Why Steemit Ruined Blogging for Jerry Banfield and I

There’s a new platform that pays you to blog and articles rank fast on there. It’s called Steemit. Here’s Why Steemit Ruined Blogging for Jerry Banfield and I.

I came across a platform called Steemit while Googling a new Affiliate Marketing business I was curious about.

What made me so curious about this platform, is for one, this guy’s article was ranked really high in Google.

Two) I had to join or sign in to read the article.

Three) I saw dollar amounts under each blog post.

Some people had made almost $1,000 from just one blog post!

Jerry Banfield is an awesome, somewhat quirky (I love you Jerry), internet marketer who I just discovered while researching STEEM, a cryptocurrency.

Jerry talks in the video, that I’m about the share with you, why he is stopping writing on his personal blog and switching to only Steemit.

This is not a small statement, considering he has over 500 posts on his blog over at JerryBanfield.com

He says that blogging sucks because it’ hard to get traffic and/or get paid.

With Steemit, you get both.

You get a huge audience. Steemit’s Alexa rating is 8,600 in the world!

Plus, you get paid when people upvote and share your content.

This platform is like Reddit on steroids.

I’m really considering stopping this blog as well, with over 620 posts, that’s a huge divorce.

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