Preparing Your Business Vehicle Before A Long Distance Journey

When going on a long journey, a lot of people set off in their business vehicle without giving any consideration to the state of their car. However, there are lots of little things you need to make sure you carry out before you and your vehicle embark on your long business journey ahead.

You are not expected to remember all of these points yet it is highly recommended that you write down a checklist to carry out before you leave. By doing this you will be able to go on your journey with the confidence that the chance of anything going wrong is minimal.

Check tire pressure

The first thing you need to make sure you do is check the tire pressure of your business car. This is one of the most important things to carry out before going on any long distance drive.

If you do not carry out this simple procedure then there are several little disasters that can happen when driving. You may find that your tires wear dramatically.

And in worst cases you may find that one of your tires explodes whilst driving – this is because the quality has diminished too much due to wear and poor pressure.

Furthermore, the cornering grip of a vehicle can be extremely compromised if your tire pressures are not correct. It goes without saying that this can compromise your ability to benefit from a good drive.

Towing and battery cables

It is important to make sure you carry towing and battery cables in the boot of your vehicle. You never know where you could end up breaking down and you can’t always rely on your mobile phone to get you out of every situation, especially if you are driving in an area with no signal.

Check your car’s headlights and taillights

If you are taking a long journey then you may end up travelling in the dark. The last thing you want to occur is one of your lights faltering whilst driving in such conditions. Thus, not only should you check your business vehicle headlights and taillights before you leave, but you should also keep an extra set of light bulbs just to be completely sure.

Buy a sat navigation or some form of GPS

If your car does not come with an in-built GPS unit then it is recommended that you buy a sat navigation. If you are renting a car, this may come with it or as an added extra. When renting, make sure you are careful with your provider choice. You can get traders insurance now online, so there is no excuse for a rogue business. You may know the route you are supposed to be going but when driving for a while it can be very easy to get lost. A sat navigation will ensure you are always on the right track and it will make you feel more at ease too.

Check oil levels

In addition to tire pressure, you also need to check the oil levels of your vehicle as well. When checking your car’s oil level you need to be mindful to ensure the car is on a level ground. If it is not then it can easily lead the oil to rush to the back whilst you are monitoring the oil from the front. All you need to do is use a dipstick to check the level. If it doesn’t hit the minimum mark on the dipstick then you need to add more oil to your business vehicle.

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