Pyjama Bosses MLM Success System Interview

Pyjama Bosses on Getting You to $1000 inside MLM in 7 Days

Pyjama Bosses on Getting You to $1000 inside MLM in 7 Days

Masa & Miguel were burnt out in their professions and created Pyjama Bosses to become seven-figure MLM trainers . Here is their powerful Pyjama Bosses interview story to MLM success worldwide.

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Thank you so much for doing this interview with me, Masa & Miguel. You have quite a story I want to dig into. So, let’s get started on the interview!

(For both of you) Where were you born and raised, what was childhood like, and what did your parents do for a living?

Miguel: I was born in Spain. In a city called Vilencia, the third largest city in Spain. My parents are middle-class. My mom is a nurse, my father is a therapist.

My childhood was pretty normal. The main thing is my parents always wanted me to get a good job, good education.

I did want to become a professional circuit player, and my parents did not forbid me to do that, but they were not really encouraging me to become a player, eventually I did become a circuit player and it didn’t turn out the way I wanted to, so they encouraged me to go back, so I became an airline pilot.

Masa: I’m from Slovenia, from a city called, Kranj. I lived the first 16 years living in Slovenia, then I had an international scholarship to go to Italy called United World Colleges where I learned all that international understanding, then from there I got a scholarship to go to Oxford University at the age of 19.

I spent 4 years in England where I was study Chemistry and then came back to Italy to do my PhD in Genetics. It was at the age of 26 or 27 that I decided to spend a year in Australia, this is 2004 and I have been living in Australia ever since.


Was there any entrepreneurship in the family and what was the general mindset for the family around money?

Miguel: Wow, that is a good question. As you can imagine, from a middle-class family my parents had a job for forty years plus, it was a government hospital, pretty much, so they were working for the government.

They gave me the best education they could give me, so they took me to a private school, the best they knew of. The thing was with that school there was a lot of entrepreneurs, and some of them would be driven to school by limousine or a driver every single day.

So, I had my parents, and asked ‘what do these people do to have that kind of life, where their children are being driven to school everyday and I am walking to school?’

So, there was no Entrepreneurship in my family. Because, the first thing my parents said was ‘you need to go to school and get a good education, that’s why you will get a good job and eventually it will amount to many things’. So, there was never any Entrepreneurship or running your own business or anything like that.

Masa: It is interesting my family, both of my parents did not come from Entrepreneurial families, but halfway through their middle age years, in their forties, they both transitioned from being an employee to having businesses and that was around sort of when I was growing up.

I was a teenager, even though my parents actually divorced for that, they both later actually transitioned into being self-employed and setting up their own businesses.

So, it was very interesting when I finished University, finished my PhD, I really thought that I didn’t want my own business.

I was very rebellious of the way my parents were doing it, but they had created a very good life for themselves and it wasn’t until someone introduced me network marketing that I discovered  my entrepreneurial potential and passion for it, so it is interesting how it had happened.  


Masa got her PhD from Oxford University and Miguel was a commercial pilot. What could possibly go wrong with this scenario?

Masa: So, actually my PHd is not from Oxford. That was my Master’s in Chemistry. I got my PHd at the International Center for Genetic Engineering in Italy.

So, what could possible go wrong with this scenario? Miguel and I had great education. We were destined to have great jobs all of our lives, so what went wrong?

Miguel: I think that everything, well not everything, because if could be a lot worse, essentially what went wrong, for me, my kind of career, I had the idea when finishing my aviation and getting my job would be the last thing I would  have to do and it turns out that my life wasn’t owned by me, it was owned by the owner of the company.

Little did I know, I was finishing my license and getting in a job with a company, and within a month September 11th happened. So, two days later, I got a phone call saying “we are so sorry, but there is no more job for you.”

So, that was the beginning of the end, because of that I went to country to country, I was living in Spain at that time, I lived in England, then I moved to Dubai.

So, little did I know, I couldn’t get a job because there were no jobs. So, basically I didn’t own my life. I was bouncing around, trying to find stability which I never found. Now I know, there is no real stability in having a job. You don’t own your future, the company does.

