Prediction: 2024’s Hottest Investing Trends

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Every year, there seem to be more investment strategies and techniques available to the masses. Of course, the more people learn about the various ways that investing can provide greater financial freedom and protection, the more they will want to increase their ability to do it.

Many of the most lucrative strategies that have emerged are focused on tech and the cutting edge of human political trends. With internet adoption and human connections growing exponentially, this likely won’t slow down any time soon. With 2024 not too far off, it is a good time to start taking a look at some of the upcoming trends to expect from investors in the coming year.


From how people shop, work, study, and trade, you can’t ignore that AI is virtually everywhere. A recent study estimates that 27 percent of Americans interact with AI at least several times a day. AI is giving a major boost to investors who are looking for an edge in all different types of industries with research tools, and many investors are looking to invest in companies that produce the technology as well. With new users onboarding to the best AI apps every day, investors believe a strong 2024 is in order for any company with AI exposure.


Back in 2009, cryptocurrency started to slowly emerge in world money markets. While still in its infancy, crypto was noticed mainly by progressive investors and savvy techies. Now, it is an unmistakable giant in the vast world of investments and trades. Many fans of the industry believe the market is set for an uptrend in 2024 and 2025 as well.

One 2023 report estimated that cryptocurrency market capitalization was 2.5 trillion dollars. That was last year, and it isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. Crypto is mainstream now worldwide despite obstacles, so this shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone.

Blockchain technology becomes more sophisticated as time marches on. That means that crypto development and availability will also go through various evolutions that make it more and more viable.

Inflation Protection

The fears and reality of financial hardships due to inflation have already caused many investors to seek out different ways to protect their investments. As long as the prospect of higher inflation hangs around different economies, it won’t be surprising to see an uptick in people sinking their investments into any industry with the potential to outperform inflation or with exposure to technology that helps users fight inflation. Example industries may include transportation, energy, technology, and consumer staple companies. In 2024, it these may seem like the best way for people to protect their money.


ESG is the acronym for environmental, social, and governance, particularly in corporate environments. Many people are increasingly drawn towards green practices and policies that contribute to sustainability and engaging systems that offer transparency. With a full year of extreme weather events in the books for 2023, there is no doubt that investments promising to contribute towards a healthier environment will be top of mind for investors in 2024.

Investors can expect to see all of these trends continuing to grow in the new year. Some of these trends will probably give rise to more innovative ways to make even smarter choices about investing.