Rubi Torres Interview On Attraction Marketing

Rubi Torres: From Spamming Friends to Attraction Marketing Leader

Rubi Torres: From Spamming Friends to Attraction Marketing Leader

Rubi Torres lost everything in the Recession and had to start over. She discovered network marketing and spammed a lot until she discovered MLSP. Learn more in our exclusive interview below:

Thanks you for this interview, Rubi. I am excited to learn more about you. So, let’s get started!

Where were you born and raised, what was childhood like, and what did you want to be when you ‘grew up?’

I was born in Cuauhtémoc, Chihuahua, Mexico. However, I was raised in California. My mother and I moved there when I turned 2.

It is funny because both my mother and sister are born here. I was the only one born in Mexico. Crazy, right. Anyways, life was like so many from the same culture. We all lived in one house (grandparents, aunt, us) until my mom re-married. We then branched out to our own home.

My childhood was a tad bit crazy. I was very rebellious. I was a smart kid but didn’t like being picked on, so instead I decided that I would be like everybody else.

I remember the exact words I said to my mom when I was in 6th grade. “I don’t want to be smart. I want to be like everybody else.” This was after I was caught ditching for the first time. I got involved in the wrong crowd and things spiraled from there.

I spiraled to the wrong side of the tracks and ended up doing things that I am not so proud of now. I was just another statistic in the eyes of the law. But one thing I can tell you, I would not change that for the world, for it made me who I am today.

It’s funny, as a child I always wanted to be an attorney. I wanted to help people and be an advocate. It felt like I was always the one that was standing up for others.

I was definitely my little sister’s guardian. You messed with her and of course big sister would always jump in. All her friends knew me as the crazy sister and I was ok with that.

As long as people were afraid of me, they wouldn’t mess with her or my mom. It’s kind of still like that today. Lol I have changed and become very peaceful but that crazy girl still remains hidden in the shadows just in case.


What did your parents do for a living and was there any Entrepreneurship in the family?

Prior to my father’s passing, he was definitely an entrepreneur. That is, in big part, where I get my entrepreneurial spirit. He owned his own Meat Market in Cuauhtémoc. I do not know much about him as he passed when I was very young.

My mom had her own cleaning service at one time as well. I don’t ever remember a time when my mother was not home when I got out of school. She always took us lunch to school and picked us up. That is one of my most treasured memories as a child.


You entered the corporate world, but lost everything during the Recession. Can you tell us about that time in your life, and how you picked everything back up?

This was a very, very dark time for my family and me. One moment we were on top of the world and the next we were completely lost.

We had nothing left in California, so we moved to Colorado. It was the hardest thing in the world, especially for my husband. He had never lived outside of Orange County.

When we moved here, we were in a tiny 2 bedroom apartment. Yes, all 6 of us. It was not the ideal situation and one that caused me major anxiety.

I cried every single day and was completely lost. I was so depressed that I just could not function. My days were spent in bed, if I was not at work.

It took us 3 years to finally file for bankruptcy. I was terrified of anything that had to do with money. You could say this is when I lost my spunk.  Since then, I have had a major block with finances. This is something that I continue to work on daily.

I was able to get myself back into a Management position at work and we began to fix our credit. Things were definitely getting back on track. I loved my job and I loved my team. It felt like everything was right where it needed to be.

I even went back to school to get my Management Degree. Who could ask for anything more, right? Slowly but surely we got everything back. In September of 2014, we bought our first home.

When did you discover network marketing, what was your first two years like, and can you tell us why bugging friends and family, and spamming on social media sucks?

It is actually pretty silly. I had NO idea what network marketing was. I mean seriously, how is that even possible right? I chuckle at it now when I think about it.

Late in 2014 I started to see a ton of posts about a company. Finally I see a close friend of mine post about it so of course I had to know what the heck she was doing. We chatted and I ordered the product. I liked it. We chatted some more. She went over everything and I have to say, I was hooked. I signed up in March of 2015.

It was A-MAZING for like the first 4 months. I had events almost every week. But then, when I finished going through my friends list. Many of my friends started ignoring my messages and I lost some in the process. It was pretty much over as I joined the “no friends left club”. I kept seeing others blowing it out of the water getting bonuses left and right.

Meanwhile, here I was copying everything they told me to. It got to the point that my feed was basically a commercial. Problem was, I was getting NO interaction. Let me tell you how much I dislike the “On This Day” feature on FB. Those memories are definitely not part of my greatest hits.

I began to ask for help and question pretty much everything. However, since I was not getting the volume that others were, I was pretty much ignored. I began to get frustrated.

By this time, things were not going well at work and I knew this was my way out. I just needed to figure it out. I started following a lot of the leaders in the company and noticed they had websites (blogs) and these things where you entered your information (capture pages).

I was intrigued. So I started searching and found a couple of groups that were for network marketing. This is what changed everything.


