4 Social Media Tips For Your Next Live Performance

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Are you a performer looking to promote yourself or your group? Making it big as a small band or solo performer can be tough. It doesn’t just end at making good music and performances. You have to also make sure people know about your music and are willing to listen to it, on recordings and in person. And how do you encourage people to come see you perform your music shows?

You do so through an effective online promotion strategy. If fans are going to attend your performance, they need to have a good amount of information about it first. And what better way to create hype for your event than through the internet? From email campaigns to social media posts, there is always some way you can use the internet to get your word across to your fans. And the best part about it all is that a lot of it is free for savvy social selling smarties. Here are a few great tips on how you can promote your next live performance online with social media marketing.

1. Use Facebook And Instagram Live To Build Hype

Live videos are a fantastic way to engage your online audience in real time. And if you’re a band looking to hype up your next music event, then this is the perfect thing for you.

Go live on Instagram or Facebook during band practice and let your fans see what goes on behind the scenes. This will give your fans a glimpse of how authentic you and your music are and will make them relate to you more. You can also use the live to answer some fun questions by your fans and instill some curiosity about what you’ll be singing at the next live gig. Live videos not only give your fans a great visual peek into what your actual performance will be like, they also help them become more involved in your musical endeavors. You can always share and reuse your live videos on Facebook, Instagram, or a variety of other social media platforms.

2. Post Regularly About Your Gig On Instagram

Instagram is a great platform for exciting visuals. Which is why it makes for a fantastic opportunity for you to engage your fans through your own band visuals. Create some exciting graphics to post on your Instagram page and keep your fans interested in what you are doing.

A great idea is to announce your big live performance as a surprise for your fans after a 3 day countdown. You can create your own Instagram posts by using online tools like PosterMyWall and add your own touches to make them more interesting for your fans. Make an announcement post by adding your band name and a foghorn to a template, and let your fans know there’s some news coming in in a few days. After this, you can post regular countdowns for 3-4 days, and finish it off with a massive post announcing your next live gig.

This will not only keep fans excited and curious for several days, but will also have them checking your Instagram page regularly and will increase engagement online. Don’t forget to do a follow-up after the show to get the most out of the campaign and appeal to your audience for the next gig.

In addition to Instagram and Facebook, also consider promoting your performances on TikTok, Twitter, and YouTube.

3. Make Your Own Music Flyers

While creating excitement is important for any musician or band, it’s also vital to give out as much actual information as you can about the event. Fans need to know the location, data, and time so that they can make sure to be there. While performers may want to be artistic and stylish, you still have to be accurate with the information and a clear call-to-action. Similarly, any venues or companies you’re partnering with need a graphic or flyer from you that they can add to their own social media to promote the event.

Create your own live performance flyer and spread it all over your social media. With online design tools like PosterMyWall, you can get free access to a wide range of music posters and concert flyers to use and customize according to your needs.

An ideal music poster should have the following attributes:

– Your band name and logo at the top

– The name and logo of your venue alongside your band logo

– A fun photo of your band performing together

– All important information related to your gig

– A QR Code or embedded link in one corner that can link fans to your website so they can purchase tickets, albums, song downloads, or merchandise.

4. Create A Social Media Hashtag

Create an engaging hashtag on Twitter and Instagram to let the world know about your performance. Frequently use the branded hashtag on your social media content to make the most out of it, and to acquaint your followers with it.

Another way to use hashtags is to find a popular hashtag that is already trending and is relevant to your genre. Use a popular and relevant hashtag to rake in a big flow of traffic toward your event.

If you are creating your own hashtag, make sure it is:

• Relevant and descriptive enough. You can use your event or band name along with the current year.

• Unique enough for fans to remember it.

• Short and easy to pick up.

While some people think hashtags in social media marketing are overused in marketing or spammy. But it is obvious to any objective marketer that they still work well and don’t cost a penny. In addition to creating your own proprietary hashtag, make sure to use other commonly used, searched, and tracked hashtags to help get you noticed among a larger potential audience. Be as generic or niche as needed and do some experimenting to see what works best.

Final Thoughts On Powering Up Performances

The music industry can be a tough one to navigate. But the one saving grace you can have is a loyal fanbase that shows up everywhere you perform. Your only job is to keep in touch with these fans and make sure they know everything they need to.

Use these online marketing tips to promote your live performances so that your fans can be ready to cheer you on. The power of the internet is literally in your hands with the latest smartphones with their advanced cameras and popular social media apps!