5 Signs Your Employees Are Unhappy

signs employees unhappy boost worker morale

Unhappy employees can be extremely dangerous for any business. Making sure each employee has a good level of satisfaction is key to your success. Hiring a new employee costs two or three times as much as retaining an existing one, so retention of workers is essential. Look out for the signs below that your employees are not only unsatisfied, but seriously unhappy:

Employees Only Reach For The Minimum

Your business should exceed expectations, not just reach for the minimum. If you know your employees are only doing the absolute minimum, it is a bad sign for long-term company success. 

There Is A Change In Punctuality

Maybe people are turning up later and later, or maybe you have noticed more sick days. A change in punctuality could be an indication of unhappiness. 

You Have A High Turnover

A high employee turnover can give your business a bad reputation, and it can cost you a lot of money. Happy employees tend to stay loyal to a business for longer, so if they are leaving left and right, it is a sign that something is off. 

Customer Complaints Are Increasing 

Some employees will have direct contact with your customers. If customer complaints seem to be increasing, this is a sign your employees aren’t happy. 

You Notice Visual Signs Something Is Amiss

Simple visual signs can indicate unhappy employees, such as grumbling when asked to do something. If workers are having outbursts or appear to be bored then that is another simple sign to pick up on. Keep an eye out and you should get an idea of the issue. 

It goes without saying that job satisfaction is very important to employees – without it, you are in trouble. Below, you will find an infographic with stats and figures to back this up!

credit to University of Southern California