Why Sharing Is Caring For Business Bloggers

Working from home (WFH) on a laptop and smartphone is normal in the modern day and age. No longer do you have to go wake up at 6:30 every morning and drag yourself out of the house to go to work. In fact, blogging has become something that has slowly but surely gained massive respect from companies. Why and how could a blog be useful to businesses?

Firstly, the owner is by default selling themselves with their personality, interests, helpful advice and overall, selling a perspective.

Secondly, the blogs that are successful inadvertently become communities online. A whole range of people can come and read, listen or watch someone they have never met but care about, review products and services.

Thirdly, you have the chance to become part of the culture through collaborations with some of the best known ‘influencers’. This online celebrities can sometimes set standards of which any business would want to be a part of.

How to go about blogging for business

What the audience of bloggers love is their personality and genuine opinions. That is essentially what they want, an opinion of an ordinary person they can get to know and trust. So as a blogger, the last thing you should do is be blatantly obvious with what it is you’re trying to advertise.

You are doing this on the behalf of a business, and when you try to put on an act of being interested in something you are not and force the marketing angle, you push your audience away. Instead, you should learn how affiliate marketing works. The objective is to be subtle, include products into your content naturally. By using this company, you’re in the pool of fellow influencers, advertisers and agencies. Advertisers are looking for affiliates, and agencies will help pair them. So being in the same place at the same time, gets the ball rolling much quicker.

Become a natural linker

The bottom line is that you need to link products in your blog content. But how you do this can go great or drastically bad. Consumers that come to your blog, come for you not for the products you advertise so always keep that in mind. When writing your posts, consider putting a list of your products at the bottom. This separates your opinion from the links themselves. Just by what your fans see, will break up the quite obvious ads you’re putting up. Remember to number them in the order that you reviewed or used them.

In exactly the same way, this goes for any video content you make also. For YouTube, leave your affiliate links in the description box of the video. Also, you can leave them in a comment and since you’re the channel owner you can pin your own comment right at the top of the comment section. This way, anyone scrolling down will automatically be met the links in the order you set them.

Remember that a successful blogging business maintains the audience and personality relationship. Be as subtle as you possibly can when advertising products and when you are working with companies. For video content, set the links down below and pin your comment so they are seen naturally as part of the content and channel.

Keep these top tips in mind to become a better business blogger!