How to Setup a Bitcoin Wallet for iCoin Pro to Get Paid

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iCoin Pro is an affiliate marketing program founded May 25th, 2017 by Paul De Sousa. They offer a complete and comprehensive educational platform for everything cryptocurrencies in 2023.

Since Bitcoin has hit the $16,000 mark, mainstream has caught wind of Bitcoin and are clamoring to find out anything they can about Bitcoin.

iCoin Pro teaches how to invest, trade, and store Bitcoin and altcoins.

But, icoin pro does not pay international affiliates through direct deposit, but rather pays in Bitcoin on a weekly and monthly basis.

Here’s the Steps to Set Up Your Bitcoin Wallet so You Can Get Paid from iCoin Pro

Depending on what country you live in, there are many different Bitcoin wallets to choose from.

For instance, if you lived in Africa you would set up an account with Luno.

On the Luno site they say signing up is 3 easy steps:

  1. Sign Up to get your free Luno wallet
  2. Use bank card or credit card to deposit funds
  3. Buy Bitcoin or Ethereum

You don’t need to buy Bitcoin or Ethereum on Luno at this time, you are simply creating an account to grab your bitcoin wallet address that you’ll receive after completing the signup process.

This will roughly be the same procedure for most Bitcoin wallet sites online.

Once you complete the signup process, look for your wallet’s address.

This address will be very long, like:


This is your Bitcoin wallet address where you can receive and send Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with.

This is a very private number because it will have your money on it, so make sure that you use strong passwords and two-step verification steps whenever possible.

Now, copy and paste your new Bitcoin address and sign into your iCoin Pro account.

Once you log in. . .

One – Go to “My Earnings Tab” on the left hand side of your dashboard after logging in.

Two – Select Payment Option Tab

Three – Select Option 1 by clicking the circle by Bitcoin.

Four – Copy and Paste your Bitcoin Wallet address into the line after it says “wallet address.”

Five – Click save and logout.

You now can receive your payment from iCoin Pro!

You will still need to transfer the icoin pro funds back into your wallet and withdrawal the funds back into your currency through your bank card.

This process can take a few days and there will be fees associated with the transaction.

Bitcoin is truly breaking historical records right now and this is a perfect time to promote a complete cryptocurrency affiliate program that pays weekly and monthly, even if you don’t recruit.

As a full-time internet marketer, iCoin Pro is one of the easiest programs I have ever promoted online.

iCoin Pro also comes with landing pages connected to a powerful autoresponder that emails your leads, which helps you recruit them into paid members.