Ray Higdon Retires from MLM

Ray higdon Retires from MLM

Ray Higdon Retires from MLM

New news hits the network marketing industry as legendary MLM top earner leaves MLM. Find out why Ray higdon Retires from MLM.

Ray Higdon has been a huge leader in the network marketing & Direct selling industry. He has been the number #1 earner in his last company and was positioned at the top of his current MLM, WorldVentures.

Ray Higdon is also a brilliant MLM trainer and has amassed a huge following of distributors who rely on his top-notch trainer. He also runs an annual and maybe semi-annual training, called “Top Earner Academy.”

Hundreds of people attend Top Earner Academy to hone their recruiting, prospecting and closing techniques and many more skills needed to become successful network marketers.

Ray is also a content creating machine and will usually post a video, do a podcast and write a post and now do a Periscope before 8 AM. He is also spotlighted and featured in many networking books and at live events, such as MLSP, My Lead System Pro.

Ray higdon

His daily rituals have awarded him to have over 1700 blog posts, over a hundred Periscopes, or “Scopes”, a podcast that has been downloaded over a million times, hundreds of videos, thousands if you count his deleted ones on YouTube, and several eBooks.

Ray teaches network marketers to take daily action and his large canon of MLM teachings is a testament of his philosophy. We need to take consistent action if we want success in network marketing.

I discovered Ray Higdon quickly when I started network Marketing january 1st, 2014. I just joined my current MLM and wanted to learn everything about it, which I think everyone should do if they want true success.

Joining an MLM company takes a lot of courage if you have the right idea of what it is you’re joining. Unfortunately, many people join Direct Selling thinking that it’s a quick ride to riches or a lottery ticket.

People get out of it what they put into it, and unfortunately the lottery ticket approach people don’t get anything out of it, because they are just waiting for the big win.

The people that do go on to make six, or sometimes seven figures a year in network marketing, treat it like a seven figure business. They learn everything they can about the profession and industry and constantly improve upon their skillset.

Why wouldn’t you go all the way?

Network marketing is a $180+ Billion dollar Global industry. There’s 18 million distributors in the United States alone and generates more revenue than the NFL and movie industry combined.

The top earners in network marketing make more money than some pro athletes and celebrities. Here’s a latest snapshot of the top 5 earners in the profession:

Top 5 MLM Earners 2016

The current top earner has shattered all previous records by earning $4 million a month. $4 million a month comes in to Juha as residual income. This is money that his organization is earning him passively.

This is the biggest, most powerful proponent of network marketing. You build a business of people and get paid on all their activity and yours.

This is still not a lottery ticket. People like Ray Higdon go “all in” with almost insane tenacity. He has kidded a few times about being insane, because the amount of effort needed to be in the top 1% takes a lot of perseverance and determination and drive.

If you don’t have a strong reason to keep going in MLM, you will eventually sink, or just remain a valued customer of the product, which is fine also. There is no reason for everyone to be a home business owner or distributor.

In fact, it’s very important that all MLM companies have a mix of customers and distributors. If everyone in a particular company were all distributors who shouted to others, “We need to keep recruiting! Bring in fresh meat!” this would be a red flag to the FTC.

Ray Higdon has a spirit that is alive and bright. He is real and raw, more so than ever. I think he really had burst out into a new Ray after he went to see Tony Robbins at Eric Worre’s Go Pro Recruiting Mastery event this last year.

Ray revealed a very personal side I have never seen before and I have seen a lot of his videos.

The bottom line why Ray higdon is retiring from network marketing is to focus on his training to network marketers. He is not leaving network marketing. He is just selling his position as a distributor in network marketing.

His downline is actually going to benefit from this, because he is not there for them right now, being a full time trainer. A downline needs a leader who is constantly in the field recruiting with them.

For Ray, doing training and masterminds is conflicting with being a full-time distributor. I completely understand and will give him my full support.

In fact, I think his training will only get better!

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