Sherri Brown on Attraction Marketing, Webinar Tips, and Facebook Jail

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Sherri Brown on Attraction Marketing, Webinar Tips, and Facebook Jail

Sherri Brown is a stay at home mom who is become a successful internet marketing. We discuss how to do Webinars and getting out of Facebook Jail.

I’m excited to do this interview. I have so many questions for Sherri. So, let’s get started!

First off, thanks for doing this interview with me, Sherri. You offer a lot of value to the marketplace and a lot of what you teach is vital for marketers to understand and implement to skyrocket their business.

How old is your blog, how many posts do you have, and are you still blogging today?

I’ve been blogging for about a year now, I’ve written over 100 articles and yes, it’s still very much a part of my marketing strategy.

How is the traffic to your blog and do you get leads consistently from your blog?

For the past several months I’ve been getting over 1K visitors a month and I’m now at a point to where I’m getting a consistent lead flow.

You struggled in network marketing for four years. What breakthrough(s) did you have to finally start achieving success?

The big breakthrough was realizing that I had a business I needed to start investing in myself if I wanted to create any success.  Once I did that, I finally started seeing results.

What was the hardest lesson network marketing taught you?

That being an entrepreneur isn’t easy or fast but it’s totally worth it.

What are you promoting these days on your blog, besides network marketing, and what excites you about it?

Aside from typical blog posts I promote free training, products (including the release of my new course “Back to the Basics Academy”), along with other coaching and services.

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If someone is new to MLM and wants to do everything through blogging, what would you tell them?

If blogging is the only marketing strategy, I would highly recommend setting the right expectations to understand that it’s not a quick or overnight way to generate leads.  I’d also tell them to study all you can about SEO!

You discuss Attraction Marketing and Branding frequently on your blog, could you tell us the importance of using these techniques as an internet marketer?

Well, so many mlm companies simply don’t teach people marketing AT ALL!  So people just follow suite with what they see everyone else doing, which is spamming and it simply doesn’t work.  

Yea, you may get a few pity sales here and there but it’s not going to yield you the results to sustain a business.

By really learning branding and marketing, it allows you to actually stand out and attract people versus repel them (something I did for a long time).

I noticed that you have a free 60 minute webinar for people interested in discovering the key tips in becoming a home-based business owner. What is the main benefit of running webinars? 

The biggest benefit is being able to sell a larger amount of products/services to a bigger amount of people, saving you time!  It’s an extremely powerful strategy if you really know how to do them the right way.

Do you run live webinars or automated webinars or both? Is there an easy way to automate a webinar?

I’ve ran a few live webinars and then turned one into a lead magnet.  It’s not something that I do on a steady basis but something I do plan on diving more into down the road.  I haven’t done automated webinars but they can definitely create some leverage.

I noticed you’re the queen of Facebook marketing. Could you tell us the difference between a fanpage and a regular facebook profile and the unique benefits of both?

I talk a lot about this on my blog and in videos I’ve done but a fan page just allows you to do WAAAAY MORE than just building from your profile.  

The biggest benefit in regards to your profile is simply a larger organic reach.  

I can do a fb live and get over 200 people on but I haven’t been able to do that from my fan page (yet).  Aside from just sheer organic reach, that’s the primary benefit of posting on your profile.

With a fan page, you’re able to schedule posts without using a 3rd party app, you have a insights panel (which is invaluable) that gives you analytics, you can run fb ads, it’s searchable by google but the biggest downside is organic reach and the fact that it’s very time consuming and not quick in the beginning.  

With the algorithm, they simply aren’t showing as much from fan pages so it definitely takes some work, commitment, and patience when building it.

I just began posting video on Facebook myself, which is better, putting it on my fanpage or on my regular facebook?

Well, that really depends on your engagement and how large your fan page is.  

For people who are new and don’t have a big following, posting on your profile will definitely get you more views (just because of the algorithm) but a good idea is to test it out and do both.  

I’ve been building my fan page for about a year now and I still go live from my profile sometimes and I especially did in the beginning.  I can go way more into this topic but it would take a while.

Some people have been restricted from “boosting” their posts (like myself) is there a way to get boosting capability back?

I haven’t noticed this so my best advice is to contact fb support and have someone look into it.

What are your goals for 2017?

To take my business to a whole new level.  I plan on bringing on another 1 or 2 assistants, launching another course or two, and really just upping the amount of content I’m putting out so I can help way more people!

What’s your favorite business quote, and why?

Oh gosh, i’m not sure I can narrow it down to just one as I’m a huge quote junkie so I’ll just go with the first one that pops into my head and that’s the quote by Steve Martin, “Be so good they can’t ignore you.”  That’s such a powerful quote and one that I’m constantly striving to live up to!

This is awesome info, Sherri! Thank you so much for this interview.

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