The 10 Commandments of MLM Success

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The Ten Commandments of MLM

10 Golden Rules Of Multi-Level Marketing & Direct Selling

MLM (multi-level marketing) is the holy grail of unlimited income in our free market society. Most people need help achieving success in MLM. Here are The Ten Commandments of MLM, network marketing, affiliate marketing, and direct selling.

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Most people fail in MLM because they were improperly informed on what it is and how it works, or they thought it was going to be easy money.

With proper training and mindset, a lot of network marketers could be saved if they followed some core principles and golden rules of MLM. . .

Here Are The Ten Commandments Of MLM

I. Thou shalt not rely on “get-rich-quick” schemes, or jump from company to company on hopes of easy profit…

A lot of internet marketing novices jump from one MLM scheme to the next looking to make big money. Well, the fact of the matter is network marketing is a real profession and will take tremendous work in the beginning to become successful.

A lot of new network marketers have the same mentality with MLM and after 6 months they get bored and lacking results and think changing companies will fix everything. It doesn’t work that way for network marketing success. You have to start all over again building your downline!

II. Thou shall not rely on two family members or friends in the hopes of earning millions in MLM…

Most new network marketers are excited and run and tell their family what they joined. They think if they can just get Aunt Susie and Uncle Bob in that they will automatically become MLM superstars and make the newbie millions.

Family and friends usually aren’t your superstars and most friends and family will shoot you down or do nothing with it. The best prospects are looking for you on the internet.

III. Thou shall not seek gossip of thy network marketing company or that of another…

Some new network marketers are insecure about their new MLM and what do insecure people do? They have to knock other MLM companies down to feel better about theirs. Don’t do it. We need to help everyone in the network marketing industry.

IV. Thou shall overcome thee objections of others who are ignorant, and never quit out of despair…

Ignorant people are not going to understand what MLM and network marketing are no matter how much you explain. It’s wise to move on to someone else if you feel these people are insincere.

There will also be many times you will think about quitting. This is normal with any Entrepreneurial endeavor. Stay focused and contact your sponsor or accountability partner.

V. Thou shall not poison the downline with concerns, negativity, or gossip.

In network marketing, the worse thing you can do as a new distributor is talk badly about the company or other distributors in the company to your downline, or team members. This will “poison” your downline and your team will shrink.

VI. Thou shall learn the proper techniques for inviting, objection handling, prospecting and closing.

Learning the proper techniques will either make or break you in this business. if you know how to invite and close your prospects effectively your conversions will soar. It’s worth the training.

VII. Thou shall be completely responsible for his or her success in network marketing…

There’s a certain type of person who lives with limited beliefs in themselves. They make up for their lack of knowledge and skills by pointing the finger at anyone or anything and blaming that for their lack of success.

In order to become a true network marketing leader and an untouchable and unshakable Entrepreneur, you have to take ownership of everything that happens to you in your life. We really do attract either negative or positive in our life by the way we view things.

VIII. Thou shall enrich oneself in self-discovery through acquiring the knowledge of success, mindfulness and leadership.

Network marketing leaders are avid readers and immerse themselves into tons of training to consistently strive towards becoming a better network marketing or direct selling leader.

Techniques and strategies change all the time and to be a leader we need to stay present with new developments and strategies. Fighting evolution won’t make you rich, self-development will!

IX. Thou shall empower others to fulfill their dreams through the network marketing business model…

Network marketing works best when people help others become successful in MLM. If you know how to motivate, inspire and bring happiness to our organizations, we will benefit the most.

Network marketing is a “people” business. We connect with others and see if what we offer will work for them. In turn, these new distributors for a network marketing business like Elomir carry the multi-level marketing message out into the world. Positive messages grow our business the fastest, especially in a new MLM like Elomir.

X. Thou shall reap the full potential of life through MLM and leave behind an inheritable legacy for our grandchildren.

It is a fact that our network marketing business is an asset that can be left to our heirs. Why not leave a business that is bringing in monthly income to our loved ones?

MLM businesses tend to keep growing once they hit a stage of momentum. There will be a point in time when you can walk away from recruiting because your organization is so large that you have several network marketing leaders recruiting for you.