Sadie J. Calamaco: From Losing Everything to Becoming God’s Entrepreneur

Sadie J. Calamaco: From Losing Everything to Becoming God’s Entrepreneur

Sadie J. Calamaco: From Losing Everything to Becoming God’s Entrepreneur

Sadie J. Calamaco was 6 pounds when she was born, was mixed Ethnicities, and was physically and mentally abused. Now, she has Jesus and internet marketing.

Wow Sadie! I read your story and I’m speechless. You are a truly blessed spirit and I’m excited to learn more about you. So, let’s get started.

Where were you born and raised, what was childhood like, and what did you want to be when you ‘grew up?’

I was born in Salinas, California (lettuce capital of the world). I saw I was halfway raised in Salinas, I saw this because when I had my quinceanera (15th birthday) we moved to a middle of nowhere town in Idaho. It was a challenge growing up.

My father is from Mexico and my mother is from Texas (Tejano: can’t call them Mexican because they are their own breed of people.)

In my house we spoke Spanish and out in public we spoke English. I remember working in the strawberry fields at 5 years old while other (I don’t mean to be disrespectful when I say this, White kids) went to school.  Education wasn’t a priority: work was.

I was torn between two worlds. Was I Mexican or was I American.  I was made fun of by Mexican kids because I wasn’t dark like them. Then I was made fun of by American kids because I ate rice and beans.  I felt like I had to pick a side, but which one? I felt alone and isolated even though my family was large.

Wow, what did I want to be when I grew up? The question should be what didn’t I want to be. One thing for sure, I didn’t want to work in the agricultural fields (I saw that as the lowest form of work).

My father said, “That we shouldn’t be ashamed of the work, because it was honest and hard work should make us proud.  

I would often find myself daydreaming of being a race car driver, a super hero (rescuing people), an astronaut, a sniper like Nikita (she rocked), but the most funniest of them all is I wanted to be a NUN! Yup a Nun, I wanted to be with God and give to people who were hurting.


What did your parents do for a living and was there any Entrepreneurship in the family?

My mom was a migrant worker most of her life until she met my dad. My father when he grew up in Mexico learned masonry work, but when he came to the US he wanted to do something different.

What do you do in a country where you don’t speak the same language and you’re Mexican (especially in California)  you work in the fields. That is what my dad did. He told me when he came to America he only had .50 to his name. He sat under the Golden Gate Bridge and he spoke out, “I will become an American Citizen. I will have my own business. I will be successful.”

He also shared the day when he decided to go into business for himself. Both of my parents were working in the celery (knee high in mud). He saw my mom stuck in the mud and no one was helping her. He ran over to her and pulled her out. He said to her, “I promise that you won’t have to do this much longer.”

My father is a fast learner and he learned to speak English watching American football.  He went to night school and in time he became a General Contractor. My mother also went to school to become a child care provider.

I guess looking at my whole family my grandfathers on both side had businesses not real successful ones, but enough to put food on the table and provide for the family. My mom would do maid service, and iron if she couldn’t find work. Cool, entrepreneurship is in my blood.


This is a personal question, so answer only if you want to. What kind of abuse did you experience growing up, and by whom, and how long did this last?

I don’t mind answering this question. I say this because I want to be a voice for those who are not ready to speak out yet.

My father, the hard working man that he was (he’s retired now) would verbally abuse me. He would tell me that I was an animal that I wouldn’t amount to much. That I would only end up pregnant and abused like the women in my mother’s side of the family. I wasn’t allowed to dress in a certain way. My clothes had to be two sizes bigger and my hair was to be in a ponytail.

I would be beaten when I would stand up to him when I would see him cheating on my mom. I would also stand between my mother and him when he would beat my mom.  

I couldn’t go anywhere because I was scared that my mom would be beaten and found dead if I left. I felt like I had to protect her. This went on for what seem like years, but it was only 5 years.

My mom had enough and left my dad a few days after my quinceanera. I believe now, looking back that the abuse was stressed induced. My father was building my mom her dream house. Later I find out that there was a deal made.

