm and inviting. Even if you are trying to reduce heating costs, the house should be warm and cozy. A cold home may indicate to potential buyers that there is a problem with drafts or heating or is not well insulated.
  • Don’t cancel appointments right before the holidays. Even if it is New Year’s Eve, if a buyer wants to see the home, let them. If you are serious about selling your home, no day should be off-limits.
  • Don’t leave draft stoppers underneath the doors. If you typically have cloth doorstoppers by each door leading outside, remove them before a buyer visits. If they see these, they may assume the house has drafts or is losing heat.
  • Make sure your listing has plenty of spring/summer photos. When selling a home in winter, be sure to have some warm-weather photos on the listing so buyers can see what they can expect to see during summer.
  • Turn on the electric or stoke a wood-burning fireplace. This lets homebuyers imagine what it would be like to enjoy a cold evening in front of a cozy, warm fireplace.

It may not be ideal, but putting your home up for sale during the winter may be very worthwhile.