5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Jingle For Brand Building – Music Marketing

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Is your company looking for a new marketing technique to get people’s attention and boost your brand? Do you want to build priceless long-lasting brand awareness and branding identity for a low price?

Before you turn to traditional methods, you should consider creating and releasing a jingle. A simple song, one that lasts less than a minute, could turn things around for your company.

But how does a jingle benefit you? Why does it work so well for business branding? We’ve got the answers right here for company music and songs. Discover the benefits of a jingle and learn how to implement one with our list below on musical marketing:

1. The Best Business Jingles Grab Attention

Ever noticed how it’s easier to recall song lyrics compared to data you read? Music boosts memory and mood — we’ll tackle the latter below — and you can take advantage of this fact.

A good jingle catches people’s attention. These are the songs people unconsciously hum along to. People can identify them from the first few notes alone.

Isn’t grabbing attention the whole point of marketing? You want to get people to notice your brand, to look your way. A good jingle can achieve that for you.

2. A Business Jingle Establishes Your Brand

Some jingles can make or break your brand. People will always associate a message or theme with the jingle you put out. Who, for example, doesn’t associate happy times and childhood memories with the “Lovin’ It” jingle of McDonald’s, one of the most famous business jingles in history?

In many ways, a jingle is like your logo. It’s a way for people to remember and associate messages with your company.

3. A Jingle Can Boost Your Audience’s Mood

As mentioned, a jingle can boost people’s moods. Take advantage of this and use a jingle to make your target demographic feel good about your business. When they think of your brand, customers should feel happy and nostalgic. Never underestimate the power of manipulating emotions with music.

4. You Can Keep Reusing The Same Jingle

The right jingle sticks around for years, like the aforementioned tune from McDonald’s. You can use the same jingle for multiple video or audio ads for branding consistency across multiple mediums. You can keep the same song for years or mix it now and then for a new but familiar spin.

Of course, this only works when people love and remember your jingles. This is why you should hire jingles companies to produce the song or music tunes instead of writing one yourself.

5. Jingles Cut Through Audio-Visual Noise

Ever had to cook or write while the TV is on in the background? You won’t be able to focus on the audio or visuals. They become background noise.

However, a jingle can cut through that problem. People will hear a jingle in the background and hum along. They’ll remember the brand that produced it.

That’s a powerful tool to get your brand out there. A jingle will ensure your brand doesn’t drown among the competition and all the noise.

Craft The Best Jingle For Business Today

A jingle can do wonders for your business, from establishing your brand to helping you stand out from the rest of the media noise. Jingles are easy to remember and they can lift people’s moods too. Music marketing is a must when possible, especially for bigger brands with the right audio resources.

But why stop with a good jingle for only audio association with your branding? There are many ways to build a business brand that capture all of your customers’ five senses.

Learn how to go one step further and perfect your small business marketing campaign. Continue reading more of our branding and marketing guides to discover how you can grab people’s attention and convert those leads into profit!