Another form of abuse that hurt me growing up was that I was molested by my parents friends (both a man and a women). It wasn’t long (four occasions), but long enough to create a crock-pot of dysfunction in my sexuality which took years to recover from that (with the help of Jesus).


You were half Mexican and half Caucasian, how did that influence you throughout your life?

I’m Caucasian by birth certificate. Even though my mom was born in the US she’s Tejano.  LOL like I mentioned before a whole breed of people. My biggest challenge was that I couldn’t fit it. I was too light skinned, I had green eyes, I spoke two languages and I was always the odd man out.

I learned to be a chameleon.  When people came up to me I used to do this (what I called a chameleon dance): I turn to the left and say, “now I’m Mexican” I begin to speak Spanish. Then I turn to the right and I speak English.  

I’m like BAMB! What do you want me to be I will be it.  That was fine, until I realized that I was a puppet and I discovered my identity in who I am. I am American from Mexican descent.

I am proud of where my family came from and the hard work they gone through to give me this amazing opportunity to live FREE and to have choices. I have learned because of that to embrace all cultures and to identify with first generation Americans.


Your father was vicious, but you realized it was a repeating pattern throughout your family history. How can we break that vicious cycle?

My father did have an ugly side. I didn’t realize that abuse was learned, until I went through my divorce and I admitted myself into a mental hospital for suicide. My mom has a saying, “if you don’t like what I do. Then don’t do it with your kids.” What? That’s all I know what to do is to hit and yell!

I broke the vicious cycle by making a choice that: NO I don’t like it and I won’t do it to my kids. Was that perfect? No, no it wasn’t. My first set of kids only saw the ugly vicious mom. Did I beat them no!!! Were my words ugly yes, I made the change after my time of isolation (mental hospital).

Some things became very clear to me, if I want to see change it has to start with me. I began the long process of destroying mental tapes that played in my mind. I had to reprogram my mindset.  My second set of kids sees the result of a mom that can use her words in a constructive way and not destructive.


God entered your life eventually. Can you tell us about your relationship with Jesus and how he saved you, and what your life is like now with God on your side?

God has always been in my life, I just chose not acknowledge Him in the right way. I grew up Catholic. Like I mentioned earlier I wanted to be a nun. I walked away and turned my back on Him because of all of the pain that I had gone through. I thought He didn’t care about me or love me.

Boy was I wrong! The night that I admitted myself into the mental hospital was the night that I saw that God did really love me and cared for me.

I had a gun to my head ready to take my life. My two daughters were in their room. My husband at the time was at work (24hr shift).  I just had an abortion earlier that day and I was so disgusted with myself.

As the gun was to my head, I shouted out to God. “God! So called God prove yourself. You said that you sent your Son to die for us. Prove it! I’m about to kill myself and no one will find my kids! I pull the trigger back, when I heard my daughter who at the time couldn’t walk or talk say, “Ma”.

I turned and I dropped to my knees and gave her a hug and looked up towards heaven and said, “God I don’t know why you want me alive, but here I am. Here I am.”

I would like to say everything got better from there, but it didn’t. It got horribly worst! One thing for sure is that I was alive for some reason and I was going to discover what that was. Jesus became and is my best friend. It’s not a religious act but a relationship that when I was in my lowest point in my life and I was so, so alone.

All I needed was a hug. I was laying down feeling like an empty shell, so hollow.  I rolled to my side and I felt this body spooning me. I felt an embrace of someone who loved me for all of me. Good and bad.

Right at that point Jesus became real to me. It wasn’t just a name in the Bible or a name of some Hispanic guy. Jesus came and gave me just what I needed. A HUG!!!!!!!!!

Since then He has turned my life upside down. Shook out all the sin and disgust and made it shiny and new. There are some re-molding that has to be done from time to time, but that’s fine. I know it’s all for a good reason. I’m to be a light in a dark place, salt in saltless community.  

