4 Tips For Marketing A VHS To DVD Business

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People all over the country have old video home system (VHS) tapes in their cabinets, attics, and garages. Most don’t have the equipment to watch them anymore, but they still hold out hope that they will someday. And some just decide to hang onto them for sentimental purposes. Sadly, over time, VHS tapes become less and less useful – even if they’re sitting in a box not being played. But once the VHS video content is on a DVD, it can easily be viewed in a DVD player or converted into a video file that is transferable for computers, tablets, YouTube, and smartphones.

While it might seem like a niche idea, offering VHS to DVD services can be a great side hustle. However, you have to get the word out so that people can find you. The following are 4 few tips to help you launch this business model.

1. Build A Website

A website is one of the best ways to attract an audience, so it’s important you build one early in your media converter business-building process. You need to share what you’re capable of for video conversions so that when people find you, they are ready to use your services. The mantra of “if you build it, they will come” should be the motto for your VHS to DVD video business.

2. Optimize For SEO

Your website needs to be more than just a few words for people to find you. You need to add optimized content. This means finding out what your audience is looking for and asking and then providing useful content on those topics. Most people don’t start by searching for a business or service. They begin by asking questions on Google, like “How can I transfer my VHS to a DVD?” By writing content to answer such questions, you have a much higher chance of showing up in the search results.

You should also utilize local SEO. This will help you show up when people around your location search for “VHS to DVD service near me.” This gives you an edge over national corporations that typically dominate search engine listing results.

To do so, you will need to be sure you claim your listing on Google My Business, add a local phone number and address to your website, and use your location in at least some of your content.

SEO can be a bit tricky and time-consuming. However, you can outsource it to the #1 organic SEO consultant so that you can get to work on other aspects.

3. Don’t Forget Social Media

A large portion of America lives on social media, and most people search for businesses on platforms like Facebook before they choose to hire them. So it’s imperative that you have a presence on social platforms. Determine which platforms your audience frequents. Then, set up profiles on each, advertise your services there, and keep fresh posts coming.

4. Participate in Events

Being active online is certainly important, but it’s not the only way to market your business. You also need to get out and physically show people what you can do. One great way to do this is to participate in local and national events, like trade shows. Setting up an attractive trade show booth can bring customers to you and give you the chance to shine among competitors – or simply make people aware of your service.

Build Your Business

A VHS to DVD services business can certainly help you bring in some extra cash, but you have to get the word out first. Following the 4 top tips listed above can help you get an incredible start to your new multimedia business.