Why I Stuck with One Network Marketing Company and Succeeded

Why I Stuck with One Network Marketing Company and Succeeded

Why I Stuck with One Network Marketing Company and Succeeded

The sad fact is over 90% will quit network marketing, most of this is due to thinking the grass is greener on the other side.

Are you stuck in your network marketing business?

Do you think maybe if you switched companies that things would be better?

Are you tempted to join something new because of their fancy promises?

I know how you feel. There’s thousands of new offers and opportunities all over the internet. We see it everyday when we check out our Facebook or Twitter.

These offers start to look really good when your MLM business hasn’t taken off.

But, the last thing you want to do is quit your business.

There’s many reasons why you should stay with your company:

  • You’ll have to start over in a new company with no one.
  • You will lose your history and track record with that company. (People want to join distributors who have shown that they have stayed in one company a few years.)
  • You will lose credibility and look like just another opportunity seeker or “get-rich-quick” addict.
  • You might have to pay extra starting fees.

The biggest false belief is believing that you will do better in a different company.

But, the biggest conclusion is for a lot of distributors who went on to become great leaders in the industry is this: “I discovered it wasn’t the company’s fault for my lack of success, it was realizing I had to change myself in order to get success.”

Changing companies doesn’t change your luck.

Network marketing is like one big personal development course. It forces you to become a better caring person, because network marketing is all about being selfless and truly helping others achieve success before yourself.

The amateurs that come into this business just trying to make quick cash are quickly shunned and fail.

This is a real profession and although it’s a long term plan to earn enough to change jobs and your lifestyle, it’s still way faster to retirement than working a 20 to 40 year job.

Network marketing has the power to change your financial situation dramatically in 5 to 10 years of consistent work. But, isn’t that still better than barely retiring at 70?

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Longevity is Key

When I find a leader in MLM posting a video or content on Twitter or Facebook, the first thing I look at is their longevity. How long have they been in MLM?

Most of the biggest leaders hit their stride after their 10th year.

Malcolm Gladwell states it takes 10,000 hours or 10 years to master a skill.

It takes 8 years to get a Phd.

I respect anyone who has over 5 years in network marketing.

Life of a home-based Entrepreneur is like surfing among sharks, but the adrenalin and the rewards are priceless.

Avoid the Initial “Ground Floor” Hype

New MLM companies that launch have a predictable growth curve.

In the beginning there’s a lot of hype produced by the early “ground floor” opportunists and the excited board of directors and company owners.

After a year or two the growth slows down and the ground floor opportunists get bored and move on to another ground floor opportunity.

Then the other half of the distributors get scared because their leader or sponsor has left, so they quit.

This contraction can result in 50% to 70% of the distributors leaving.

Who remain are the people who have leadership potential and are completely committed and faithful to the company.

The company then begins to rebuild without the “get-rich-quick” crowd and the ground floor opportunists.

The company stabilizes and a steady growth begins to happen.

If an MLM company can survive this initial explosion of growth and retain at least 20% of their distributors, they have a good chance of surviving, especially after the 5 year mark.

When Everything Crashes

This happened in my primary business.

The growth was mind-blowing the first year and a half.

Everyone seemed to be in this company.

Then, a few leaders left along with the CEO and CSO.

I was crushed, especially since I thought the CEO was the owner and the CSO was the formulator.

My sponsor left and so did about half of the company.

Luckily, I had studied a lot about network marketing from the top leaders and they all basically said to be consistent, stay with one company, and become the leader.

Things were scary for a few months.

I had no idea how many distributors were left.

The only faith I had in the company was their debt-free status and a product I loved.

Become the Leader

After a couple months of silence, I got tired enough to step up.

I knew I was one of the Leaders that were still actively recruiting.

I discovered who the actual owner was and approached him.

I told him that I wanted to help by getting on the weekly conference call.

The new CEO had been doing it all by himself for a couple months and I knew that people needed a little more variety.

Luckily, he said I could speak.

I did a few calls and I went in hoping I would at least help one person out.

This was a new posture for me because in the past I would have only thought about myself.

The point is, become the Leader. Step up and swallow the fear and help out.

The company is now more stable than ever and I am the #1 recruiter in the company.

I have learned to stay in no matter what and it paid off.

If I would have quit and went running to the opportunity the leaders ran to, I would have been stuck with a new product I didn’t want and stuck with leaders that could potentially run again.

Since I didn’t run, I now have:

  1. Longevity: 2.5 years in the same and only MLM I’ve ever been in.
  2. Leadership: I learned from other people’s failures.
  3. Recognition: The owner and CEO reached out to me.
  4. Respect: Some remaining distributors have reached out to me.
  5. Confidence: Doing the calls skyrocketed my confidence and posture.

I wouldn’t have any of these things if I had bailed.

Believe in your company from the very beginning and stay committed even when the greatest looking offer comes your way.

Remember: Become the leader. If there’s no room, make room!

Stay committed.

Thanks for reading. Comment below. I would love your feedback.

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