The Easiest Ways to Boost Staff Morale

A happy team is a productive team. A workforce with good morale and team spirit get more done. They enjoy their work, they put more effort in, and they work well together. They pull each other up and push the business forward. But, sometimes morale needs a little boost. Here are some ways that you can do it. 

Listen to Them

Some people want to go to work, do their job as easily as possible and then go home without giving it a second thought. We’ve all had team members like this. Often they are people who see the job as a way to make money and nothing more. This is fine. You can’t expect all of your staff to genuinely care. But, having some that do is great for business if you take the time to encourage them. 

Ask your team for feedback, advice, and suggestions. Listen to them when they come to you with an idea, and they’ll keep doing it. Shut them down, and they’ll never do it again. Run an employee engagement survey to get some retailed research on what is going on with your employees, but generally, speak with them. 

It’s also essential that you listen to them when they need something from you. If they ask for an afternoon off, and you say no without understanding their reasons, it will put a dent in your working relationship. Listen, ask them questions, and understand their needs. Sometimes, you’ll still have to say no, such is the nature of being in charge. But, at least you will be able to explain your reasons and offer an alternative suggestion. 

Find the Cause

Sometimes morale is low for no real reason. More of a combination of things getting on top of people. But, on other occasions, there is a clear cause. Perhaps a team member isn’t pulling their weight, or everyone is stressed out after a particularly busy period. Maybe there’s something worrying people or a new process that is causing confusion. Find the cause of your low morale and deal with it. 

Thank Them

A simple “thank you” can go a long way. It can make your team feel valued and appreciated. It shows that you have noticed them and that you are glad that they were there. Thank them for going the extra mile, but thank them for just doing their job too. 

Lead by Example

Even if you don’t spend your entire days working with your team, you have an enormous effect on morale. Go in grumpy, act like you don’t want to be there, snap at people and bark orders, and morale will be low. Put a smile on your face, ask what you can do to help, and go about your day as though you are happy to be at work, and your team might follow suit. 

Reward Them

Often managers make the mistake of thinking that rewards have to be financial. They don’t. Everyone loves a big bonus, but in the middle of a tough day, an extra ten-minute tea break, or some chocolates in the break room can also be effective.

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