Time For A Boost: A Positive Office Environment For Better Productivity

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The office environment is where you and your employees will spend most of your working week. However, with so much happening with your business; it can often be an aspect of your company that gets forgotten and left at the bottom of the priority list.

Many feel that as long as they have enough surfaces and equipment to carry out the day-to-day tasks within a company; their office space with merely suffice.

Sadly, a neglected and tired working environment will have a negative effect on your staff, and your team may not be as productive as they could be.

Walking into an office that inspires you, and where you feel comfortable, will ensure that your working week runs smoothly and is as positive as possible. A calm and happy outlook will only lead to better work efficiency and a boost in productivity for your company.

A lack of enthusiasm and motivation within a group is what can drive a business downhill, so it might be time to take a look at your surroundings and make change where needed.

Therefore, it’s worth taking some time and investing in the workspace for your business, so you’ll benefit the company long term, and it can continue to grow and develop.

The following are some things to consider, and some ideas and inspiration for those looking to update the space in which they work with their staff.

Think About The Space

It can be difficult to think clearly in a stifling and cramped environment. Therefore, it’s vital that your office feels open, easy to maneuver around, and fresh.

There’s no better, or more affordable way to enhance a space and give it a new lease of life than to start moving the large items of furniture around.

Think about moving desks so that they face the best areas of natural light; this will boost the mood of your team and productivity will start to improve immediately.

Think about how easy your storage can be accessed from people’s workspace, and ensure that you take the time to organise and label areas accordingly.

Check out some companies that provide a full office fitout so that you can get a professional opinion from experts, about how your office can work better for you and your team.

You can look online for some inspiration; you could divide a room with shelving and enhance the decor with what’s placed on each surface.

Try to avoid over-cluttering the environment so that it can retain a feeling of light and freshness, and your staff with be able to think and work with a clear mind.

Get rid of old, bulky furniture, and replace it with light, streamlined pieces; there are plenty of affordable options on the market, and if you stick to a style and color scheme; you can source items from different places.

There are an array of things that you can do, but it’s always worth investing in help so you can ensure it’s being done effectively.

Consider Comfort

It’s vital that your team feel comfortable and inspired when they arrive to work each day. Therefore, you’ll need to ensure that they have enough facilities to utilize and that they are kept to a high standard.

It’s worth looking into a team to help you create a pleasant bathroom environment; your workers will appreciate somewhere clean to use and freshen-up.

The same goes for your kitchen facilities; a break or lunch hour is a vital time for your employers to recharge for a successful afternoon of work.

Therefore, the kitchen space needs to have enough equipment to prepare their food and drinks, and feel clean, modern, and somewhere they enjoy spending time.

If you have the space; a chill-out zone, with comfortable seating, perhaps a T.V or access to reading material, will add even more comfort to your office space.

There are always going to be stressful times during the working week, so it’s crucial that staff feel they have somewhere to sit and regroup, and they can clear their minds for the hours that follow.

Sofas, soft chairs, and giant bean-bags are items to consider in the area aimed at relaxing your staff; get some ideas online, before you begin to source things.

Ensure It’s Well-Stocked

A tidy, stocked-up, and organised office will give you peace of mind on a Monday morning, and there won’t be any risk of you having to run errands or pop out to grab something.

Therefore, invest in your stationery and essential items in bulk to save you time and money. Get a system in place where things are packaged up and posted all at once, don’t forget your envelopes, pens, and tape, and set some time aside each week to ensure everything that needs to leave the office, does so.

Tea and coffee breaks might sound menial; however, they can often be a vital part of getting through a long and stressful day at work.

Therefore, make sure your kitchen area is stocked up, and you come in every Monday with fresh milk and even a packet of biscuits. Having a plentiful supply of everything you need in your office will ensure it runs seamlessly and you’ll have a productive week of work.

Boost the Wow-Factor

Get as much natural light into your office environment as possible; it’s the best way to lift a room and ensure people aren’t suffering from the effects of a dark and gloomy work day.

Take away old and tired blinds or curtains and keep each window pane as clean as possible. If the space doesn’t have the benefit from plenty of windows; think carefully about the lighting you utilize.

You’ll want an office to feel minimal, bright, and breezy without the use of too many cold, stark, and harsh artificial lights; these can cause headaches and make it difficult for people to work efficiently.

Your decor should help the room feel light and spacious. Neutral colours are best on large wall and floor areas, and you can add areas of interest and inspiration with artwork, quotes, and the achievements of your company.

You want your team to have items to look at that will inspire and motivate them to work hard for your company, so bear that in mind when your design and decorate the space.

If your workers come in and smile each day; you’ll be sure to have a successful and productive team on your hands because of a well thought out office environment.

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