What Do I Do After I Recruit Friends and Family into Network Marketing

What Do I Do After I Recruit Friends and Family into Network Marketing

What Do I Do After I Recruit Friends and Family into Network Marketing

So many people fail in network marketing because they stop recruiting after they bring in their friends and family. Here’s the secret to grow a big MLM and direct selling beyond friends and family.

You love your network marketing business, but you invited everyone you know in and now your business has stalled. Is that right?

Network marketing done correctly is all about recruiting massive amounts of people, because most people will quit, especially friends and family who don’t see the “vision” the same as you with the MLM business model.

Here’s What to Do After Recruiting Friends and Family into Network Marketing

Most people join network marketing with a lot of excitement.

They are courageous enough to talk to all their friends and family to join the business.

Many do join, but. . .

Your friends and family don’t really understand the network marketing concept.

Many of them still secretly think it’s a scam or ponzi or pyramid scheme.

Of course, they won’t tell you that because they love and care about you.

So, basically they join you because they care about you, not because they see the residual income potential and time freedom that MLM ultimately provides.

How to Expand Outside of Family and Friends in MLM

When I started my MLM business back 7 years ago, I didn’t want to bug my family and I didn’t have any friends. (long story short, they were drunks and I got sober = No friends anymore.)

So, luckily I was already promoting ebook and affiliate marketing links on Twitter and had amassed a pretty good following.

So when I joined MLM, indeed I was excited, but I went straight into “cold market” prospecting rather than talking to anyone I knew about my home business.

It was still slow in the beginning, but within three months I was recruiting around 4 new reps a month.

Of course, a lot of my followers on Twitter didn’t really know me, so the quality of my new reps were pretty low.

So, the first step to get outside of the friends and family realm is to use social media and build your own virtual office for network marketing recruiting.

When Twitter Fails, a Blog Takes Over

When Twitter started to lose “traction” (leads were less, people were leaving Twitter for other platforms) my blog had hit the two year mark.

See, a blog takes time to grow.

Luckily, I had leveraged social media while my blog was growing, and when Twitter lost traction, my traffic to my blog steadily picked up.

Now, my prospects mainly come from this blog and they are looking for what I have, instead of me spamming to them on social media.

It has made a huge difference in the quality of leads I get now.

About 30% of my new reps come from Twitter and the rest come from my blog.

So, blogging or posting videos on YouTube is where it’s at if you want to do “Attraction Marketing.”

Attraction Marketing is where you create content that people find by searching for it on the search engines, ideally.

If someone types in “Best MLM for 2021” I might pop up at the top of Google.

Then those people who type that keyword in come to my site.

They read the article and if they’re interested, they click my “call-to-action” button at the bottom of my post to take a free tour into my business.

To Summarize: What Do I Do After I Recruit Friends and Family into Network Marketing

Most people who join network marketing either recruit less than two people or they exhaust their “warm market” aka friends and family, then hit a wall.

Attraction Marketing by way of creating useful “How to” content (without heavily promoting your product) is what will generate targeted network marketing leads for you 24/7.

The only setback in MLM is that it takes a couple years of content to start generating enough leads, but it still beats working at a dead-end job for the next 20 to 30 years!

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