Randy Gage Interview On MLM Mastery

Randy Gage on Mad Genius, MLM, and Meth. Mad Genius book review and interview with Randy Gage. MLM guru and leader

Randy Gage on Mad Genius, MLM, and Meth

Randy Gage is one of the greatest legends in network marketing. He is also a New York Times Best Selling author with a new book, entitled Mad Genius.

I am honored that Randy Gage agreed to do this interview with me. Here is our interview conversation:

Hey Randy! I am truly honored to get this opportunity to pick your brain on so many levels.

You are one of the greatest legends in network marketing and a brilliant New York Times Best Selling author.

After reading Mad Genius myself a couple months ago, I was blown away just by the preface of the book. You mentioned Hunter S. Thompson, surviving Meth addiction, and the creative genius of Morrison and Hendrix all in the first few pages and I was hooked myself!

But, then the book went a lot deeper than the underground subculture. . . What inspired you to write Mad Genius?

“I originally planned it to be a sequel to my last book, “Risky Is the New Safe.”  A deeper look into the future and how we predict it.  

But as I got into the writing, I came to the realization that there were other people who were better at that.  There are some amazing futurists out there.  

The greatest gift I could provide readers was to write a book about how we can prepare for that future: The kind of things that will be happening and how entrepreneurs can turn those challenges into opportunities.”  

Randy Gage Mad Genius Review

Mad Genius is actually a manifesto divided into three parts: Book One discusses how we got where we are now; Book Two explores the cataclysmic developments coming up in the next decade; And, Book Three is a chaotic collection of ideas to force the reader out of “herd thinking.”

So, rather than calling this just a “book,” you used “manifesto” which means “ a declaration.”

Do you believe people can change their life by reading the declaration of Mad Genius?

“More than a declaration, it is meant to be a call to action; a wake up call.  We are entering the most cataclysmic time in human history and will be facing unprecedented challenges.  

But each and every one of those challenges offers a corresponding opportunity.  We are living in the greatest time in human history and people need to realize that.”


Again, this book is powerful and is worth all its accolades, including praise from Joe Vitale (who lives down the road from me), Harvey Mackay and Robin Sharma.

Since this blog is about network marketing and edgy personal development, mainly for older men, let’s get our readers some personal insight from you.

I was stunned to read that you hadn’t touched a drink since you were twenty, almost 35 years ago. What made you stay away from booze, but not Meth?

“At the time, the scene on South Beach was rife with drug use and in particular, crystal meth.  

Like many addicts, I was lulled into a false sense of security, thinking I could somehow use drugs on my own terms.  Of course  that wasn’t the case.  

Meth was the most difficult addiction I ever faced, worse than cocaine or even heroin.  But as you can see in the book, the situation did offer opportunities to learn and grow from my mistakes, and ultimately emerge in a better place.”


Turning to network marketing, there was some big news a few months ago that you transitioned to a new network marketing company. How is that going for you?

“It was a big change, launching a new program again.  But it has been very rewarding, and a good chance to work more in the U.S. market for the time being, after a decade of criss-crossing the globe.  

There is really nothing as fulfilling as seeing new people step into their greatness, recognize their power and accomplish great things in the business.  

The timing has been very fortuitous.  Network marketing is going through all those cataclysmic changes, just like other industries.  So the way we do the business is changing rapidly.  

There is a huge regulatory push towards a more customer-centric model.  And serious restrictions on income and product testimonials.  

Another exciting development is the advent of mobile apps, social media and the online aspects of the business. 

So rather than make drastic changes, my team has the opportunity to build our step-by-step system, incorporating all these new factors into it.

So it’s been a great ride so far and we’re eager to see where it ultimately takes us.”


As we Entrepreneurs mostly understand, network marketing has a high attrition rate. Do you have some words of encouragement for new network marketers out there, and is it really worth pursuing MLM?

“Network marketing is perfect for everyone.  However everyone isn’t perfect for network marketing.  But if you’re willing to work hard, become a student and want to do a business that empowers people, there’s nothing better.  

It’s one of the few professions where self-development and personal growth are baked right into the cake.   It still comes down to things like picking the people you work with, scheduling your own hours, great tax breaks, travel opportunities and building a strong residual income with MLM companies like Agel Enterprises. That’s pretty tough to beat anywhere else.”

Randy gage

For the car fans out there, how many Dodge Vipers do you own now and is it still your favorite car?

“Actually I sold all my Vipers when I went on sabbatical and traveled for a few years.  I’ve had nine or ten. I will buy one more, as this is going to be the last year they are made.  

Currently in the garage is a Challenger SRT Shaker, and an Audi R8 Spyder.  Also a special edition Range Rover Evoque, designed for Range Rover by Victoria Beckham. It’s one of only three that came to the U.S.”


I know you reside in San Diego and Florida during the Winter. Do you have any plans to live in other countries when America breaks off and floats away?

“Yes long-term goal is to have homes in 8 or 10 places around the world.  Some of the places include Sydney, Costa Rica and Europe for vacation properties.”

Thank you so much for your time Randy, because I know time is money for a business professional like yourself. This MLM interview truly means a lot to me and my readers.

This just shows that entrepreneurs as successful as you have the heart to take the time to share insight, views and opinions that could hopefully tweak our perspective a little more towards self-actualization.

Thanks again for this top MLM interview Randy!

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