Masa: For me at this point, we both moved to Australia. At this point 2004-05, I had a very good job at the University of Queensland here in Brisbane, Australia, and even though I had imagined that I had done everything possible.

I got a very high education, I stayed in school the good part of 20 years, and I started to really work in the profession I had trained and studied for such a long time to find the salary and freedom of time was lacking.

And, the worst thing I found was people much older than me, who were 20-30 years ahead of me, in the same career, their lifestyle, or their financial freedom wouldn’t really improve.

So, this was why we were open-minded. Miguel’s instability with the aviation always being influenced by the economic situation and scientific careers being the same way, also both of us, even though we had  reasonably, extremely well-paid careers, we still could not afford the deposit on a house.  

We are both approaching the age of 30, so we started to question what else we could do and this is the point when someone first introduced us to network marketing and its huge growth throughout Pakistan, India, and Asia.


You guys both migrated to Australia. Is this where you guys met, and what was it like when you were struggling to readjust?

Masa: About a year actually when I moved to Australia, Miguel moved to Australia and we met first time on the plane, that is a whole other story.

When we were both finally in Australia in 2005 about six months later, of living together in Australia, a seventeen year old girl approached us about our first network marketing opportunity and we were not struggling at that time, at least we didn’t think we were.

We did have the prospect of our careers and steady advances in those careers but like I said, it was looking pretty grim on having financial and time freedom. That is why we were open-minded when we discovered network marketing.


You discovered network marketing in 2005. Can you tell us about the early struggles and what kept you going?

Miguel: Well, the early struggles are pretty usual, we didn’t know anything at all about network marketing. This seventeen year old girl, her mother came to our house to do a presentation.

This was 2005, it was like a flip chart,  during the presentation they opened our minds to the idea of using a product we already liked and sharing it with other people, you could actually make money, possible win a car and make $10,000 dollars and at that time that was a lot of money for us.

That opened our minds and the struggles were the same. We didn’t know anything and we started showing the world and the world said we were crazy, have you lost your mind, this is a pyramid scheme, this is a scam, you are going to get burned, or you are wasting your time and energy.

What made us basically go through all the struggles was the commitment that we had and always do have towards creating something different, something better in our life, not to conform what we have and always thriving towards the best.

As an Entrepreneur, you love the challenge, you become that person where it is all about the challenge. The money will come anyway, when you serve people and actually enrich someone’s life, but I think the challenge of the process that you need to go through, personal challenges and financial challenges, all the challenges you go through are all so worth it.

And, I think it is a commitment to that challenge, and to see it through, that is the challenge and it is always there, you just need commitment to see it through.

Masa: That is right, and when we first started network marketing in 2005, that is now eleven years ago, one of the biggest things for us really, as it is for most when they get started is that we were really struggling to find people to talk to, and this was the time when Facebook did not exist.

So, we did learn the old-school ways of networking with people, getting to know people and that was a challenge unto itself and needed time and investment in itself.

About a year into our business, we finally mastered the recruiting game. We finally understood that it was about creating relationships, lots of new friendships, and sifting and sorting to find a few good leaders that want to join you in the business.

Now, we found another challenge, and that challenge was despite the fact that we recruited  over 100 people in our first year of network marketing, at the end of that year we looked at our business and there weren’t nearly a hundred people left.

So, now we were stuck and everyone told us that it’s just about talking to people and we did talk to people and we did sponsor people but the worse thing was it seemed like that wasn’t the full story.

This is definitely something that keeps most network marketers from never reaching six-figures, and if they do reach six-figures they are actually never able to scale their business to multiple six-figures or seven-figures.      

When did network marketing finally “click” for you, and what actionable steps can new network marketers do to emulate your success?

Miguel: It’s hard to say when it actually clicked for us, it’s an addition of events and different situations where something happens, where the penny drops, where you learn something and you apply it.

But, if I was to select or point to one thing that has changed our life in terms of the lifestyle, the multi-level marketing income, and how the business grew off of that, I would say it was in 2011.