You discovered online attraction marketing through using a system, can you tell us about MLSP and what it does?

OMG! YES!! This is what changed everything for me. My Lead System Pro is a training and marketing system. The system was built for entrepreneurs and even small businesses that are trying to build a successful business online.

I am where I am today because of this system. I have learned to brand ME, not my company. I have learned how to market and how to stand out from the crowd.


What is the biggest mistake you see new network marketers make, and how can they fix it?

The biggest mistake network marketers make is to brand the company they promote. Unfortunately, this is how they are taught, I know I was.

They end up going down the “copy/paste” rabbit hole and then wonder why they are not generating the sales that they were promised. It is hard and so very frustrating.

The fix is easy, learn to stand out. Learn to be apart from the rest. Learn to build relationships instead of trying to force people into helping you.

The moment I learned to stand out from the crowd, I began to build a following. People that trusted in ME because of who I am not because of the business that I am associated with. This is when the magic happens.

My biggest piece of advice for any network marketer is this: “You are your biggest asset. Not your company and definitely not your product. It is YOU. You, Inc should be what you focus on. Your product is just a door to your amazing business. Spread your wings and see how much more there is out there.”


I love your blog! How old is it, how many posts are on it, and what is your daily traffic like?

Thank you!!! It is almost a year old. It took me a long time to get it where it is today. I am actually re-branding it to a more specific audience so it has been on hold for a couple of months…. I am finally finishing up my branding and getting started with it again.

I am still learning how to promote it and get it out there but on a daily basis, I would say it’s in the double digits. This year it will sky rocket, especially with the specificity of my audience and who I plan to speak to. I am super excited about this.


Should every internet marketer blog and why?

Oh my goodness, YES!! It is your home on the internet!! Everything else can fall apart but your blog is yours no matter what. Whether you are just starting out or you are a veteran marketer, you need to have your own blog.

I like your videos on YouTube, can you tell us what Zoom is and how to use it for MLM?

Thank you!! I love YouTube an videos. Lol It’s funny because I used to be terrified of them.

Zoom is an amazing tool. I use it for training calls with my team. I can share my screen and my phone on zoom. Makes it the perfect tool.

I also use it when I have somebody that is wanting to learn more about MLSP. Gives me the perfect way to show them the back office and everything that comes with the system.


What are the 4 steps in creating a successful video?

The 4 steps to creating a successful video are this:

  1. Introduce Yourself
  2. Ask a question that is relevant to your target market.
  3. Answer that question
  4. Have a call to action

So many people forget the last part but it is the most important. You have to let people know what you want them to do.

What’s the best way to generate leads for you these days, and can you share a technique?

Right now my best way to generate leads is through active prospecting but let me tell you, that wasn’t always the case. If you are just starting out, there are so many ways that you can generate leads.

My go to for a long time was posting in networking groups. There are so many out there to choose from. Post every single day, consistency is key.

I was very fortunate to be part of a group that Diane Hochman had put together, when I first started with MLSP and she taught us all the basics.

I am very grateful to her for that group because it showed us step by step how to generate leads. This is exactly what I teach all the members that join me inside MLSP. My goal is for them to start generating leads right away.


What is your favorite book right now and why?

Oh man, this is easy…. The Universe Has Your Back by Gabrielle Bernstein. As I mentioned before, I have been fighting blocks since we lost everything. Blocks that have grabbed on and taken charge of ME.

I have read over 20 books in the last few months, trying to get rid of those blocks. Gabrielle’s book has been a blessing. It has helped me with one major breakthrough and am now working through my scariest block.

I recommend this book to anybody that is going through a stage in their life where fear is in control. If you find yourself sabotaging your success, this is the book you need to read.

Gabrielle is so real and puts so much energy into the book, that you can feel her talking to you. It is simply amazing.


What are your goals for 2023?

I’ve got some pretty heavy duty goals this year. My tummy hurts just thinking about them. My biggest goal is to retire my husband from his job.

He works so hard every day, it is time to bring him home so that he may begin working on his dreams.

By December 2023 I will be L5 with MLSP and top rank within the MLM that I promote.


What is your favorite quote and why?

Oh goodness, this is hard. I have so many. As I sit here and write this, the one that continues to come up is “It’s Not Over Until I Win” by Les Brown.

So many times we get so caught up in the “It is not working” attitude that we forget that we can accomplish anything we set our mind to. I know, like I know, like I know that I am crushing through all the ups and downs that come and I will not give up until I get to where I want to be.

Here is the thing, if I give up on myself, there is a 13 year old little girl that will think it’s ok to give up and I refuse to allow that to happen. She is my biggest supporter and always says, “Mom, I want to be just like you when I grow up.” I have no choice but to win.

Wow! Thank you so much for this interview Rubi! Such an inspiring story, I wish you the best going forward!.

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