How To Put Out Fires And Keep Recruiting In MLM

Put Out Fires and Keep Recruiting for Network Marketing Success

Nearly 90% of your MLM team will quit at some point. Many in your downline or on your team will complain. Here is how to Put Out Fires and Keep Recruiting for Network Marketing Success.

When I first started network marketing in 2014, I was really excited.

I had a new business and was excited about the potential income I could make.

Well, it took me about 3 months to recruit two people.

I made about $45 dollars that month!

So, it took me awhile and tons of MLM training videos to figure out that the money in MLM comes from your team that you build.

The money in the beginning is mostly first level, meaning who you recruit.

But, over time you bring in more people who start recruiting as well and you earn a little bit of commissions from everybody.

Not everyone will recruit.

A lot of people will quit for a million reasons.


That is how the entire industry works.

90% or even more will eventually quit.

So what do you do?

You keep recruiting every month, every day.

Even a Bad Boss Builds a Team When

This reminds me of working for a bad boss in the restaurant business.

She ran away cooks and waitresses because of her temper.

But, she kept hiring.

It seemed like her ad was on Craigslist every day.

Eventually, she found a few good cooks and waitresses that could tolerate her temper and they stuck around for years. . .

That’s how you need to look at network marketing (without the bad temper!)

It is a hard industry to grasp and many people have very high expectations.

They think they can make $5,000 their first month or only have to recruit two people to make them rich.

The fact is: network marketing is a serious profession that requires proper training, consistency, and patience.

It just so happens that anyone with a $100 bucks can join, so you get a lot of misguided people, to put it lightly.

The key is to keep recruiting until you find your three to five solid cooks and waitresses that stick with you for years, and teach them how to recruit and develop their team as well.

You might have to recruit for a couple years to build your dream team.

Also, your dream team will develop faster the more you work on yourself; that means working on self-development and learning more about your profession.

That doesn’t mean reading one book and you are all good to go.

That means constantly becoming a better person through mentoring, training, and self-reflection.

You Are NOT Customer Support

As my team eventually got bigger I realized something. . .

I was becoming customer support, rather than a network marketing leader.

See, network marketing is a “people” business, so the bigger your team gets, the more you have to work (or deal) with people.

Alexander Pope said it beautifully in his famous quote: “To err is human; to forgive, divine.”

To put it bluntly, people mess up, that’s including every network marketing company.

There is some kind of drama going on in every single one of them because network marketing companies are made up of thousands of people, even the CEO and owners and management are human!

Most people who join MLM won’t accept that their MLM company is comprised of humans and not perfect.

They want perfection from their MLM company, even though nothing else is perfect in their lives.

So, who is the first person an unsatisfied new customer or rep is going to go to?


The thing is: Most MLM companies have a customer support department.

It is not your job to handle shipping complaints, label malfunctions, and the wrong flavor.

You simply tell your distributor or customer “please contact customer support, because they would know more about this than I would.”

That is it.

If they email back again with more anger, let it go.

If they are a close friend, tell them straight up.

Otherwise, the more you make excuses, the more your new rep or customer will become addicted to using you as a punching bag!

Put out the fires and keep recruiting.”


Because, it is not your fault.

If it is a real issue, the company needs to handle it.

All you do is redirect them to the right department.

If the new rep can’t handle that and gets abusive, block them.

That sounds harsh, but what do bartenders do or bodyguards do when there is a belligerent patron?

You can’t put out a fire if it is already out of control.

Replace that angry rep with a fresh new rep that is excited to start working the business.

That is all you can do.


90% quit network marketing.

Does that affect the $190 Billion a year industry?


Just like college freshman who quit college doesn’t affect the college or the university system.

More new freshman keep coming, just like new reps will keep coming into your business: if you KEEP RECRUITING.

That is all for today.

Love you guys.

Don’t quit.

Keep recruiting.

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