The Bare Truth About Marketing Myths

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Your business will have lots of assets (hopefully), but the main one is the marketing department. Incredible advertising leads to higher brand awareness, a boost in traffic, and an increase in sales. Just look at the giants of the advertising industry and you’ll see how much of an impact a relatable ad has on the customer base.

Part of being a top-quality marketer is to understand the boundaries. Some people say “that will never work” while others counter with “it’s an excellent idea.” Drawing a line between myth and truth is tough as it is essential.

Here are four fairytales you can discount to help you align your marketing strategy.

ROI Isn’t Measurable For Inbound

You can’t control inbound marketing in the sense that you have no idea why it works. All you can tell is that it is effective according to the legends.

Of course, this is nonsense as almost every platform in the industry is equipped with analytic software. Social media accounts, for example, will inform you which ads are the most potent.

From an SEO standpoint, it’s not hard to use keyword checker along with ranking software. And, there are always web analytic programs which break information down into fine details.

Goals Are Settable

After all, you never know how a campaign is going to pan out in the long-term. You will envisage a specific path and the strategy will take a hard left and go the other way. Although there is some truth in this theory, the reality is simple: goal setters are more likely to find marketing success.

In fact, the percentage is close to 430% more, which is a hell of a lot. Targets are important to lock on to in the beginning because you can figure out how to get there during the process. Waiting to see what happens makes you reactive rather than proactive.

SMS Is Invasive

Don’t call or send a text message to customers because they don’t want to be disturbed. Send them an email instead and let them view it in their own time. Sounds like a good plan, right?

Well, the fact is SMS has a ten times better response rate than electronic mail. Whether it’s an email to SMS, a straight up iMessage or a WhatsApp notification, it cuts through BS with 10% more accuracy. Cold calling is what customers hate, but they respond to texts (literally). Why would they give you their number if they didn’t want notifications?

You Can’t Buy Love

Actually, you can. It isn’t a Pretty Woman type of thing so don’t get worried. It’s about using promotional gifts to your advantage.

Typically, the idea of giving away a pen with the brand name on isn’t appealing. Sure, it’s cheap and easily accessible but the ROI isn’t high.

85% of shoppers might disagree as that’s the number which remembers companies who hand out freebies. They have to be quality ones, like t-shirts and hats, but it isn’t as if they will break the bank.

The moral of the story is: never believe everything you read. Leave that to the audience.

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