Why There Is Only Love Or Fear In Network Marketing

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There’s Only Love or Fear in Network Marketing

There’s a lot of mindset that goes into the success of your network marketing business. Here’s how love or fear work inside network marketing.

When I joined network marketing there was a lot of fear.

Fear of what my family would think. . .

Fear of lack of money. . .

Fear of rejection. . .

Fear of events. . .

Fear of my sponsor. . .


My first two years inside network marketing was all fear based.

I was desperate.

I needed to make it work, so I spammed my opportunity link everywhere.

I also ignored my sponsor when he tried calling, and if anything went slightly wrong with the company, like late product, or a change in the comp plan, I was frantic.

My entire mood depended on stuff that was going on outside of me.

If I got a nice check, I was happy.

If I got a little check, I was sad.

If I got a nice looking new rep, I was happy.

If I got a poor-looking new rep, I was sad.

My life was controlled by external experiences.

There’s Only Love or Fear in Network Marketing

I learned eventually what calmed my anxiety around my home business, and that was education.

The more I watched MLM leaders on YouTube, the more ease I felt.

They talked about things like posture, being in control, and not pre-judging anyone who joins your business.

They talked about how “network marketing is one big personal development course with a paycheck attached.”

Indeed, I felt better when I was learning.

I never had felt good when I skipped school while growing up.

So, I started to slowly take my business seriously.

It became a profession I really wanted to love, but first I had to love myself.

Sixteen Years inside the Self-Sabotaging Tornado

For some reason, I wanted to run away from my feelings ever since I was around 8.

I don’t know what happened, but I began rocking on the floor while I watched TV as a little boy.

Later, I added “hard rock” music to the rocking.

And, a few years later, I added alcohol to the mix.

I was basically a tornado myself, not willing to stop “spinning” with addictions to stop and truly love myself or others.

It was only when I discovered the personal development component of network marketing that I began unravelling the tornado.

People say that “alcohol” is just a symptom of what is hurting you deep inside.

So, when I quit alcohol, the pink cloud honeymoon of sobriety didn’t last.

I needed to actually work on the issues underneath the alcohol.

Just quitting alcohol wasn’t enough.

The Greatest Books for Network Marketers

Unravelling the tornado meant reading different words than I was used to.

Instead of reading books by drunken authors, like Jack Kerouac and Charles Bukowski, I started to read Think and Grow Rich and The Success Principles.

Personal development showed me that success was always a result of loving myself.

Soon, it was actually cool to love, rather than hide behind this fake, angry, weak evil that I thought was cool while growing up listening to Heavy Metal.

The light of love was overtaking the darkness of fear for the first time in my life.

My role models had always been messed up as I grew up.

I rather have wanted to be a homeless drunk than to be a fireman or a doctor.

Self-sabotage looked cool because I could lower my standards which seemed easier.

I could just live under a bridge and get drunk all day.

Those were the types of fantasies I had in my 20’s.

Now, in my 40’s, I want to embrace God’s love as much as possible.

Network Marketing and God has allowed me the right to seek love in myself and others.

I no longer want to be selfish.

I want to give completely and place others first.

Here’s 3 Ways To Change Fear to Love Inside Network Marketing:

One – Turn your will over to God.

We are not really in control of our lives. Most of us are riddled with addictions and pain. Turning over the steering wheel to God allows you to feel less burdened. The stress will subside the more you realize that God has this.

Two – Education

The best feeling I got in my home business was when I set aside two hours a day to just watch awesome MLM leaders on YouTube. I took notes and sometimes made blog posts out of what I learned. You can do this also.

Three – Help Others before Yourself

Network marketing works the best when you stop chasing the money and start helping your team succeed.

I know it feels ‘counter-intuitive” but your income will skyrocket the more you how your downline duplicate the system rather than you just being a “one person” show.

Thanks so much for reading! Please comment below on what has helped you with network marketing and in life in general.