When did you discover internet marketing, what was your first two years like, and can you tell us what you would change if you started over today?

I discovered Internet Marketing a few years ago, but didn’t take it seriously until 9 months ago. The beginning of the journey was, me floundering around like a fish out of water. Doing everything I shouldn’t. I was a professional Spammer! I was like a rebel without a cause. We don’t know what we don’t know right?!

I would build relationships, provide value and find a coach. Marketing is all about building relationships, for people to know like and trust you. Providing value, finding the pain of your target market and become a problem solver. A coach! To become skilled like an athlete you need someone to guide and teach you the way of the game.

Internet marketing is a playing field and you will get beat up and throughout if you don’t find a coach to work on your mind game and help you create a strategy to win! That would be the change, if I could start over?


What is the biggest mistake you see new internet marketers make, and how can they fix it?

The biggest mistake I see new marketers make is the same one I did. To fix “it” the new marketer has to realize that their way of doing their marketing is broken.  I have come across many new marketers and I ask if they are open to a new way.

I often get a response like: it’s working for me. I agree, but not for long I think to myself. A new marketer has to be open to change if they want to succeed in the internet area.


You discovered online attraction marketing through using a system, can you tell us about MLSP and what it does?

Attraction marketing ROCKS! I discovered a superhero named Ray Higdon. He was talking about being a problem solver, how to blog, how to find leads and so much more. I then began to pray: God I want to be like Ray, I want to do what he’s teaching.

Next thing I know, I receive a private message from a lady in Australia asking me if I was a marketer like her? Next thing I know I am introduced to My Lead System Pro (MLSP).

My mind was blown by all of the tools I was given to build and taking my marketing to a whole new level. God had answered my prayer! I had found what Ray Higdon was teaching. I dove in feet first.

Yes, I would love to tell you about MLSP and what it does! My Lead System Pro is The Harvard for online marketers. A person is given a $10 trial for 10 days to see a new way of marketing life. A buffet of courses, strategies, and coaching to help the person if they so choose to become a true marketer on and off line. How to generate leads on a daily basis without having to chase down friends and family.


I love your blog! How old is it, how many posts are on it, and what is your daily traffic like?

My blog is about 9 months old, I have about 20 posts and not much traffic (YET). I used to beat myself up because I wasn’t putting out what I saw everyone else doing. I had to tell myself. Jesus has delivered you from comparitis (inflammation of comparing yourself). I realized that learning to blog is a work in progress and I will master it one day.

What’s the best way to generate leads for you these days, and can you share a technique?

The best way for me to generate leads is by doing Facebook (FB) Lives. I was so scared to hit the go button. With encouragement and hearing mentors like Maria Andros say, “On the other side of resistance is your blessing.”

Sure enough, it has been. My technique for doing FB Live is, for your first one just introduce yourself. Let people know why you are on FB Live. Don’t go out promoting your business.


Intro: Name, where you are from

Body: I want to help…. Because I once….But now I’m…

I’m here to provide valuable information to others who struggle with…

Call to action: Private message (l like that best because some people are shy to write comments).

The reason why I say not to promote your business is again it’s SPAM and you want to build curiosity. Also if you go out and talk about xyz product a person can go Google it and bam you lost them because they could have seen some negative post.

That’s my tip hopefully it helps.


What is your favorite book right now, and why?

My favorite book right now is DotComSecrets by Russell Brunson.  I feel like this book is a great guide for people who are starting and who have been around online marketing.  I like it so much I carry it around in my purse.


What are your goals for 2017?

  • My goal is to build out my coaching business (with 10 clients).
  • Go to Hawaii for my husband’s retirement.
  • Win 1st place in ATA Taekwondo National Tournament in Orlando (Oct.)
  • Make $50,000.  


What is your favorite quote and why?

I resisted so much because I was scared. When I heard Maria say my now favorite quote. It was true. Everything that I have resisted, but pushed through has turned into a blessing. “On the other side of resistance is your blessing” …. Maria Andros

Thank you so much for this interview Sadie!

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