We were living in Bangkok, Thailand. We decided to pack our bags, at that time we had just bought an apartment in the city, in Brisbane, a two bedroom apartment, we packed up the house and rented it out so we didn’t have any expenses and we moved to Thailand, so we basically living out of a suitcase.

And, the penny dropped, and the reason I’m telling this story the penny dropped at that time because we were travelling between Bangkok and Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China and sometimes going to the U.S. It was a lot of travelling and we were super exhausted.

We reached a point where Masa and I felt physically sick, to the point where we had to be hospitalized, or go to a hospital, an emergency room and  I had to have the drip, I lost consciousness, whole other story.

It was at that point where the penny dropped for us because we were working really hard, at that time we were making about $15,000 a month, but what we didn’t understand at that time that it wasn’t always about working extremely hard.

It was about using tools and duplication, which needs to happen in a business like network marketing so you can actually have the lifestyle. It’s not about working from 7am to 9pm every single day.

The penny dropped because we understood after that something had to change and we said okay what is that, and we started applying certain tools to the system, to the way we do business.

For example, somebody gets started, there’s a system so we don’t actually train the new person, they get trained when we point to a tool and they actually learn it.

We record a small video where everyone can watch that video. We don’t need to make that effort every single day, every single time we sponsor someone.

So, when we started applying tools and systems to our business our life changed forever. The result was, within two years, we went from about $15,000, sometimes $20,000 a month, to $20,000 a week in our business.

And, our working hours, that’s not even that impressive, our lifestyle, we went from working sometimes 16 hours a day to working 4 to 5 hours per week!  

And, I think that was the missing link for us. It wasn’t about the money with Pyjama Boss, it was about the lifestyle. It’s about the time you have while making the money.  


When was “Pyjama Bosses” created, and how do you want to impact the lives of others with it?

Masa: Pyjama Bosses was created on the first of May, 2014, it’s now about two and a half years from the time of this recording, and we were actually getting asked by many people about the actual systems we had created for our own network marketing business and how we had created success.

A lot of people from different network marketing companies were asking us about it, actually asked us if we could do some trainings that were generic and so the first of May we actually launched the website for the first time and launched a short course and it was called “7 Days to $1000 Dollars,” and that’s how Pyjama Bosses started.

Now, in the last two and a half years certainly a lot has happened with Pyjama Bosses online training consulting business which is generic for the entire network marketing industry and its aim is really to impact and empower many millions of people in the next few years.

So, not just with our training programs, but what we started to do, we actually asked by a few different leaders to help develop systems for their teams, this was a whole other challenge.

We could provide training so they could create their systems, but now all of a sudden the leaders were asking can you MAKE the systems.

So, we actually hired a team of software developers, designers, and a lot of other people that work with us now, our team, and we created a software platform for Pyjama Bosses and clients which is called Momentum Duplicator.

Now one of our major focuses in 2017 is to be helping network marketing companies and network marketing leaders, both six and seven figure earners, to help them customize team duplication systems with their own brand, with their own information, and their own content.

So, really what we see in Pyjama Bosses is really just an extension of what we have done in network marketing. It’s just a way to reach out and impact more people and our real focus is to create systems that has helped us create duplication and success.   

I noticed you offer quite a few interesting training products on your blog. One that stood out for me is “6 Figure Results Academy.” Can you explain what is inside this training and can a new network marketer simply purchase this training and have a complete MLM training package?

Masa: So, yes, we do have about 15 training programs right now that we sell on our website and different webinars and sales pages we have and so on, and like I said, this isn’t the only thing we do, certainly our online programs are a major income for Pyjama Bosses, but one of our things is to help different leaders in MLM companies create the systems.

And, Six Figure Results Academy is actually the program we have created that is a generic program based on our own training to our own teams.

So, basically, we took the team’s training that everybody had to go through to get some leadership qualification on the team and we actually translated it into a generic format.

If a MLM leader is looking for a complete package, I would say there’s two other programs that may be more complete, one of them is called Q-Momentum.

We had a major launch in 2015 and literally thousands of people have gone through it from over 30 different network marketing companies, and that’s a specific training program that gives you an outline for a 30 day cycle in your business and helps you create momentum with some specific behavioral strategies that a person will need to apply to their network marketing business to create momentum.


