Passive Prospecting In Network Marketing To Recruit Downline Members

Hey guys, this is Erik Johnson, welcome to my blog. I want to talk to you guys about the difference between passive recruiting and active recruiting. So I’m going to talk about the differences and the benefits of trying to get your business more passive.

So active recruiting is basically where you’re physically, you know, physically in the moment talking to someone about your business, your present, it’s taking your active participation, to try and recruit that person. An example of that would be, you know, using Facebook Messenger, talking to people about your business. It could be calling your friends or family telling them about your business. It could be emailing people You know anything where you’re present and you’re active, and you’re working at that moment trying to get them into your business. I tried that for a little bit when I first started network marketing. You know, I emailed my couple friends I had, and, you know, I tried getting my wife in, etc, etc. 

But it seems like it was going to be very time consuming, and I didn’t have a lot of warm market anyways, people that I knew that would join my business. So I  took to Twitter and started tweeting my opportunity link. And I didn’t get a lot of response from tweets. 

And so I was like, well, let’s try a direct message. So I used the direct message in Twitter. And I discovered an app that could automate the direct message. You probably noticed that now in 2020, you probably get automated direct messages on Twitter all the time.

So I tried using that. Back in 2015 and 2016, I automated a direct message. So whenever someone new followed me on Twitter, they would get a direct message from me, but it was automated. And the message was something like, you know, we’re looking for motivated entrepreneurs who want to work from home, click the link here. And then I’d use my landing page link and people would sign up and take the free tour, and it would generate me a lead. And so it got to the point where I was still active on social media, but the message was automated. And I started getting leads, even when I was out playing or whatever, and that was passive. That was passive recruiting. 

The other thing that was passive was I started to write articles on a blog and so when someone I would type in best MLM, into Google. And my article showed up, they would read it, and then they would opt in and sign up on my landing page and take a free tour and that would generate a lead. And so that was passive. 

And so I got to the point where I was like, I just started putting massive stuff on the internet. And it basically recruited for me, I consider articles and videos as like crab pots, and the more videos and articles you create, the more crab pots you are throwing into the ocean, which can potentially collect crabs. And so obviously, crabs are leads in this scenario. 

And so, I know in my videos I talk about not blogging because it’s very hard. But there’s other ways that you can automate this for one, you should be in a network marketing company that has an autoresponder that works for you.

Basically, our company has landing pages and we can share those links on the internet. And when someone takes a free tour into our business, our company starts emailing our leads for us. And this is how I’ve recruited 98% of the people in my business, I just learned how to generate lots of leads. And then I let the company email my leads for me. 

Now, this is just me, this is how I grow my business. You can grow it any way you want. You can call your leads, you can email your leads if you want. I tried doing that. And it got to the point where I didn’t want my gmail account shut down. Which could happen if you email your leads too much. I don’t want to buy Aweber or Constant Contact. So I was like, I’ll just let the company email my leads. I’ll just generate lots of leads. And so over the last five years, I’ve generated over 60,000 leads and recruited 800 people in three different companies.

Basically because all of those companies had an autoresponder built in sales funnel and they emailed my leads for me, I was very fortunate to find MLM that was set up that way because I was basically an affiliate marketer before I started MLM. And I wasn’t really a hands on kind of belly to belly, traditional network marketer. I wanted to just generate lots of leads as an internet marketer, and let the company close my leads. 

So I just got into that kind of business model. And yeah, there’s people that you know, they don’t like my style. They think I should be hands on and more of a leader and more of a guy that wants to be on the phone all day or be in Facebook all day, that’s just not me. 

I want to make it so my business runs without me. And if you’re watching this video, you’re probably wondering if you can do that too. And you can. You can do YouTube videos. You can do blog articles, even though it’s gonna take hundreds of blog articles, or you could just buy traffic, you can just buy clicks to your landing pages, and you’ll get leads that way. And then just let your company email your leads for you. 

So make sure that your company has an email system and just generate 20 to 60 leads a day consistently and ideally, never stop and then when you get a new rep on your team, you teach them how to generate leads also. And that is how I work one hour a day.

I have a pretty efficient system, I basically do a video in the morning, I have a content writer that writes articles for me and I just copy and paste the article and slap it on my blog. And I text a couple leaders on my team. And that’s my day. I’m not saying that I’m the biggest leader in network marketing, but I work full time from home doing it the way that I want to do it. 

So design the business you want. You know, don’t let anyone bully you around and tell you you got to do it a certain way. Because I did it my way. And yeah, it grew a little bit slower than the rest, but I got it to the point where I work one hour a day, and I make a full time income from home just because I learned how to generate lots of leads, and then the company emails my leads.

So I’m very fortunate. I keep it very simple because if you make it too complicated, then you don’t get duplication. You don’t get people doing what you do. And it’s a team effort. Even though I’m an introvert and hands off, I still work with my team, but they have their own systems, so I’m not going to badger them or pressure them. They know what they got to do. And I do what I do. And that’s a beautiful thing. 


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