5 Remote Team Building Activities That Work

top remote team building activities

Are you looking for ways to bond with your team from home

Team bonding exercises help build cohesion and teamwork within an organization. A team that gets along and has a connection will be able to produce better results. But with many of us having to work away from the office now, it can be hard to know how to keep these bonds and make them stronger. 

Don’t worry WFH professionals! Read on for 5 remote team building activities you can do from your living room today! 

1. Rock Paper Scissors Battle

Using your favorite video-conferencing suite, try a rock paper scissors tournament. Two people square off, the winner then goes on to play the next person. Or you can pre-select pairs and the winners go into the next round to face each other.

It tests people’s responsiveness, engagement, and reflexes. It also encourages spontaneity.

2. Virtual Lunch

Once every month, get the team linked up on via video for a virtual lunch. Let your remembers even expense up to $25 if they want to order in, or cook up something special.

If you can’t spare the whole lunch break, a 12-30 minute coffee chat is a great alternative. Or even a virtual happy hour to add a little fun once in a while.

3. Playlist Collaboration

Music is a great way of bringing people together. It’s a great motivator or it can help set a collaborative mood. So, why not use a music channel like Spotify to get some collaborative playlists going for your remote team?

You could have an upbeat “Get It Done” playlist, or something more relaxed and soothing as a “Stress Reliever”. Whatever themes suit your team, you can do it and get them involved with adding their suggestions.

4. Photography Competitions

You don’t need the latest camera or photo editing software — anyone with a smartphone can join in! Almost everyone takes photos these days, and a photo competition can unite people.

People can share a little about their home lives with their teams and get to know each other. It lets employees express their creative sides too.

You can theme your completion around anything, from family, hobbies, architecture to nature. Whatever you feel like! And for the winner, you could get their photo made into a professional, framed print for them!

5. Movie Night

Once a month, set a day where your team gets together online to watch the same movie or TV episode. You can then discuss after, sharing what you thought.

Discuss things like alternate endings or things they’d improve. And also what they loved, favorite characters. If there are plot twists discuss how they thought they would turn out early on.

You could even have an office review chart for all to see. Share reviews, and get suggestions for the next one that employees can vote for over the next month.

Remote Team Building Activities Made Easy 

So there you have it! Remote team building activities can be just as effective from home, and just as fun too! 

The key for remote employee team building is thinking outside the box. What are you and your family enjoying right now? Chances are, a lot of it can be transferred to the online world with ease. Whether it’s a photo competition, movie night, or even a fitness challenge, you don’t have to be disconnected from your colleagues with working from home.