6 Tips To Get The Modern Farmhouse Style

the art of mastering the modern farmhouse look

Some people like converting barns and farmhouses into homes. When done correctly, the result of your house is often impeccably fresh and worthy of the coveted spot on a magazine cover.

However, even those who are not in the market for a converted barn can enjoy this home design look. Placing a barn light, a salvaged beam, and a farmhouse table can transform the look of an area in your house.

The Elements You Can Use To Achieve A Modern Farmhouse Look

Here are 6 stylish elements to help you nail this warming aesthetic in your home design.

1. Clean-Lined Upholstery

Sofas and sectionals in modern farmhouses are perfect visual counterpoints. Furthermore, they make the area look comfortable. You may choose warm tones and cozy neutrals like taupe, brown, and beige for practicality and versatility. If your space is large enough, aim for a great room arrangement. Extend those cozy hues to classic wood dining chairs and a solid natural-tone table. These elements will all blend perfectly with your farmhouse architecture.

2. Match Heavy And Light Colors

If you have a classic trestle table, you can use it to embrace the look of a modern farmhouse style. Due to its look, a farmhouse table offers excellent design. You can match it with a set of contemporary chairs and equally sleek industrial pendant lights to achieve balance.

Try mixing some neutrals and relaxed linen. It will result in a causal atmosphere well-suited for the farmhouse-modern aesthetic. You can also hang some farmhouse wall signs for a more classic look in your home.

3. Create For The Hand-Hewn

The farmhouse style is all about making the imperfect elements into perfect ones. You can use a rough-hewn white wood to create a spacious guest room. Consider mixing these elements with one space to achieve a modern farmhouse look that’s polished and unfussy.

4. Working With Weathered Woods

When your home has plenty of wood ceiling beams or wall panels, use them to achieve a modern farmhouse look. Keep in mind that your goal is to bring in big weathered wood pieces together.

These woods will provide the contrast you need. You can match slipcovers and upholstery in whites and off-whites. Make sure that they all complement to give the warmth of unfinished-wood walls and architectural elements.

5. Industrial Is The Trend Nowadays

The kitchen is the best place to create this look. You can use polished materials such as countertops and glazed subway tiles. These elements will give your kitchen that homey and country feel your love.

6. Rustic Charm

Keep in mind that everything is a little rough around the edges on the farm. That is part of the charm of a modern farmhouse home design. As much as possible, avoid using high-gloss furniture. These elements have no place in a farmhouse interior. Imperfection is perfection when it comes to the style of farmhouses.

Look for furniture that is made from reclaimed wood, antique metal accents, and some potter. The main element of a farmhouse is wood, so you need to play with it to give your home some personality.

Farmhouse Fresh Feel

Achieving a modern farmhouse look can be easy if you follow the home décor steps above. If you love the country feel and want to improve your home, then a modern farmhouse style is for you. Give it a try today on your property!