5 Product Display Strategies For Small Businesses

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Your store has 7 short seconds to make a positive first impression on potential customers. Scary, right? After all, making a bad impression is a recipe for lost sales and revenue!

To succeed, you have to wow them from the outset.

That’s where the quality of your product displays comes into play. By arranging your products in stylish, appealing, and eye-catching ways, you stand the best chance of grabbing their attention and making a sale.

Want some tips on how to master merchandising? Keep reading for 5 effective product display strategies.

1. Leverage Shelf Front Signage

Shelf front signage is one of the most common ways to get peoples’ attention in stores. After all, this is where you display the prices of each product and advertise any discounts!

Having cast their gaze over the items in question, the next port of call for most customers is the price tag. Showing those prices on attractive brand-related labels and in high-quality holders is a mighty boon for business. It makes everything seem more professional and ensures this key information is available at all times.

2. Understand Your Audience

Creating an effective product display shelf often comes down to understanding your target customer. Just as this insight reveals the products they want to buy, it can also provide clues to how they’d want to see those products displayed.

Bring to mind their interests, desires, professional lives, and demographic details. With that information in mind, ask yourself what compels them to buy something. You should find it easier to design high-converting product displays as a result.

3. Check What Others Are Doing

Short on inspiration? Well, leverage the internet!

There’s no shortage of images, videos, and resources that can deliver product display ideas. A quick Google search should do the trick. You can then take what you find, put your own spin on it, and see how it looks.

You could even walk around your competitors’ stores to see what they’re doing with their displays. Ask yourself what’s working well, where they could improve, and then use that data to inform your own creative decisions.

4. Remember the Other Senses

The best product displays don’t just rely on looks though. They operate alongside other sensory stimulation, such as the music that’s playing in the background and the scents being pumped into the air.

Combining an attractive display with on-brand music and delightful aromas should deliver even better results.

5. Experiment

The real secret to success with product displays often comes down to your willingness to experiment. In other words, play around with different ideas until you find one that works!

Heck, you could even survey your customers to see which they prefer. Ask them whether they like Option A or Option B, and proceed accordingly.

Don’t Forget These Product Display Strategies

Making a positive first impression is all-important when it comes to driving sales. Unfortunately, you don’t have long to do it so you need to position your products to prosper!

With only a few seconds to get someone’s attention, the product display strategies you use on your shelves and stands can make all the difference. Hopefully, the ideas in this post will help you create the best possible displays in your store.

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