4 Marketing Software Programs That Inspire

You are always on the lookout for efficiency when it comes to running your team and you have no time for out of date, clunky software that slows your team members down. The same goes for your workforce, which is why your team is motivated and ready to go.

The marketing department is a fast-paced, frantic place to work and it can be hard to keep tabs of all the campaigns you are running and the impact that they’re making. You can’t have software that hinders rather than helps, so we are going to take a look at 4 top SaaS options you might want to consider becoming part of your team.


You may even use this package already but either way, MailChimp is a firm and reliable favorite when it comes to creating and managing your email marketing campaign effectively.

Use its array of templates to create a bespoke email that speaks directly to your customer and test out how it looks and feels with A/B test emailing function,

You will be able to manage and merge new subscribers and run an effective, direct campaign with the help of this software.

Mailchimp has also recently transitioned into being a full-service digital marketing platform, so check out its new features and membership options.


If you’re looking for a little more bang for your buck and a package that will tick a lot of your marketing boxes, then SharpSpring might be just what you’re looking for. This powerful piece of tech, will help you manage all your mobile and social media and can even track down visitors to your website by analysing their IP address. This can then be used to produce a name and contact details for even deeper targeted marketing actions.

Onesheet CRM

This piece of software is perfect for managing all your customer relationship details. Created from Google Sheets, Onesheet CRM is a refreshingly straightforward way to access and store details without having to plough through reams of data.


This great software is all about helping you stay on top of your brand and reputation management. Use it to encourage happy customers to write reviews about your product and testimonials about your customer service. It will remind people who haven’t finished and allow you to share far and wide across social media platforms, including LinkedIn.


Your marketing team is the greatest asset you have but to make them greater still, you will want to offer them the best software you can to create a dynamic and organized team. You are not just looking at the most expensive SaaS platforms, but also the package that best answers the needs of your individual business.

The best way to make a decision is to ask the people in the know, your marketing officers. Find out what is missing and what key features could make their life even easier and more efficient. Conduct an audit on software and ditch the stuff that is no longer needed or more complicated to use then it should be.

Then you will be a in great position for introducing software that will drive your team forward towards achieving those goals you have set.