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Search Engine Optimization, known commonly as SEO for short, is about ranking your website higher in Google searches for keywords to drive more organic traffic to your website. Why? Because organic traffic is the lifeblood of any website, blog, or business. And because paid traffic with PPC on social media or Google Ads can cost a fortune compared to SEO. SEO is a slow but incredibly valuable process that is necessary to promote your online business.

While search engine optimization is essential, it is getting more difficult each day. There is so much competition to get on Page 1 of Google that it is an all out war for webmasters. That’s why the Everything Entrepreneur Blog is here to provide you with a growing number of articles on SEO strategy to grow on Google. And for good measure we also provide you with plenty of articles on SEM, PPC, Blogger Outreach, and other related topics. Enjoy our articles from SEO experts around the world!

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Many more SEO articles coming soon from search engine optimizers around the world coming soon to the Everything Entrepreneur Blog! Make sure your business SEO is a go!

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Ramp Up Your Rank On Google Search With Our SEO Services

The right SEO service can get your organic traffic growing on Google and other top search engines. Today I’m going to let you into what we feel is a small but effective method to supercharge your site’s ranking, drive more organic traffic to your site, and generate more sales and leads for your business. I’m talking about ranking your site on Google and other major search engines using niche-related links. Now before you say been there heard that, we fell like the premium links you get from this service are completely unlike the usual PBN links everyone is hawking online today. I’m talking about high-quality links from a network of authority blogs in YOUR niche or industry.

Do niche-related premium links really matter? Well, if you have been in SEO for some time, you definitely know the value that great quality backlinks from a network of authority blogs bring to your site. Quality links have been proven time and time again to skyrocket your website’s ranking on search engines and drive more organic traffic to your business site. They say traffic is the lifeblood of any online and offline business today. However, you might never harness the power and benefits of laser-targeted traffic from search engine users if you keep on using low-quality links from spammy PBNs. Those cheap random links are not only ineffective but might also ruin your site’s reputation or even attract penalties. What you need are valuable links from authority blogs in your niche. To give you a sneak peek of what you get in our SEO services, just look at these key features of the service:

✔ Quality backlinks from relevant blogs with high metrics of DR30+

✔ Premium links from DA30+ metrics

✔ Minimum RD 500+

✔ Blogs related to your niche or industry just as Google loves to see

✔ High-quality handwritten articles by professional writers

✔ Constant updates on the progress of your work and a full report after work is done

✔ Affordable packages to suit your needs

It’s time to rev up your rankings on Google and other top search engines with smart SEO services!

And don’t forget about local SEO. In a nutshell, by segmenting the local traffic from the organic traffic, we saw: Local traffic is 1/3 of total organic traffic for location-based businesses Local traffic has better engagement and higher conversion Local traffic has higher revenue per transaction It confirms the high intent of local traffic and why local marketing is a huge opportunity. Organic Search and Local Drive 69% of Digital Traffic, so it should be a major focus for any SEO agency, firm, or service.

Our SEO Services Help Increase Indexing And Ranking Potential

Our SEO agency has dealt with many clients not getting their blog posts or pages indexed. Google not indexing blog posts and pages, or taking a much longer time to do so, definitely seems to be a growing trend over the past year or two. It seems like due to so many pages and articles being created each day, Google either can’t keep up with the demands or is getting much more selective with what they allow to index. This even occurs when you use an SEO plugin like Yoast, a sitemap, and manual Google Search Console submissions for indexing. Sometimes it seems like there is almost no rationale to getting indexed fast, slow, or not at all. I’ve seen very high-quality 2,000+ word articles take weeks to get indexed and 300-400 junk posts get indexed within a matter of hours, and everything in between. It could be a matter of the topic, site size (crawl budget), posting frequency, or even a site automatically publishing your identical content as soon as it hits your RSS feed and therefore competing with your live post as duplicate content. There are so many factors that are out of our control, so we just have to try tactics in SEO that are in our control.

Here are some tips I’ve used to get posts and pages indexed faster or just in general when Google is being stubborn.

• Add internal links to the post from related articles and category pages. Sometimes Google won’t index a post if it is “orphaned” and not linked to internally or easily navigated to.

• Link to the post on your other websites since you own other sites and blogs. This is where it can pay off to own multiple sites and blogs, because those backlinks can help.

• Use Yoast unless another SEO plugin has proven to be working well for you long-term

• Feature it on the home page of your site, especially on mobile, at least until it gets indexed.

• Share the post more on social media (all possible platforms) and with different hashtags where applicable

• Fix any grammar or spelling mistakes, break up large blocks of text, include H2 / H3 headings,

• Add extra text, sentences, keywords, or paragraphs and then re-submit to Google Search Console

• Ensure you have at least 1 image with title tag and alt tag

• Add 1-3 high authority external links to non-commercial sites to improve overall post authority.

• In the future, try publishing posts without promotional links initially, and after it is indexed then add the client links.

• If none of these solutions work after the fact, delete the post (set up a 301 redirect if you want) or replace post content with something generic, and re-publish it again as a new post or page. This new attempt may get indexed, especially if you improve the quality of the original post with the tips above. It’s worked for me several times despite the extra work involved.

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