What To Really Expect When Starting Network Marketing

What to Really Expect When Starting Network Marketing

What to Really Expect When Starting Network Marketing

Leaders don’t want to tell you a sad story, but we all started at the bottom in MLM. Here is What to Really Expect When Starting Network Marketing.

Most of us will fail at network marketing.


It is not a priority. . .

It is just a little thing you invested in. . .

It is only a $100 bucks, it is not a real business. . .

I will build my business next week. . .

I will look into it next month. . .

I will try it. . .

These are the type of statements from people who enter network marketing.

Many don’t know what they signed up for.

Many think it is some automated wealth scheme and that joining it and doing nothing else is satisfactory.

Come on.

We don’t act this way when we go to college. . .

Or Insurance school. . .

Or art school. . .

Or Trade school. . .

Or enter pro athletics. . .

We work really hard to get into the right schools and the right jobs.

We assume the debt we accrue from college without a second thought. . .

We take a tackle in football and injure ourselves and think nothing of it.

We stay up late to cram for an exam.

Or, take two majors and go for our Doctorate because we really want to be qualified for a career that only requires a Master’s.

Yet, network marketing seems like a joke to many. . .

Even though it generates more revenue than the NFL and music industry combined.

Even though it has over 22 million members in America, and over 100 million globally.

Even though it makes millionaires every single day, people with no degrees, and barely a high school diploma.

Why is it then, network marketing slips through the cracks as being a real profession?

Ah, I see.

It is the $100 dollars you can’t seem to get passed.

Yet, you have more faith in a $5 lottery ticket?

Yes, I got my butt kicked for the first two years in network marketing.

I still have bad days when nothing seems to be working, even in 2023.

But, I press on and I have been fortunate to work full-time from home since April 2016.

Yes, I said goodbye to a boss.

But, I trained to become a full-time network marketer.

I watched two hours of video training each day from the best MLM trainers out there.

They prepared me for the bad days, and also gave me the long-term vision that keeps me upright when it downpours.

Being an Entrepreneur is someone who assumes risk.

There’s lots of risk in network marketing.

Our job is to fail over and over until our life starts looking like how we want it.

Just like how you do 25 dumbbell curls to break the muscle fiber down, so when it repairs it is stronger.

You’re doing the same dumbbell curls, but it is with your mind, your patience, your acquisition of skill, your good days and bad days.

When I started network marketing in 2014, I had many bad nights.

I wanted success so bad, but I got zero.

About two years later, I started to stand taller.

I had watched a lot of training and read a lot of books.

I was getting people into my business.

I was making almost enough to come home full-time.

I caught a glimpse of success and it just made me hungrier.

Find your vision.

If you think network marketing is a little hobby, don’t even bother.

Yes, love the products as a customer if you will, but if you really want financial success in this profession, treat it like a profession.

I love you guys and want you to succeed in multi-level marketing, direct sales, or affiliate marketing.

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