The 6 Personality Types of MLM Professionals

6 personality types of MLM

The 6 Personality Types of MLM – A New Breed Emerges

There are many types of people who join network marketing and they all want something different from their MLM business. Here are 6 MLM Personalities.

Some want to supplement their income to pay some bills off;

Some want to finally be able to leave a job they don’t like,

And, others want to help others find personal freedom.

As we become network marketing leaders ourselves, the more we understand people’s needs and their personality types, the more we can assist them in starting their business on the right foot.

This business is not one-size-fits-all, rather it’s based on matching what you offer to what they truly want, whether it be financial, spiritual or physical wealth.

What is physical wealth, you ask?

It’s when your body is healthy and matches a healthy mind. Your body is your temple, right?

Network marketing, also known as multi-level marketing (MLM) is a top way to generate wealth and health. There are many styles to be successful in MLM, here are the top MLMer archetypes:

Susan Sly is a successful six-figure monthly earner and has created what she believes is the 6 personality types of MLM.

They are:

6 personality types of MLM 2

Helen Helps A Lot

Helen Helps A Lot is a “Yes-aholic.”

She helps everyone first and neglects herself.

In network marketing she helps her team members with menial, non-income producing activities, like designing pretty invitation cards.

She rather see a team member or two have success rather then get on the phone to prospect herself.

Helen has gained a lot of weight because her Cortisol levels are high due to immense stress. Helen can get better by learning to use the word “No.”


6 personality types of MLM 3

Harry Hoarder

Harry Hoarder has saved every artifact from his previous network marketing companies he’s been in for the last 25 years.

He still has VHS tapes and cassettes in his car.

He sometimes gets a tear of nostalgia when he looks at old product brochures.

Harry is the war veteran of MLM.

He can tell you hundreds of success and tragedy stories involving members of MLM.

He will probably tell you that he was at the grand opening of Amway.

Harry can recover if he learns to let go and focus on the new technologies of network marketing.

He then needs to call “Hoarders” and have them help him remove his crap!


6 personality types of MLM 4

Obsessed Oscar

Obsessed Oscar has to keep the perfect image of being a professional network marketer.

His main focus is not on his business, but on giving the impression that his business is very successful.

Instead of prospecting and doing other income-producing activities, Oscar takes hours vacuuming and cleaning his house and car to impress his associates.

Oscar loves to do anything, BUT work on building his business. He can be cured if he drops the house wipes and picks up the phone to prospect.


6 personality types of MLM 5

Perry Poser

Perry Poser is a total extrovert and life of the party.

He will go out and buy a new business suit on credit just to attend an event.

He is all ego, and will do anything to grab business, including back-stabbing and moonlighting with several businesses.

Perry will also jump ship in a heartbeat if he sees a better compensation plan. Perry looks great on the surface.

He usually speaks at all the meetings and will go out of his way to create top-notch marketing tools for his team, but Perry isn’t working on building his own business.

Perry avoids the “hard work” and usually disappears from a company when his checks are not a huge unrealistic figure.


6 personality types of MLM 6

Apathetic Amanda

Apathetic Amanda is overwhelmed in every second of her life.

Her relatives feel they need to keep a watch on her or she will just implode at any moment.

Amanda speaks on the phone with heavy, exhaustive breathing, which alarms everyone she speaks with.

Her house is a shambles and bill collectors are calling daily. Amanda can be cured if she takes on smaller steps in the business and asks for help from her sponsors.


6 personality types of MLM 7

Militant Marvin

Militant Marvin is borderline homicidal and network marketing is his last chance for some kind of salvation.

He loves numbers and speaks fluent Excel. He eats data for breakfast; Geometry for lunch; and Google’s Algorithms for dinner.

He knows all the fundamentals of network marketing.

He has impeccable presentations for every type of prospect on the planet, but he doesn’t build his business.

He is too busy creating new landing pages and automated email systems for his organization.

He also secretly tries to court the product formulators of his MLM company.

He believes a certain ingredient could be atomically altered to retain maximum efficiency and retention.

Marvin could be cured if he went outside, took a deep breath, and realized other humans don’t act like him in 2022.

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