3 Reasons To Hire A Reputation Manager

reasons hire reputation manager orm

Are you being sued? Have you been accused of a crime? Whether you have serious allegations against you or simply want to make sure that your past stays where it belongs, there are a number of reasons to hire a reputation manager. As a business owner, prospective employee, or hopeful politician, you need to be sure that your internet presence is as squeaky clean as possible. Your reputation is everything if you want to be considered a respected professional.

A manager can help you to bury negative search engine results by improving your overall online presence. Here are 3 reasons to hire an online reputation manager (ORM) right now for your business or personal life.

1. A Manager Cleans Up Your Internet Persona

Do you remember that cringe college keg stand that you posted online a decade ago? The internet remembers. If you are trying to land a job, build your brand, or even run for political office, there is always a chance that someone will do a deep dive into the Google search results and find those embarrassing pictures. A reputation management company spends time looking through all of this information to see what they can help you remove and what you may need to explain in the future.

As the old saying goes, it can take 15 years to build up a reputation and 15 seconds to destroy it. Don’t let your past negative search engine results, reviews, or ratings sabotage your bright future.

2. A Manager Helps You Build Credibility

If you already have an established brand, a manager will keep up with your online reviews to do damage control whenever someone leaves a negative review. By keeping on top of the negative things that people say about your business and responding professionally, your brand looks more credible. When someone sees negative reviews that go ignored (or worse, have rude responses), they will think your company isn’t professional and be less likely to shop with you. Reputation management ensures you are always putting your best foot forward. 

3. A Manager Helps To Improve Your Search Rankings

Where your company’s website ranks in search engines is vital when it comes to building your brand and getting your business noticed. A reputation manager does more than improve any negative opinion of you or your company. A manager can also help your business to improve local SEO and search engine rankings. The better your reviews are on review websites, the more likely the rest of your pages are to start ranking more highly on search engine results pages. Furthermore, your manager can help you find ways to improve local SEO on your website, on social media, and on review websites, which further improves your overall visibility. Search engine optimization and optimizing reviews are key to maximizing your reputation online and offline.

Recover Your Reputation Right Now

You need your online reputation to be positive and professional if you want to be a success. If you are not happy with what Google pulls up for your internet searches, talk to a reputation manager to help you improve your online credibility. Don’t wait any longer because the internet doesn’t sleep and people are on it around the world 24/7 spreading what they see. Rectify your reputation right now!