Phil Cooper Interview On Internet Marketing Coaching And MLM

Phil Cooper on Internet Marketing Coaching and MLM Success

Phil Cooper on Internet Marketing Coaching and MLM Success

Phil Cooper ran his dad’s two million dollar business when he was only 23. Now, he teaches others how to succeed with a home-based business. Learn more about his powerful story  in our exclusive interview below.

Thanks so much for doing this interview, Phil! You have a lot of experience being an Entrepreneur that I am excited to learn about. So, let’s get started!

Your parents were Entrepreneurs, is that right? And, how did their Entrepreneurial spirit rub off on you as you were growing up?

Yes they were. They had instilled the attitude and mindset in me, from an early age, to always be looking for opportunity.  

I also learned from them to believe in myself and that I could do whatever I set my mind to. My parents were both a testament to that.

Having started an asphalt paving, company, from scratch, part time. They would work striping parking lots at night, while my dad worked for a road paving company during the day. This grew into a full time business for him. I have always had great role models and mentors in my life.

In High School I started my first business, a DJ business. I worked graduation parties and school dances. In college I continued and this got me into the best parties and clubs. I have always tried to enjoy myself even while working.

Your dad had a heart-attack when you were just 23. How did that change your life and his business?

That event was pretty significant. At the time, I was driving a dump truck hauling asphalt and doing some of the estimating.

I was still going out to Chicago nightclubs on the weekends and having fun. But then I was quickly thrust into fighting unions, having my life threatened and leading a million dollar company.

I always believed in myself and I knew I was ready. It wasn’t easy. I had multiple ulcers before I was 30. But this was what I had been looking forward to and I got serious and grew the business 4 fold.

But then the economic downturn hit and it hit me hard. I was really depressed and I realized I wanted something new, something recession proof.


Your friend turned you on to network marketing. How old were you and how did you do?

My friend Mark Bezik introduced me to it. I was 36. He asked me to look at the video and I did. He asked me if I liked it, I said Yes. He says, “Good, I signed you up. I want to work this business too, and you’re going to teach me how” That was how I got started.

I am still with that company and it has been 5 years now. I don’t know what I have enjoyed more. Meeting like minded people that become great friends, going on vacations with these people or the personal development that comes along with network marketing.  

Many new opportunities keep popping up creating new possibilities for me. Network Marketing has now led me to being Director of Social Media at One Zero Charlie, a marketing and branding agency.

What was the hardest lesson you learned from network marketing in the beginning?

There are many valuable lessons I have learned. Follow the system! It is there for a reason. Duplication. That has to be the biggest one. It took me a couple of years to learn that one.

I was a successful entrepreneur and I usually do things my way, for better or for worse. My parents say I am kind of stubborn. I had a hard time buying into the system.


If someone was brand new to network marketing and wanted to join you, what are the qualifications or qualifying questions you would ask of them?

The main thing I would want to know is, if they had the 3 C’s. My mentor, Bob Quintana made that clear for me early on, they MUST have the 3 C’s. Character, Commitment, and Coachability.


Now, you coach people on internet marketing, network marketing, and personal development. Can you explain a little bit about your coaching programs?

I really don’t have any strict programs. I work with people on a total individual basis, based on what they are working on or want help on. Typically it is either Internet marketing or network marketing or both..

Personal Development and mindset are always key to anything, so that is always in the center of any program. I always have an introductory phone call to better determine how I can help.

And people that join me in my Sustainable Living business, get my coaching for free of course.


Your blog is impressive. How old is it, how many posts are on it, and what is organic traffic like to it?

My blog is almost a year old now. I have somewhere between 30 and 40 posts I think (51). Organic traffic has been good. It is steadily climbing, as long as I am consistent. It gets tough finding the time to write the blog.

I still work full time for the asphalt company, that I sold my company to. I also have my 3 young boys I spend lots of time with. I would like to be as consistent at Jelena Ostrovska or Ray Higdon. They are both blogging machines.

I notice you add video to a lot of your posts. How effective has video been to your internet business success?

Video has been key for me. I have gotten comfortable on video and I am in my vehicle a lot. So, most of my videos have been in my car and with my dog, Xena looking over my shoulder.

She is prettier than me gets me some extra attention. I am just trying to be authentic and work with my strengths. It seems to be working for me.


What’s your favorite social media platform right now and how do you generate leads with it?

Definitely Twitter is my favorite lead gen platform. I just offer up value and the leads flow in. I have been able to turn Twitter into an automatic lead generation machine, thanks to coaching from Adam Chandler and Marc Lalonde.


What’s your favorite book right now and why?

Think and Grow Rich is my favorite business book. It is such a clear, concise road map to success in business and life.


What are your goals for 2023?

To be car qualified in my company, EARLY 2023. I will also reach Ambassador (highest level) in my company.

Other than that, I haven’t given it much thought yet.  My company has a new product launch 12.1 and I am focused on laying out my marketing and building teams for the launch.


What is your favorite quote and why?

Life happens for you, not to you.  It reminds me, life is my playground, to create and have fun.  


Thank you so much, Phil! This has been an awesome interview!