How To Promote MLM Without Selling Or Spamming

How to Promote Network Marketing without Selling or Spamming

How to Promote Network Marketing without Selling or Spamming

Many people won’t join network marketing because they don’t want to be pushy salesmen. Here is How to Promote Network Marketing without Selling or Spamming.

This MLM Company Attracts Leads And Earnings Easily

Along with social media and technology, network marketing companies have evolved.

But, many are still stuck in the old business model of bugging friends and family about the business, throwing expensive and awkward home parties and hotel meetings, and talking to anyone within a 3 foot radius.

Millions of people who have tried network marketing this way are left in the NFL club, aka No Friends Left.

But, there is one network marketing company that has done it right, and it has dramatically changed the way distributors promote their home-based business.

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Here’s How to Promote Network Marketing without Selling or Spamming

I will get right to the point.

Millions of distributors in the past have had to buy a lot of their company’s product in order to achieve a certain rank or pay plan.

What happened as a result was millions of garages full of unused product.

This left these distributors frustrated, out of a lot of money, and stuck with cases and cases of unused product.

The old MLM business model only benefitted someone if they bought a ton of product.

On top of that, most MLM compensation plans back then paid only 30% and you had to bring in at least 7 to 10 new distributors to even start getting paid!

It was definitely a rough time to be in network marketing.

Today, it is a completely different story, and this one company has revolutionized the way we promote our MLM products.

The “Done-for-You” Sampling System for Network Marketers

Everyone loves free samples.

So, why not build a very lucrative home business by giving away free samples?

There is no selling or pushing product onto unresponsive friends and family.

There would be no burning of bridges that so many network marketers experience.

It would simply be you announcing on social media, video, or blog:

“Who wants a free sample?”

That is all you say to begin the prospecting process.

It is so easy to do for network marketing growth.

Here’s the complete process for the done-for-you MLM sampling Program:

One – Announcement

On any platform you feel comfortable with, whether it be Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, YouTube, a Blog, Instagram, or whatever you decide so you would then announce:

“FREE Sample Alert! We have amazing (your product line) which (the benefits of taking the product.) If you are interested, PM me. I only have 5 samples, so respond ASAP!”

Wait for people to respond.

Check out who they are by visiting their page.

If they look professional and like someone you would want as a customer or distributor, pick them.

You don’t want to just give away free samples to anyone.

You are looking for the right kind of person, not someone posting spammy stuff on their profile.

Two – Pre-Qualify

When you have selected your 5 or 10 ideal prospects, you ask them through private message:

“If you like the product, would this be something you would want to buy as a customer or promote as a business using a system I just did?”

If they say “Yes”, get their mailing address and guide them to your website so they can pick which product they want.

Three – Input their Address

Once you get 5 to 10 prospects with their addresses, you then go to the company dashboard and go to the sample program tab.

You enter each address individually.

You have to purchase the samples, but the powerful feature of this (only through the company I’m talking about) is that it goes towards your business volume!

That is right! No more buying tons of product that sits in your garage.

All these samples go out to potential distributors and customers, and it counts towards your business volume for the entire month.

The company then ships out the sample with a neat little welcome kit to the prospect and you are done.

Four – Follow Up

Go back to your prospect 14 days later.

Ask: “What did you like best about the sample?”

Then ask: “Are you ready to become a customer? (Or distributor?)

If they say “Yes”, guide them back to your company website.

That is it MLMers!

To Summarize How to Promote Network Marketing without Selling or Spamming

Buy giving away samples, there is no friction whatsoever.

This is revolutionary for MLM and network marketing.

It is a plug and play system already in place for you.

And, the best part is, non-MLM types can easily do this business.

my daily choice sampling program done for you

It also will greatly increase your overall business volume for your MLM team, because they will be excited to do it this way.