What do you tell someone if they want to do network marketing with you? Do you have any type of application or requirements?

Miguel: As you can probably tell, Erik, Masa and I have two different types of personality, a little disclaimer, we don’t own the truth and know everything, we are a work in progress.

So, whatever we share and what we’re sharing today is out of experience, it’s the right thing to do and it has worked for us, but it might not work for someone else.

But, for me, if I were to recruit somebody, I always tell people that you need to be able to, in this industry, read between the lines. It’s not what people are saying to you, it’s what they are not saying, it’s their attitude. For example, if they are teachable, willing to take action, if they are hungry to change their life.

For example, if we were to have about 10 people sitting on a chair, right, and their chair being their life, as an example, and out of those 10 people we put a little bit of fire under the chair.

These 10 people would be seated, but as soon as you start increasing the heat under their chair, depending on how much heat every person can handle, eventually some of them will start getting up, right?

So, I think in life is the same. We are comfortable with what we have until things get really really bad, from our perspective, and sometimes we don’t get up and do something about it.

So, when I have someone in front of me, that’s what I’m looking for. I’m looking for that person who is getting up from their chair. They said, enough is enough, I’m willing to do whatever it takes, I’m will to take action and willing to learn so I can actually have the results that I’m seeking. That’s what I’m looking for, the attitude a person must have.


I love your Pyjama Bosses blog. How old is it, how many posts are on it, and what is the daily traffic like to it daily?

Masa: Thank you. The Pyjama Bosses MLM blog was launched May of 2014. I don’t know exactly how many posts we have. I assume we have a few hundred posts, and what sort of traffic we have, monthly we have thousands and thousands of users coming to it.


What’s the best way you’re generating Leads today?

Masa: Generating leads for our blog is typically Facebook advertising is one of the best sources and then of course we have a lot of social media, which is free traffic, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram primarily, those are the three main sources of traffic


You offer a free ebook on your blog, entitled “Kick Start Your Business with Our 7 Day Success Formula.” What are some of the key elements of this book?

Masa: Yeah, this is a shorter book that actually talks about the specific seven day system that we teach people on our team to create a $1,000 dollars in seven days.

So, in this book, people are going to learn exactly how to, first of all, calculate in their compensation plan, what they need to do to be able to reach a thousand dollars in 7 days. So, they’re going to get the clarity of what they need to do.

The second step in the book is going to be around how they need to do this activity. For example, talking to people and what to say to them, what to show them, how to sort through them, how to follow up and close and all those things.

And, the final part we will be talking about is what is the mindset you need throughout this process of seven days to complete your goal on time.

Now, this is not one of our major pieces of work. This is just an ebook that people can get on our website. I think it’s a great way to get immediately into action and creating success in seven days.

In 2017, we are actually launching our first printed book, which will be called “7 Figures in Pyjamas.”

It will be sold on Amazon and there’s going to be a major launch were creating that will actually include donating the majority of profits to creating and building a school in the third world. Those details will be out very shortly, so make sure to stay in touch with us.


You also have “3 Steps to Creating momentum in 30 days in your Network Marketing Business.” We’ve heard the phrase “MLM loves speed.” How important is it to build a team quickly in MLM rather than slowly?

Masa: Yeah, so we talked about the Q-Momentum program, the 3 steps in creating momentum in 30 days, is all about those behavioral strategies, the things you need to be aware of to create momentum in 30 days, so in that training make sure you watch it, it’s a free training. You can definitely watch it anytime.

And, in that training, you will understand that every 30 days in your business is split up into 3 phases. One is mobilization phase, one is ignition stage, and one is momentum phase, and they have different lengths, first one is 21 days, second one is one day, and the last one, momentum, is 7 days.

So, be sure and watch this training to find out the specific activity in those phases so you can optimize how you move masses, how you move teams into momentum.

Miguel: The key Erik, on that training, there’s many keys, one of the things we learned that did change and start to grow our business and I think it’s very important for every single person, is that most of these people go to conventions and events, and when the event is finished they actually go rest and go on holiday.

