What To Remember Before Going To Your First Trade Fair

prepare vehicle before first trade fair business trade show

As a new business owner, traveling to your first trade fair can be very exciting. This is your big moment to get out there and introduce your business to new customers and possibly even network with other business owners. Essentially, it’s your time to shine and sell!

Of course, it can be easy for things to go wrong and you might find that you forget something important which can be a total nightmare. To help you with this, we thought we’d discuss some of the things that you should remember before you set off on your first trade show.

4 Things To Remember Before Traveling To Your First Trade Show

Check Your Business Vehicle

One of the most important things that you need to do before you set off on your first trade fair is to check the company vehicle that you are taking. Tons of business owners bring a motorhome as they can pack in all of their items and make a trip of it. Of course, motorhomes need to be serviced and if you haven’t recently visited a motorhome repairs Scotland based garage, you could find that it breaks down before you even get there.

This is equally important if you are taking your car. Make sure someone at your company will fill it up with petrol, bring some spare tires, and do a thorough inspection to ensure it won’t let you down on the way! Don’t forget other essentials like motor oil, glass cleaner, windshield washer fluid, and engine coolant just in case.

Bring Your Branded Props

If you really want to make your first trade fair a success, you will need some branded props. This includes everything from banners to flyers and business cards for your stand. If you have any other kinds of branded materials, make sure to pack these before you go. The last thing you will want to do is to get there and realise that you have left your banners at home. How will you make your stand noticeable if this happens?

Let People Know You Will Be There

This is your first trade show so you won’t have a huge customer base to tell but if you have any customers, you should let them know that you’ll be there. You could find that some of your potential customers live elsewhere and a trade show is a perfect place to meet them. Use your social media channels and website domain name blog posts to shout about your stand and you might just get some more visitors.

Bring A Unique Idea

Finally, if you are heading off to your first company trade show, you should try to bring a unique idea with you. There are going to be so many new businesses there exhibiting and so you need to try and stand out. Think about running a competition, creating a game or something else exciting. The more unique the idea is, the easier it will be to entice a crowd to your stand and properly pitch your product or service.

Get Prepared And Plan Ahead

If you are planning on heading off to a trade show, you should make sure that you are as prepared as possible. Think about how ready your vehicle is for the trade show travel journey and don’t forget all of your branded materials. Prepare your pitch and exhibit proficiently! Once you get there, you can worry about impressing the other attendees! It’s time to take your trade show time to the next level!