3 Ways Exorcisms Still Work Today

Exorcisms are nothing like you see in the movies. They simply involve noticing a spirit guide, and asking it to leave. There is nothing really dramatic about it like you see in the movies.  But they help get spiritual energy “unstuck”, and when spiritual energy is flowing, whether it is in a place or in a person’s aura, everything just feels better.

Spirit guides, also simply called “beings”, often hang out in people’s auras.  Sometimes, a spirit guide will offer creative inspiration on an art piece.  If the person likes the vision, they may unconsciously ask the being to stay on, to provide more artistic inspiration in the future.

Or maybe the person had to do a task they thought was too difficult, and a being offered to come in and handle it.  And the being has been there ever since.

Or the person was going through a difficult time in life, and the being offered to mask those feelings for them.  The being stuck around afterwards, to manage those feeling in case they ever came up again.

In these cases, exorcisms are part of our self-improvement.  This is the first way that exorcisms are useful today.

#1 – Self-Improvement

Even the artist with the “muse” can benefit from an exorcism.  The being may be stuck on one type of art.  For example, it may have a passion for still-life paintings of fruit bowls. 

The person may have moved on from fruit bowls, and wants to paint portraits of her friends.  The situation may develop into an artistic struggle:  The artist may paint portraits of her friends, but always feels compelled to put a bowl of fruit in the background.

In this case, the artist can use a technique that psychologists call “empty chair work”.  It’s actually a spiritual technique, and it’s very effective.

Place a chair in front of you.  Ask your “muse” to sit in it.  Have a conversation with it.  Say, “Hello!  Thank you for being my muse!  I have decided that I am going to try something different now.  I’ve appreciated your help.  You can now find another artist to work with.”  The being will usually disappear.

This is when you have to validate your own artistic abilities.  Notice how creative you are.  Notice how much of your art was because of you, alone.  Appreciate the art that you created with your own hands from your own soul.  Be happy about how joyous you are when you experience your own creative process.

The steps for this exorcism are the same if the being was helping with difficult tasks, or even with difficult emotions. 

Sit the being down in the empty chair in front of you.  Say, “Hello!  Thank you for helping me with this difficulty in my life.  You have done a wonderful job.  I am ready to take it over myself.  I am plenty strong. 

And even if there is something I don’t know how to do yet, I will learn how to do it as I go. I appreciate what you have done for me, but now you get to go help somebody else!”

Once the being leaves, notice how strong you are spiritually.  Notice how capable you are.  Validate yourself for how much of the difficulty you have handled on your own all this time.  Recognize that you chose to confront the challenge yourself, and that doing that is courageous.

Plus, you just did an exorcism!

You will notice that beings don’t just guide you.  Beings often spend time in homes, businesses, places of worship, and so on.  This is the second way that exorcisms can help your life.

#2 – Cleansing a Room or Building

In your home, set an empty chair in front of you, and simply imagine that any beings who are in your home will float down and sit in the chair. 

Have a talk with them.  Ask them what they are doing in your home, then decide whether you want them to continue doing that. 

If not, you can thank them for helping out, and tell them that they are now free to go help someone else!  Tell them that you will be taking over their job for them.  Say goodbye!

In places outside your home, you won’t have time to pull out an empty chair.  (And people will probably look at you funny if you do!)  You can simply rely on your intuition.

For example, imagine that you are going into a grocery store.  As you enter, take a moment to ask yourself, “Where are the beings in here?”  Let yourself notice them.

You can then say to them, quietly in your mind, “It looks like each of you has an important job.  Thank you for doing it. I will be shopping here for the next few minutes. 

During that time, I am going to be happy and friendly.  I will not disrupt anything that you are creating.  You can leave for the next minutes, and come back when I am gone.  It is safe for you to take a break from your important job.”

When you do this, you may find that you are more “present”.  You may find that you can think more clearly.  For those of us who are sensitive to energy, beings can make us “space out” or get anxious.  A quick little exorcism like this can work wonders.

Exorcisms in your relationships can work wonders too.  This is the third way that they will improve your life.

#3 – Healing a Relationship

Just like you, other people work with beings.  They have picked up beings through their years of living and thousands of life experiences.  Some of those beings get comfortable in their auras, and just forget to leave.

In your important relationships with friends, family, and loved ones, you can help those beings move on.  Each relationships will improve, because it will be you and the other person, rather than the two of you plus a committee of beings with their own opinions (and baggage).

If you think the other person would be comfortable doing the empty chair technique, just sit side by side, and place the empty chair in front of you.  Say, “Any beings that have an effect on our relationship are welcome to sit in this chair.” 

You will notice a being sitting in front of you.  Say something positive and clear, like, “Hello!  Thank you for helping out with our relationship. 

We have both decided that you don’t have to do that anymore.  We will be handling it from here.  Thank you for all of your help.  We know that there are other people out there who are eager for a being like you to help them.  Goodbye!”

When that being leaves, you will probably notice that another being shows up almost immediately.  Use the same approach with the new beings.

When you have exorcised all the beings that were affecting your relationship (or when you get tired!), put away the empty chair and talk with your friend.  Talk about your relationship.  Talk about the experience you just went through.  Talk about how different you feel now.  Refresh your relationship.

You may have friends that are not comfortable doing the empty chair technique with you.  In that case you can do it alone.  Sit in front of the empty chair and say, “Any beings that affect my relationship with (the other person), thank you for sitting in the seat in front of me.”

You Can Do It!

Exorcisms are easy.  You will notice the effects on your life – maybe right away, maybe after a week or two.  But you will notice them.

Enjoy all the new freedom and energy you have after your exorcism and embrace of the true holy spirit!