The Top 5 Uses of Guided Meditation to Relieve Pain

You’ve probably heard the phrase guided meditation tossed around even if you’ve never experienced it firsthand.

Video streaming sites such as YouTube are overloaded with guided meditation options to take you into the innerworkings of your mind and beyond. Other times it’s a group activity hosted by an experienced meditation leader.

Most practitioners seek inner peace, solace from the difficulties of everyday life, and a higher spiritual understanding of the world we live in. Those are all great reasons to practice meditation guided or otherwise, but did you know guided meditation when used properly can be a huge aid in relieving chronic pain?

Guided meditation uses sound and imagery to unlock the healing powers of our inner souls and the universe at large. While not every guided meditation will focus on healing there are some scenarios perfectly suited to help relieve your pain.

If you’re unable to find one you jive with feel free to write and record your own. Just as you’re the best advocate for your pain relief you may be the best person to guide yourself through the healing process as well.

1.The Healing Effects of Water

Mythology and spirituality are full of references to healing springs, waterfalls, and rivers. There’s a reason for this.

As an element water transforms everything it touches. This is evident if in just looking at the Grand Canyon. Over centuries the water changed the landscape into a happy tourist spot.

Humans connect with water easily, because it’s the element most present in our body. We’re born from water and it fills and nourishes the very cells of our bodies.

What does any of this have to do with guided meditation and pain relief?

Any guided meditation which leads you to water is an opportunity to allow the energy of the element to wash away your pain and transform it into a more positive and useful energy. During the guided meditation just see the water carrying away your pain and woes to be cleansed into a nourishing energy.

2.The Otherworldly Healer

Not everyone lives down the street from a shaman or other natural energy healer and the good news is you don’t have to! You can access this universal healing energy from within your own being.

Though, this form of guided meditation is usually performed in a group setting you can easily record your own or ask a friend or loved one too. Bonus points if they have a beautiful speaking voice you enjoy listening to.

In an other-world healer guided meditation you are led to the healing home or grounds of the otherworldly healer.

She or he can take on many different appearances, but it will always be one you’re comfortable with. They’re not scary like modern medical practitioners can sometimes be.

Don’t worry you won’t find needles, uncomfortable tests, or be told they don’t know what could be wrong with you. The otherworldly healers are far advanced from modern medicine.

Instead you will be healed by a beautiful loving energy seeping into your cells and cleansing the pain you’ve experienced. They will listen carefully and lovingly to your symptoms and how they effect your everyday life. If they give advice it will be loving, practical, and definitely worth considering.

After such a meditation most people feel not only less pain, but energy and hopeful than before the experience. It’s a transformative guided meditation that can really turn things around for a chronic pain sufferer.

3.Seeing Is Believing

When you suffer from chronic pain it’s easy to fall into a pattern of believing you’ll never feel better again. Sometimes this nagging feeling that weighs you down is worse than the pain itself. If you find yourself falling into that miserable pattern you may want to consider a special type of guided meditation.

Mostly used for those who want to make or break a habit this form of guided meditation can be the solid ground you build your pain management and healing platform on. Usually the guide of this meditation will lead you into a room and have you start filling it with positive things that would help you with your goals in life.

Since the biggest goal for most chronic pain sufferers is just feeling better this is a great place to start, but don’t just think about material things that would make your life better.

See supportive loved ones and friends, if you lack them. See yourself doing something you’ve always wanted to do, but the pain kept you from. Don’t worry about the how. The how isn’t important as aligning with the energy and experiencing the moment to the fullest.

The great thing about this one is you can guide yourself through it even without a recording. Whether your goal is to walk around the block again or to finish a marathon. Seeing is believing and once your mind understands what you want it’ll begin aligning with that desire.

4.  The Meeting with Your Higher Self

 No one understands pain better than the person experiencing it. We can discuss our pain with doctors, friends, loved ones, and fellow sufferers, but one can never truly know any experience except for their own. So, the best advice to relief your chronic pain just might come from your higher self.

In a guided meditation to meet your higher self, the guide usually will guide you up a series of brightly lit and sometimes colorful staircases to a beautiful room to have a conversation with your higher self. From there, the guide will often tell you to ask questions or listen if your higher self is particularly chatty.

If you participate in this form of guided meditation you can use this time to discuss your chronic pain, pain management, and healing with your higher self. They see your life from a bird’s eye view and may be able to advise you in ways you haven’t thought of.

Some practitioners leave such guided meditations with a new understanding of their pain and how to heal the hurt or at least to get a better handle on their pain management.

5. Meeting A Spirit Guide

Most people think of animals when they hear the word spirit guide, but this isn’t always the case. Spirit guides come in many forms and always offer valuable lessons.

In a guided meditation to meet your spirit guide, the host will most likely lead you into a serene meadow and ask you to explore your surroundings. It’s important to go into this guided meditation with an open mind and without expectation.

Spirit guides often offer comfort and teach many lessons that apply to our lives. They seek us out just as we seek them to heal our hurt and to bring more positivity into being.

It’s okay to ask your spirit guide how for healing or how to better manage your chronic pain. They’ve come to help you and they’ll be glad you asked. Spirit guides often help those who help themselves and by seeking them out and asking your heart’s truest questions you’re doing just that.

Thanks for reading!

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