Starting a Self-Improvement Podcast: A Beginner’s Guide

how to start self-improvement podcast show

Over 50 percent of adults listen to podcasts regularly.

If you have a deep-seated passion for a topic, then a podcast is a great way to get your voice and message out into the world. Self-improvement podcasts are a popular genre as people are always looking for new ways to better themselves.

So, if you have been wondering how to start a podcast, dust off your microphone and read our tips below. We will take you through some of the key steps you need to take to launch a successful self-improvement podcast.

Plan Your Podcast

First of all, before you rush out and buy all the best equipment, you need to sit down and plan your self-improvement podcast. It seems tempting when starting your podcast to want to drive straight into the production, but you need to plan on paper what you want to do.

A good starting point is to write yourself a podcast script. Outline everything from the intro and content to the outro and break it down step by step. Then you will see everything you need to record before you sit in front of your microphone.

Find Great Hosting

One of the best podcasting tips is finding yourself some decent hosting to make sure that users can find and access your content easily. You need to find reliable hosting with enough space to store your podcast and good uptime, which is always available to listeners.

Read more here to learn about some of the best podcast hosting sites and what they can offer your self-help podcast.

Invite Podcast Guests

Podcasts are best when they offer some variety. If you want to talk about self-improvement topics, it would be good to invite some specialists to your podcast to talk in-depth. 

Plan your interview before you contact your guests, and then present them with a rough outline of what you want to discuss. You can reach potential guests through social media, or if they are bigger names, you may have to go through a booking agent.

Don’t be put off by rejection. Keep trying new people. As your podcast grows, so will the list of people who would like to speak to you about self-help topics.

Listen To Other Self-Improvement Podcasts

If you want to become the best podcast for self-improvement, you need to make sure you listen to what other podcasts do. Don’t view everybody as competition and instead take a collaborative mindset.

Listen regularly to other podcasts to see what topics are trending in your niche and what guests are popular. Ask other podcasts hosts if they would like to guest on your show and vice versa. You never know what opportunities might open up.

Build Your Self-Improvement Podcast

Hopefully, this short guide has given you some good ideas for getting started with a self-improvement podcast. Make sure you take time to sit down and plan out your self-help topics. Look into what is popular but also don’t forget to talk about what interests you on your business podcast show.

Keep it natural and easy, and you could become one of the top self-help podcasts in no time.

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