How to Stop Your MLM Team From Leaving

How to Stop Your MLM Team From Leaving

How to Stop Your MLM Team From Leaving

Were you excited to see a large team growing in your MLM business only to see it shrink overnight and eventually disappear? These tips will help.

Having a network marketing business can be a wild rollercoaster ride.

One minute you’re super happy that you found a leader on your team, and the next minute 5 people just quit your team.

Why do MLM downlines and teams disappear? What I’m about to tell you will make sense and will definitely make you bulletproof in your MLM business.

So, here’s some tips on How to Stop Your MLM Team From Leaving:

I see this happen all the time in MLM.

A good team starts growing, then growing faster, then suddenly it stops growing.

Then, month by month you see those active distributors go inactive, then their position disappears entirely.

This can be heart-wrenching and make a lot of network marketers throw in the towel.

Why does this happen?

There’s a few reasons. Here’s the most common reasons why your downline leaves:

One: The leader of that team basically brought in all their friends and family.

After the leader has recruited all his warm market (friends and family) he/she doesn’t know how to move into “cold market” prospecting. (strangers.)

Once, the leader has gotten all his friends and family in the business, he/she stops recruiting.

In MLM, everyone follows the leader, so if the leader stops recruiting, then everyone on that team will stop recruiting or never start recruiting.

The fix: If the leader learned how to prospect, recruit, and close the “cold market” he/she could continue to bring in new distributors.

MLM success is all about continuously recruiting month after month. So, how do you prospect and recruit the “cold market?”

Attraction marketing: In order for the leader to continue on recruiting into the cold market, he could attract leads to him by creating a blog, recording and posting videos on YouTube, and learning social media prospecting.

The key with Attraction Marketing is to provide “value” to the MLM marketplace. You do this by creating “how to” content that is generic training, not pitching your MLM business. Adding a “call-to-action” at the end of your video or blog post can capture leads for your business.

Two: Leader stops recruiting and goes into “management mode.”

Management mode is one of the biggest killers of MLM downlines.

This happens when the leader has brought in 10 or more people, then thinks that they are going to keep growing and duplicating on there own, so the leader goes into “management mode” and starts to tell the reps what to do.

This is also called “micromanaging” and does nothing but irritate everyone and destroys any chance of success for the team.

The fix: Again, everyone follows the leader, so it’s important that the leader keeps recruiting month after month no matter how many distributors they have on their team.

You have to remember that 80% to 90% of your team will quit.

You have to keep recruiting at least 4 people a month to compensate for the 2 that quit the month before.

Eventually, you will build a big team, but you have to recruit 100 to 200 reps to find a handful of leaders that make most of your income.

Three: Bad rumors.

You probably have heard about that experiment where a circle of people sat down on the floor and a story started from the first person and was told all around the circle, until the last person heard a completely different story than what the first person told.

That experiment happens all the time in network marketing downlines.

A leader could mention that they are changing the label of a particular product to a dark green and the story could spread to hundreds or thousands of people on the team.

Eventually, the story turns into “The company is closing down” and panic occurs. People start quitting left and right and pretty soon half your team is gone.

The fix: Don’t tell your downline any bad news whatsoever.

Your job as a sponsor is to only build your team up with good news. If you have something bad to say, then the only person who should here that is your sponsor. Period!

I hope this helps. Thanks for reading How to Stop Your MLM Team From Leaving.

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