Why Personality And Integrity Are Currency In Business Online & Offline

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Over 3 million blog posts are created every day, most of these posts are dry content marketing pieces regurgitated from other sources.

Are you tired of hearing the same type of article, where someone knows everything and they want to help you?

Do you ever come across a blog post that is so real and honest you want to immediately reach out to these people because it’s honest and refreshing?


Content Marketing is becoming a rampant plague of spun articles and outsourced ghostwriters.

This rampant plague has no concern for weaknesses or personalities, they only want you to “opt-in” to their offer. . .

But, what about the millions of people who want to connect truly on the web with a real person they know wrote that piece of content from their hearts, not from their empty wallet?

There’s a new technology being created right now as we speak. . .

It’s Called Integrity & Personality

It’s an honest type of currency that will replace money.

Money can still be the by-product of this new currency, but the main focus is providing value with humility in Business.

Thought leaders will look more like Hindu monks than powerhouse executives in fancy suits. . .

The loud salesman will be replaced with a gentle Yoga teacher. . .

The acidic morning coffee these loud salesman drink will turn into Yerba Matte Lattes with Stevia.

Dropping a tear of compassion in a business meeting will be looked at as heroic, instead of weak or fragile.

There’s a new Femininity in Business and it has nothing to do with females. . .

It’s our overall conscience evolving beyond a primal, post-Industrial archetype.

Stand Out In A Sea Of “Experts” & “Brand Strategists”

If everyone is a so-called expert online, where are the people who actually need to grow and evolve?

There is nothing more profound and attractive than a so-called expert saying “I don’t fully understand. Please enlighten me.”

This type of quest for truth is almost more powerful than “knowing it all.”

If we had the guts to drop our expertise for infinite knowledge and eventual wealth, spiritually and financially, would we drop the act?

We move in masses.

Like a big ship, it takes a long time to turn 180 degrees.

As we begin to evolve through technology and through a growing impatience for stupidity, we will turn our ship faster towards some kind of technological evolution. . .

We’re already tired of cut-throat Corporations and outdated Educational franchises. . .

When crypto currency gets too big, the feds jump in. . .

George Orwell was right. . . But, I think he left out the part about Drones.

Your personality and integrity are your currency online and offline, in business and in your personal life as well.

Tips To Turn Your Vessel Towards Integrity In Business

1. Reveal Your Weaknesses

It’s okay to say, “I don’t exactly know, but your enlightenment might help me.” We’re all in this together and there are much greater forces out there that we are just now tapping into to.

2. Ask Questions

When you add a new post on your website or do a video, ask for feedback. Blogging will evolve more into a community relationship.

The majority of the blog’s length will become a discussion and dialogue between you and your readers.

This dialogue will not only help you solidify your “Tribe”, but it will also add extra content to your post, which search engines love.

3. Practice Humility

It’s okay to ask questions on your blog and it’s okay to not know everything. Your readers will actually respect you more.

No one feels great hearing about others’ overnight successes. Reveal your journey and your startup setbacks. Let people know that you certainly were not an “overnight success” and be a genuine person.

4. Be Real

Just be yourself. No one cares if you stutter or say a word wrong. Everyone is so busy thinking about themselves anyways or looking down at their phone.

Break their mesmerized stupor by being real in content marketing, business, and life overall. Ask them a question. Asking a question will immediately activate someone’s attention towards you. Then, the real work begins. . .

. . . Getting to know who we truly are.