Three Streams of Income for Active Outdoors Men Over 40

For men over 40 a couple of things may happen. The mid-life crisis, where you sell the mini-van and get the convertible, or you start going to CrossFit to reshape your body. To exercise you need dedication, for the convertible you need money; extra money beyond your 9-5.

No guy over the age of 40 wants to pick up an extra-shift at work or take on a part-time job meant for teenagers, so what’s a guy to do? The first thing to do is make a list of things you like to do balanced against the skills you already possess. Let’s get started.

  • I use CBD oil for my over 40 ailments; is there a business idea there?
  • I like to hunt and fish.
  • I like knives
  • I like camping but think prepping might be for me.

This is a quick list of five areas of interest or things I already use or do; but how do I make money doing these things?

First, I need to assess my skills with technology because the Internet is the future of commerce, or rather E-Commerce is the future. I also like the outdoors so I need to find balance between the two and here’s how you can do that.

My use of CBD oil keeps my arthritis at bay, so I can be active and outdoors and since I already use it I might as well sell it; right?

CBD for Profit signs you up into a business that has many products and opportunities to make money (you pick from the options). Some of the products are Hemp Worx CBD Oil drops, (I use it so why not get it sent to my house), sprays to increase performance, (CrossFit takes energy), supplements to help boost your memory and brain functioning, (and even gummy one’s for your kids, or ahem, grandkids), and ways to find cheaper flights to locations to spend your new stream of income.

If you’re not familiar with MLM this site will answer those questions and guide you on how to promote your own page and sell the products from the comfort of your favorite chair; and from anywhere you can access Wi-Fi. This stream is for every guy over 40 who wants to make money and get healthy; check it out CBD for Profit.

The second item on the list fits your desire to hunt and fish. You’re over 40 and have the skills and equipment to share your expertise; so where do you start?

Your boat has the downriggers it needs, you have the poles, your depth finder is on and ready to roll; now you just need customers.

Posting ads on your social media sites or creating pages specific to your new venture would be a good way to start. Keep in mind you’ll be giving up your weekends because most people who want a fishing or hunting guide have the same days off that you do; be prepared with this stream to give up your free time to add to your wallet.

Now if you worked from home in the first place and your computer is doing all the work, your new weekend is Monday through Thursday making your work week three days of hunting and fishing and getting paid to do it.

The best way to get paid while you fish and hunt is to post your videos on YouTube. Not only can you get paid from YouTube ads (after you reach 1k subscribers) you can also add your own link to affiliate offers from fishing and hunting companies!

Lastly, you’re a prepper with a love affair with knives, spears, and maybe even medieval axes and want to sell those online or at the local renaissance fair; how do you begin?

There are dozens of different wholesalers out there looking to take your money but one of the more popular ones is Bud K. Bud K sells everything from knives to survival food kits.

Selling these items online comes with a lot of competition because they are a national wholesaler that can be found online, but you’ll need a tax-ID and to make it profitable you’ll need to take them up on their offer of spending $1000 to get free shipping.

Once you get your first order in setting up at the flea market on the weekend or finding knife shows would be the best option to get maximum exposure. The key to success in the resale business, (specifically these products whether you get them from this company or one of the many others), is that you’ll need to be competitively priced and out every weekend, but you will make a little money.

Will you be happy working your 9-5 Monday through Friday only to spend your weekend hawking goods at a flea market in the hot summer months?

Myself I’d rather go all in with option number one, CBD Oil Business and work with a proven system from the comfort of my recliner.

In today’s day and age multiple streams of income are needed to live the life we want to live. Your options are limited to what you know, hunting, fishing, etc. but then you giving up your weekends, or you can learn from the best and let a team of experts teach you how to use their website to make your weekend last all week; the choice is yours.

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