Remote Worker Guide To Different Types Of Office Desks

different types of office desks remote worker desktop design options

Though a large majority of Americans are working from home, only about 30% have a home office. Dedicating a workspace at your home can improve your motivation and productivity. But if you don’t yet have one, where do you start?

The most important feature of any home office is the desk. It is where you will spend the better part of your day. You will build your business, organize your home, or get tasks done there. Your desk is where all the action is.

So, the desk you choose needs to fit your style. But isn’t a desk just a desk? Aren’t all desks pretty much the same?

Actually that is not true at all. Types of office desks differ in size, design, and functionality. To make sure you are getting the best desk for you, we’ve put together a list of the most common ones. Think about the way you work and what space you need before you make your final choice.

Minimalist Desk

Sometimes referred to as a “writing desk”, minimalist desks live up to their name. Whether in design or functionality, these desks are simple and sleek. They usually have a wood or metal tabletop that rests on a thin frame of the same material.

These modern desks are perfect if you want minimal distractions during your workday. If all you need on your desk is your computer and a lamp, this is the one for you. But if you are constantly reaching for pads of paper or need a place to store all your files, you may want to keep looking. The minimalist work desk is not a good choice if you hold mini meetings in your office or cubicle section, but could be good for a home office with cramped quarters.

Sit And Stand Desk

These are the office desks everyone has an opinion on. You either love the idea of a sit-stand desk or you hate it. Usually, there is no in-between with this desk type.

A sit / stand desk also called a “standing desk” is a desk that you can move up and down. In its lowest position, you can sit at it like you would any other desk. In its highest position, you work at it while standing.

The health benefits of sit / stand desks make them worth looking into. If you find you get back or neck aches during the day, standing for periods of time can help.

You may also find you get fidgety and want to expend some energy while you work. Standing often causes you to move around more than sitting, as you shift side-to-side on your feet.

You can find sit and stand desks with electric motors that lift and lower them at the press of a button. Or, you can opt for the manual kind. For those, you turn a crank yourself to lower or raise the desk.

Built-In Storage

A classic home office desk is one with built-in storage. But even with this type, you have got several options to choose from.

You can keep things simple by taking a minimalist desk and adding drawers. A lot of desks come with built-in drawers on each side to support the tabletop. This is the basic built-in storage option.

Taking things to the next level, you have desks with built-in units that sit on the tabletop. These units may have cabinets, drawers, and even places to write notes or tack up papers.

If you use a lot of office supplies but want to keep your space clean, try a desk with storage.

Corner Desk

This is another great desk option for the home office with limited space. If you need to save floor space, a corner desk may be the right fit. Bonus points if there’s an open spot by the window.

Corner desks come in all shapes and sizes. And storage options range from minimal to extensive. They keep things feeling open and spacious by organizing your office into one part of the room.

The great thing about corner desks is you can keep them minimal or add storage as needed. With this option, it is all about placement.

Executive Desk

This is hands-down the best home office desk if you want to transform your space into a true at- home office. This is a desk that makes a statement.

You will need plenty of room for all its bells and whistles. But the result will leave you feeling ready to take on the day. Executive desks often come with multiple furniture pieces, like bookshelves and built-in units. And, of course, there is the large, sweeping desk.

Executive desks are a great option for those who need (and have) a lot of space to work.

Foldable Desk

If you hate sticking to one office layout or need a temporary work-from-home setup, try a folding desk. These desks do exactly what their name implies. They can fold up for easy storage or transportation.

Folding desks may make you think of white plastic tables, but rest assured that there are a variety of aesthetic options for foldable desks these days. You can find ones with wood, metal, or glass tops in all sorts of colors.

Floating Desk

A floating desk is another space-saving office feature. You can DIY and build your own floating desk or buy office furniture here.

You can make a simple floating desk from a repurposed shelf. Simply take a wide shelf, secure it to the wall at sitting or standing height, add your laptop, and voila!

But these can also be full-on units that fold against your wall like a murphy bed. Units usually come with more storage than DIY options. If you are low on space and need something simple, a floating desk may be the one for you.

Just keep in mind that these desks do not have legs. So, their weight-bearing capacity is limited for desktop items.

Finding The Best Types Of Office Desks

Now you should know how to choose a home office desk for work space, office storage, versatility, health, and affordability. Remember that the best types of office desks are the ones that make it easy for you to get your work done.

For a student or writer setup, minimal, foldable, and floating desks are low-maintenance. For more robust C-suite or educator work, executive desks and corner desks are a perfect fit.

Get your home office set up and ready for work at your new desk. And for more on staying motivated while you work, visit our Business section. We publish a wide variety of helpful articles on desks, office furniture, workplace design, and staying motivated while working from home.