They go to a convention, let’s say in Vegas, and  they take the time to go sightseeing right after the event, and that is the biggest mistake one can make, to take their team out of that excitement and taking them to sightseeing.

When you finish that event, you need to actually harness that energy and get them focused and doing some activity that is going to be an income-producing activity for you and also for them.

I think for us, that was the main activity, which is in the Q-Momentum program, is how to harness that energy and how to focus your team members, who were at that event and who are super excited, what action to take because that will determine the next 30 days in your business. When you create that momentum, it is like a self-propelling business that feeds off its own energy.

You have a great youTube channel. How important is video marketing for your brand? Who should be doing video and what is the most important SEO tweak you can do to a video to get it seen more?

Masa: Video is very important as you can see on our Pyjama Bosses blog. We use video to compliment the text on our blog, and of course nowadays with live streaming video that hasn’t gotten so popular, like Periscope, Facebook, and YouTube and all the other channels. It is becoming the only way you should market yourself. It is essential to our network marketer brand.

I believe that anyone, any expert who wants to build their brand, anyone who has a business in the world should invest some time and effort into having some video marketing skills, to get some SEO tweaks to actually get the video seen and some public speaking skills to actually get the video more effective.

Now, the number SEO tweak that I learned about 6 months ago, is actually to find videos that are in your field with a specific topic.

For example, if I were to do a video on duplication, is to find a video on duplication from somebody else that is getting massive traffic and is getting a lot of views, and actually beneath the description is to have a transcript of your own video and link through to other videos that have massive traffic.

For some reason, I don’t know exactly why that happens, but it does happen. For some reason, when you click those links, it’s like backlinks on a blog. You’re getting more views and so on.


What is your favorite book right now and why?

Miguel: I’m in the middle of three books that I’m reading right now. I’m learning how to develop software and whatnot, it’s called Lean Startup.

It’s about minimizing cost when you’re doing business. But, I think for somebody in this business, the book that changed me, actually two books that helped grow our business.

One of them has nothing to do with network marketing, it’s called Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss. It is about the lifestyle, not having a million dollars. But, creating a million dollar business is a lifestyle. I was excited to read that because our business was already on track to running 4 to 5 hours a week.

The other book that I read was by Robert Kiyosaki. I told my friends and family who had a job to read it. It is called Unfair Advantage. It is a simple book. You can read it in a few hours. He talks about how important it is today to be an Entrepreneur.

Masa: For me, my favorite book that I keep on my desk at all times is Dotcom Secrets by Russell Brunson. We have immersed ourselves into learning internet marketing in the last three years, to be able to create our online business with Pyjama Bosses and to market our training programs. That is actually the book I use the most. It is almost like a reference book on my table.


What are your goals for this year for Pyjama Bosses and beyond?

Miguel: Off the top of my head Erik, our goals is to have children, first of all, I am 44, Masa just turned 43. We have been postponing having children and I think we have postponed it as long as we can.

Secondly, we have been working on our book for a year, maybe a couple years. So, it is time to finalize the book and get it finished, where we will discuss more of our MLM reviews and Pyjama Bosses success stories.

The third goal, is to help 25 top MLM leaders establish their own systems with Pyjama Boss. We have made good money in the network marketing industry. We have invested our money and we are not in a situation where we work for money due to passive income generation.

Our thing is to help people and to give back, and to pass on our experience in multi-level marketing to other people so that they can do the same. And our Pyjama Bosses review and rating numbers support that success.


What is your favorite quote and why?

Masa: My favorite quote is “Everything is possible.” The other one I really love is, “Knowledge is limited; imagination circles the World.”

Miguel: My favorite quote in the world is by one of the best soccer players in the world, and he says, “Success is not an accident, it’s hard work, determination, and the most important thing is to love what you’re doing, or learning to do.” That’s what we do in a nutshell at Pyjama Bosses to help home business building success, which is why we get such good reviews.

Thank you so much for this interview on the Pyjama Bosses MLM success sytem, Masa and Miguel and congratulations on the great reviews!


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