Ron Deering on MLSP, MLM, and Blogging Mastery

Ron Deering on MLSP, MLM, and Blogging Mastery

Ron Deering on MLSP, MLM, and Blogging Mastery

Ron Deering is a rising star in Internet Marketing. Here’s our Interview: Ron Deering on MLSP, MLM, and Blogging Mastery.

Thanks so much for doing this interview with me Ron! It’s been awhile since I spotlighted you in a previous article on the top 32 MLM Bloggers to Dominate Network Marketing.

I wanted to get right to it and ask, when did you start your blog, how many blog posts are on it now, and what was that spike in traffic about around October, 2015?

I started my blog about the middle of 2014 and currently have around 440 posts on the blog.  The spike in October in the traffic was some paid traffic I was testing for the first time.

I notice that you are involved with MLSP, correct? How has that worked and do you use them in conjunction with a Network Marketing opportunity as well, or without?

I am involved with MLSP and love their system and community. I’m currently at their L1 rank and I’m actually using their MLSP Sites blogging platform for my personal blog.  

I’m not actively in a Network Marketing business right now but I’m heavily working my Affiliate programs and integrating what I’ve learned from MLSP into my marketing.

I’m always impressed to see new content on your blog and each post has a very nice professional quality photo. Do you enjoy the blogging process or do you outsource some of it?

Thank you Erik.  I have become addicted to blogging so I do all of the posts myself.  I find a better connection to my market when I’m the one putting my heart and soul into the articles.

There’s a sea of dead blogs out there, abandoned by bloggers who gave up too soon. What keeps you going in times when it feels like nothing is working?

My Vision.  I love what my mentor Ray Higdon has said, Let the Pain Push You until Your Vision Pulls You.  I know who I want to become and what it’s going to take to get there no matter how I might feel that day, week or month.

What do you suggest new bloggers do when they first start out?

The most important thing I can pass on to new bloggers is to be consistent providing value to your target market.  Keep away from pitching your business but inundate your audience with value that will do two things.  Help them with their challenges and present you as the expert in your niche’

What are your plans for this next year?

I would love to help 50 families add 6-figures to their income over the next 12 months.  Changing people’s lives is where we should all be striving to be.

I was blessed to have my blog show up on your list at number 3 and would love to have that even higher.  The more people that see my blog the more people I can help!



You’re a Grandfather, yes? How many children and grandchildren do you have? What has been the most precious quality of being a Granddad?

Yes I am.  We have 6 children, 3 girls and 3 boys who are all successful in their lives.  With that comes 13 grandchildren at this point.

I believe the most precious part of being a Grandpa is now I have some experience in my life at my age that I can pass to my grandkids that I didn’t have when we were raising our children.  It’s a whole different relationship with the grandkids… I love it when they jump in my lap and ask me to tell them a story of how it used to be in the OLD days.

And of course you know the old saying when it’s time you can give them back to their mom’s and dad’s…

rons kids

Thanks so much for this interview Ron!

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