Theresa Lovelace Interview On MLSP And MLM Coaching

Theresa Lovelace on MLSP, Attraction Marketing, and MLM Coaching

Theresa Lovelace on MLSP, Attraction Marketing, and MLM Coaching

Theresa Lovelace has two master’s degrees, is a member of MLSP, and is a mother of three. Here is our exclusive interview on Attraction Marketing.

I am excited to have discovered Theresa when she commented on another great interview I did.

Her story and her blog are testament of hard work, dedication, and a selfless devotion towards helping others succeed in internet marketing, Attraction Marketing, and network Marketing.

So, let’s get to it!

Hi Theresa, You grew up in New York City and got to work at Madison Square Garden. Did you get to see any great performances and if so, how did celebrity influence you?

I was born and raised in Brooklyn NY and worked at New York City’s Madison Square Garden from 1978-1982.

During that time, I got to see a variety of shows, games and other events. I met several celebrities such as Joe Frazier, Elizabeth Allan and Susan Lucci.

At that time, Madison Square Garden and the Felt Forum, which is no longer around, were in their heyday and were two of the hottest places to go for entertainment.

And I was right in the midst of it all. It was exciting! However, at the same time, I was raising my small family alone and had my hands full doing that.

Being around celebrities and all that excitement only made me wish that I didn’t have to struggle and that I could have everything I would ever need to make our lives better.

Your story is powerful on your blog. How old is your blog, how many posts do you have, and are you still blogging today?

My blog is about a year old. When I first started blogging, I had no clue about what to do. I just wrote posts and published them.

I hadn’t made the decision then to be consistent with it or with blogging being my strategy of choice. It wasn’t until about 6 months in that I learned about SEO and optimizing and monetizing my blog.

That is when I got serious and taking two of Ray Higdon’s courses on blogging helped me become a blogger.

Currently I have 103 posts and about three in draft. Although I write daily, I publish about twice per week. I get about 1,000 views per month, give or take.

How is the traffic to your blog and do you get leads consistently from your blog?

My traffic is coming along. I have gotten leads from the blog but I am striving to get more and on a more regular basis.

I syndicate my blog posts whenever I publish a new one and I am in several syndication groups.

I have gotten some leads that way as well. Currently, I am working on an EBook to use as a lead magnet on my blog.

Are you promoting just MLSP, or do you also promote MLM?

I am promoting MLSP on the front end and promoting my MLM on the back end.

It is all about providing value in the form of free trainings, blog posts and weekly webinars from MLSP.  

When someone opts in, they will get the training as well as a presentation about the marketing system (MLSP) and a presentation about my MLM.

ray higdon and theresa lovelace MLSP

I notice you promote Ray Higdon’s 3 Minute Expert, that seems to be a hot product, I promote that as well.

I see a picture on your blog of you and Ray. How was it seeing him and what was the main thing you learned that weekend at the event?

Ray Higdon is one of my mentors.

He is a dynamic role model and an example of what anyone can accomplish with drive and commitment. It was awesome seeing him at the event.

What I respect about him was that he was so approachable and so kind. He is also real and tells it like it is.

He always has powerful words to share and at this event one of the things that I took away was this whole idea about making an impact.

We all have the ability and responsibility to change lives and if we don’t, for whatever reason, we have failed.  

The last thing he said on stage that day was, “Don’t die with the music inside you.” That was powerful!


You also rubbed elbows with the great Diane Hochman, who is an Attraction Marketing Master, what do you think Diane’s strength in network marketing is and do you carry that same characteristic?

Diane Hochman is my idol.

What I love about her is her sense of duty to give back. The very first time I heard her on a mentorship call, she spoke to anyone who wanted to speak to her personally.

She took the time, one by one, to speak to each person. I remember thinking to myself, “It is getting late. How long is this going to go on?”

Not because it was too long for me, but that she was going into the late night hour.

I remember how genuine she was and wanting to help everyone she could as the minutes ticked by. It was a pure and honest act of “love”. That is how I describe it.  

I have learned that this business is about building relationships with people, treating people like people and wanted to serve. As I listen and watch Diane, I am implementing the ideas she teaches into my strategies.

If someone is new to MLM and wants to do everything through blogging, what would you tell them?

I think blogging is an excellent platform to build your authority and credibility in the marketplace.

It is where you provide value, capture leads, make sales and more. But I would tell someone who chose blogging that there is more to do that just blog.

Blogging is considered passive marketing and works in time. You write posts and eventually, at some point, someone, somewhere will react or respond to it.

But if that is all you do, you will have gaps in your success as you wait for these responses.

In order to be really successful, one has to engage in active prospecting as well.

This is where you make connections and friends and build those important relationships in real time.

I noticed that you are a mother of 3 and a grandmother of 5. How has being a parent helped you in network marketing?

Being a parent has helped me in this business because being a parent is like being a teacher.

I was in the school system as a teacher and school leader for almost 30 years. My role then and now is to teach. So as I learn something new, I teach it back.

I realize that there are many different personalities out there, everybody needing something different so you can’t treat everyone the same.

This is why taking the time to talk and most importantly, listen to people is key. As you find out about people, you can tailor what you have to offer to them specifically.

If you could start network marketing and internet marketing over today, what would you do differently and why?

If I could start my online business building over, I would start with branding myself and forget about link dropping.

That is how I started, only because I didn’t know any better.  

I would also get training at the very beginning. Without training, you are in a state of limbo, going nowhere and getting there fast.

What is your favorite social media platform these days and can you tell us how you utilize it to generate Leads?

My favorite social media platform is Facebook. I say that because that is where I am meeting the most people and getting the most leads.

It is amazing to know that I can meet people from all over the world, literally.

I am getting leads in two ways: giving away value such as free trainings and I am also meeting people on my page, on leaders’ pages, through friend requests sent to me and using Facebook graph search.

I also enjoy posting inspirational images and quotes and Facebook is a great place to do that.

It is easy to find people who resonate with you and in many cases, people reach out to you because you resonate with them. Another way to get leads.

What is the main reason new network marketers fail and how can we fix that?

I think one of the main reasons network marketers fail is because they don’t have any training to fully build their business.

They don’t realize they need this training and when someone offers it, they worry about the cost and decide to go it alone.

Going it alone means that the person is among the 97% of those who won’t make it.

What are your goals for 2023?

My goals for 2023 is meet and talk to at least 25 people a day, make one sale and sign up one person to either MLSP or my MLM a day and over the course of the year, help at least fifty start their own business.

I would like to be a coach and teach others what I know so they can build successful online businesses and at the same time take my business to the next level.

What’s your favorite business quote, and why?

I have lots of favorite business quotes but I think my most favorite is:  “There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.” – Colin Powell.

I like this quote because it tells us that there are no secrets or tricks to success. It is just three simple things that we have to do – prepare, work hard, expect and accept failure but learn from it.

So many people are out there chasing success, looking for a magic formula, looking to crack a code.  When in reality, it is so simple. This quote sums it up nicely, I think.

Wow, Theresa! This has been a powerful interview! Thank you so much for taking time out of your business “income-producing” day to do this!

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