5 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Should Get Therapy

Do you get a little jittery and anxious when you think about going to therapy? Maybe you just brush off the idea as something that’s reserved for people with severe mental illness or trauma. 

The reality is, counseling, therapy, whichever term you want to use, can be beneficial for literally anyone. Is your life perfect? Are you exactly who you want to be as an entrepreneur and person in general?

Are there things that you feel you could handle better and issues that you feel could be resolved within you? Well, counseling and therapy can help with that for entrepreneurs. 

This article will go over the benefits of counseling, hopefully motiving the entrepreneurs out there to consider seeing what it is all about. 

The Benefits of Counseling

Again, it is important to come at the idea with an open mind. In the face of massive perceived tolerance of mental illness and it is subcategories, people still don’t want to think of themselves as having an illness. 

For that reason, people are averse to going to counseling. This shows that there is still a lot of stigma around mental illness behind the Facebook posts and social media virtue signaling. The fact that you go to counseling doesn’t make you “crazy” or weird, it simply means that you are going to talk to someone about how can do better for yourself. It is becoming more accepted and less taboo, but therapy is still viewed as a sign of weakness and flaws by those that don’t understand its benefits or necessity.

Pretty much everybody can benefit from seeing a counselor, and if you are not convinced, find out more. 

We have whipped up a few benefits of going to counseling for you to consider. Let’s get started:

1. You Have Nothing to Lose

First, think about the fact that you could only benefit from counseling. If you don’t like it, you just leave. Simple as that. 

There is no chance that you’re going to go into a session and leave any worse than you currently are. If you enter into a session with a counselor and it isn’t for you, you can just choose not to come back. 

A lot of insurance policies offer free or cheap mental health coverage, so you won’t even be out of much more than an hour and some copay. 

2. You Are Probably Stressed

If you are an entrepreneur, you probably have a million things on your mind. You have to manage your company, deal with employees and their responsibilities, think about the future, and find time to go to the gym or see friends. 

That stuff is all extremely difficult to do. Here is a little secret: you don’t have to be born with an anxiety disorder to develop one. High levels of stress and unchecked anxiety can certainly mix together and put you in an emotional state that requires professional help. 

Why not nip that in the bud before it gets out of hand? A counselor is essentially just someone that is trained to hear you out and offer suggestions as to how you could address the issues you are currently facing. 

3. You Might Not Know You Need a Counselor

Often times, we aren’t sitting down with a compassionate person who is legally obligated to withhold all of the information that you give them unless there is a risk of violence to others or one’s self. Nope, usually, we are putting on a face of confidence and assertiveness, dealing with things as they come up. 

That doesn’t give us a lot of time to try and unpack the very real, very difficult emotions that people have. There aren’t always too many emotive people in the business world, and expressing anxieties and worries could be considered a sign of weakness. 

Allowing yourself a dedicated time to speak with someone from the heart, allowing things to come up as they do could lead you to see the things within yourself that need work. 

Maybe you need to work on how you engage with your coworkers. Maybe you have been having difficulties relating your kids and family and would like to do better from here on out. There’s probably a reason that those issues are there, and a counselor can help you work through them to improve. 

4. You Will Have Tools

One of the greatest things that a good counselor can do for you is give the tools that they used to help you out. By this, we mean the mental skills to be aware of your emotions and thoughts and work with them to live your life in accordance with your values. 

Sometimes we need a little crash course on how to be functioning human beings. Unfortunately, there is no guidebook that applies to all people and tells us how to deal with thoughts and emotions in ways that are appropriate for our lives. 

We need other people to help us through difficult times and teach us what they know about life. A counselor is able to do that, and they have learned their tools through nearly a decade of teaching and practice. 

Many counselors have to go through a great deal of schooling, at least achieving a masters degree, in order to even sit down in front of you. That means that they have done their time, they are committed to helping you, and they are knowledgeable about different areas of psychology and mental health. 

5. You Can Move at Your Own Pace

You don’t have to tell everyone you know that you are going to counseling. If you are apprehensive about what people will think if you try it out, it is pretty simple: just don’t tell them. 

In fact, it might be a good thing to try out counseling if you are afraid of it. Allowing people to dictate how you act and feel about yourself is an incredibly difficult problem that most people face. 

You could even work with a counselor about how to tell your friends and family that you are in counseling and prepare yourself for their responses, even if they are negative. 

As you move through counseling, you will be in control. It isn’t as if you will be laying on a couch getting psychoanalyzed. No, counseling is more like you are sitting and having coffee with a respected friend. 

Figuring Out Entrepreneur Life?

If you are an entrepreneur trying to navigate the stresses and challenges of working for yourself, you aren’t alone. There are plenty of benefits of counseling that can help you through it. 

There is a lot of information out there that could be a huge help to you. Visit our site if you are interested in learning more about how to succeed as an entrepreneur in terms of wealth and health.