How To Stay In Control Of Your Fragmented Workforce

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Running a business is always a struggle. When you start out, building things up is a juggling act with no clear path in sight. In short; it can all go horribly wrong if you let go of those controls.

But, imagine how much more difficult this juggling process will be if your team is fragmented. As nightmarish as this sounds, it is the reality in a whole load of industries.

Everyone from delivery drivers to real estate agents will spend large parts of their day out on the road. Even offices now face the fragmented reality of remote work. It should come as no surprise, then, that keeping track of what is going on in your own company is harder than ever before.

It is no secret that many people at the helm of businesses like these find it impossible to keep control. If you are facing this problem at the moment, though, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we are going to look at some simple solutions to help you steer that ship even when a lot of the cabins are out of your sight.

Operate with one system everyone can use

You are already facing a difficult task. Don’t make it harder for yourself by fragmenting your systems. If one driver uses Google calendars while another uses Office 365, you will never be able to keep on top. Instead, you want one system which can work across the board.

Something like this CRM for real estate system would work well for keeping track of house viewings and where each team member is at what time.

There are similar systems out there for delivery drivers and the like, too. By keeping this all in one place, you can more than halve the amount of work you need to do. That is regardless of where in the country your team members happen to be.

Have a point of contact

Of course, it is important to keep communication open regardless of how fractured your team are. Again, this can add a whole load of work to your load if you aren’t careful. Just the process of chasing everyone could take up your working day.

Make sure it doesn’t happen by employing a point of contact. This is someone whom your field staff can contact whenever they need to. It is also the person who can contact team members to let them know about changes of plan and so forth. All of which frees you up to focus on other things.

Use tracking devices

In the case of delivery drivers, it may also be worth using tracking devices
in your company vans. These give you an easy way to see where each driver is at any given time. That then allows you to see with ease who’s closest to any jobs which come in during the day.

It also allows you to guess roughly what time deliveries will arrive at their destinations. It is a small thing which can help you feel like you’re in control no matter how fractured things seem.